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Size Issues, PWPs With and Without Plot, Plus Updates

The last installment of Ensnared Volume 4 is going to be as big or an even bigger monster than the last one. It's over 30,000 words, and the Convening has not yet commenced. This was not my plan when I started Volume 4. I thought it would be the same length as Volume 3. The plot has not varied from the outline. I certainly didn't add anything new. However, there are new characters. A couple of them are very important to the plot going forward. Aside from not wanting to rush through introductions of these incredibly important people in the lives of my characters, a sudden acceleration in the narrative style wouldn't match the other volumes. Soon, I will impose upon one of my wonderful proofreaders to give the work in progress a read for pacing.

There seems to be a duality to readers of erotica. I see it all over fanfiction archives like Archive Of Our Own (AO3). There is the quick and naughty PWPs (Porn Without Plot or Plot, What Plot) that are less than 5, 000 words and filled with naught but sex acts. And then there are the up to half million word epics to end all epics. Each style has its fans. Titles in either form can have thousands of Kudos or likes. And it is not unusual that a reader can be a fan of both, depending on what the mood is on any given day.

I've been pleased that Ensnared readers have never complained about the stories being too long. Quite the contrary. Most comments have wished the books ever end. I am fortunate that this is the case, as I really enjoy hanging out with these characters.

The PWP Preference = Boredom?

I think that some erotica readers prefer the short and sweet of the PWP because of epic authors that can't get to the point let alone get to the sex. It's all surface details without any real insight into characters and sometimes without any advancement of the plot. I'm reminded of a comment a co-worker from Internet Archive made about a Victorian Era novel she was scanning. “I've had twenty pages on the merits of having luncheon on the terrace versus the formal dining room and not one word on the brother facing the gallows.' I believe it took another forty pages to get back to that poor chap. I'm not sure where luncheon was served. Some details truly are pointless. It's nice to have a few to ground the reader in the moment. It's also important to fully round out the characters and chart their growth through the story. But the plot should always feel like it's moving. And though I'm not one to think that sex scenes need to pop up at formulaic intervals, readers of erotica want to see some erotica happening along with the engaging characters and intriguing plots.

I can assure readers with confidence that Darius and Andreas are not neglecting sexy time in this installment. First off, there are a lot of new environments that they have never had sex in. One of them is a lot higher than a mile high. There is also an outdoor pool. Neither man can let either of those opportunities pass without doing something about it. Along with those temptations, life is also finding new ways to heap stress upon them. Andreas is still the best stress release for Darius, and he's happy to do his part. As life gets some interesting, the need to have time alone strikes at any time. They don't always wait until after the late night snifter of cognac.


For those who are not following my Author Page on Facebook, I will be releasing an illustrated version of the Ensnared Series sometime in 2018. To that end, I've been sketching up a storm, working on model sheets for almost all of the characters. I'm also working on drawings of typical poses for everyone. The first one that is close to finished is Princess Carry. This one is happening in the Compound, thus the Greek style clothing on Andreas. They are both wearing wide-legged pants with a slit on the outsides. I haven't added the sandals or jewelry yet. Those will be added just before I start coloring.

Finally, I'm having a Launch Party for the Next Installment of Ensnared Volume 4. I will choose a date once the draft is finished. I'm not sure what we'll be doing for the party. I'm open to suggestions. Maybe Ori and Dakun can act out some scenes. Send me suggestions!

And as always, Stay Tuned!
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Character Building, Intimacy, and Asshats in a Yaoi Novel Series

As I write the third installment of Ensnared Volume 4, I thought I'd answer some long-standing questions from readers. All of the Print and ebooks can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/D.L.-Warner/e/B002BREP2O

Plans and When to Shred Them

I had a detailed plan for the plot threads in the Ensnared Series. For the most part, everything is unfolding according to the original outline. However, there have been a number of occasions when the characters have turned into something far different than my draft versions. Darius was the first problem character. I had envisioned him as much colder in the first book, warming gradually through the volumes. I'm not sure where the mischievous streak came from. It just came out in moments when he was alone with Andreas. I found that I liked the idea that there was a vastly different Darius to those closest to him than the one the public knew prior to Andreas arriving in his life. Andreas was always meant to be cheeky. His being an expert mimic was not in the plan. I realized that in one scene, he reminded me of a very cheeky actor friend who is an amazing mimic. That trait became a handy tool for illustrating how Andreas' cheeky nature will never change no matter the situation.

Most of the characters are markedly different from their original version. The latest problem character (in a good way) is Lord Maceo. The installment of volume four I'm working on now was supposed to be a lot darker in tone at the beginning than the rest of the volumes. This is logical considering all that is at stake. Things aren't working out that way. Most of that is Andreas who is being himself in a strange environment full of very exciting wonders. But the big monkey wrench in my plans for angst is Lord Maceo. He is not cooperating at all, and that is turning out to be a surprising amount of fun. He's causing deviltry to be set loose in Mykos. By then, all bets are off for any kind of decorum during the Grand Convening. The stance taken by some of the Keepers is patently ridiculous in light of what Darius and his party learned in the desert. An irreverent stance would have a profound impact on their adversaries. And when the tone changes with the charges Darius is bringing to them, the shift will be more keenly felt. 

Forms of Intimacies

The intimacy between Darius and Andreas is growing and deepening in many different ways. They're together day and night for weeks before the Grand Convening. The Cosi grows to rely on Andreas in a way he had never anticipated. The dynamic dramatically shifts between them in the desert. Though Andreas had just found a balance between Crew Boss, Calix Lord and Dami when everything changes again. He is undaunted. Despite the changes, one aspect of their life remains the same. Darius needs a physical outlet from all the stressful demands on him. Andreas refuses to curtail the time he needs to be ready to meet those demands. Besides, there are examples of the incredible power Darius possesses and how he handles that power is in evidence en route to and at the Compound. Darius is hotter than ever in those settings. It's hard for Andreas to not jump on his Cosi and demand satisfaction no matter who is present. Thus, Andreas must push Darius' buttons in new and enticing ways to make sure they don't neglect physical intimacy. He will never let him forget that part of their lives no matter how close they grow outside the bedroom. This writing is all kinds of fun. 

The Staff and Those Awful Lords

I had always planned to have the staff members that are present in the series, but their roles changed markedly from their original roles. I adore the film, Gosford Park. And the idea that the staff knows far more about the house than their employers was part of said plan, but Andreas changed the dynamic of the household for me. It made sense that he would talk to them before and after becoming a Lord since he needed their guidance on how to fit in his Cosi's world. It also made sense that he would come to them for advice about the Charity Initiative. It was logical that Darius would follow Andreas' lead and seek their counsel as well. According to my research, head butlers had copies of their Employer's schedules and control over household budgets. They were the most trusted of the household staff and privy to everything that happened in the household. It stood to reason that those trained to work with the Cosi Leadership were especially suited to this role if called upon. My one regret in keeping the series Point of View with Darius and Andreas, their real personalities don't get much chance to come out. They are incapable of completely dropping their formality around their Lordships. I'm hoping that they can let their hair down a bit in the Holiday story.

As for Chiron, he was originally meant to be a counterpoint to Andreas' life as a Dami. Chiron was supposed to die from his Owner's abuse. However, I really liked him, and I needed someone to connect Lady Santorini with Pefki. I also felt the suffering he endured was more than enough to make the point that Darius was a far better Dami Owner.

The Lords from Amara (the asshats) were fashioned after similar jerks from Midsomer Murders. The Elitism in the English countryside is fascinating, and it's not just in that series. The snobbery and outright disdain for any class but their own turn up often in books like J.K. Rowlings' The Casual Vacancy. The worst offenders are the ones from Midsomer. Those were so evil, crazy or both that I didn't think they could be believable as villains. I toned down the type for Lord Kozani.

Of Snacks and Curiosity

A friend of mine called her husband a snack based organism. I loved the phrase, and it turned out to be how I viewed the Cosi and food. Their hedonism makes it logical that they would be fixated on good food in all forms. They love sensory experiences. That doesn't mean a love of luxury alone. They truly enjoy simple food that is well made.

Curiosity is the sign of intelligence. The best minds among the Cosi are intensely curious about everything they come across. That is sometimes exasperating for Andreas. However, the genuine interest Darius shows in the lives of even the most humble among those he rules also makes him endearing to Andreas and everyone close to them. 

Artwork and the Special Edition

I am in the midst of a flurry of new sketches that span most of the characters in the Ensnared series and many of the more exotic locations. I'm also working on the cover for the new installment and the cover for the print version of the entire volume. After input from readers and from fellow publishers, we're going to work on a limited edition, illustrated print version. The images will also be available on this blog and on my author and Deviantart page. I will not be foolish enough to give a timeline for when that will happen. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, recipe testing for the cookbook begins in May! There will be many, many posts about that here and on the Facebook Author Page.

Stay tuned!

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Keeping a Super Kinky Couple Sexy in a Long Running Series

I get asked about how to write sex scenes a lot between my role as an editor of Sybaritic Press and as an Admin of Yaoi a GoGo. I plan on writing a comprehensive article on the subject as it applies to Yaoi, but this question came up recently from readers of the Ensnared series. It applies to many writers I know with ongoing series.

There are advantages in writing an ongoing series. Once the universe is created, it is a familiar space filled with familiar characters. Most of the writing comes easily. This installment of Ensnared Volume 4 – Reckoning in the Desert has a lot of intrigues, danger, and revelations that readers have been waiting a long time to hear. Most of it has been so easy to write, that this part has a gigantic number of pages. However, the main disadvantage is big in a romance. It's the same disadvantage to a long term relationship – how to keep the intimacy going and how to keep the sex scenes fresh. Some writers use new kinks to keep things interesting for the reader. That's a valid route. After all, many a real-life couple incorporate new toys and other trappings in their sex lives.

But what does a writer do when the basis of her ongoing couple is as kinky as it gets? Darius and Andreas are in a full-time D/s relationship. Andreas wears a collar that cannot be removed and is tagged with his Owner's mark on his ear. Part of his daily routine is getting stretched and lubed so that he's ready anytime Darius wants to have him. Their lovemaking frequently involved heavy shackles. It's not easy to get much kinkier than they already are save for things the characters simply would never do. Darius will not switch roles nor will he actually hurt Andreas.

I always write from reality, so I turned to real life relationships for inspiration. Everyone changes according to their experiences. Darius and Andreas have gone through a lot in the time they've been together. They are not exactly the same as when they first met. Also, people tend to relax and reveal more of themselves as they grow more comfortable in a relationship. That can happen in friendships, business acquaintances, etc. There are people that will never see me without make-up on and the hair done. And there are people that I'll let see me while I have the flu. The same thing happens between lovers. Some get to see the best teddies while others get to see the comfiest sweatpants and bed head. Darius is becoming more unguarded in his personal life. In the current installment, Reckoning in the Desert, everyone in the household is seeing more of his wit and humor. This behavior is spilling out to everyone at the Dig site.

It's the new openness from Darius that changes the nature of the love scenes in the current installment. He is far more willing to drop the formality of their roles in order to be more intimate with Andreas. This change is fortunate as the pair is often pressed for time alone in this installment – even when they are at home. And when they do try to play their roles, Darius is too impatient to wait. The more relaxed vibe between them allows for them to share information that they hadn't until then. This is what is happening in this love scene which occurs the night before the departure for the Dig site.  

“I'm going to get to bed. Kleptos won't sleep until I'm tucked in,” Mykos said. “Sleep well.”
“Good night,” Darius said.
“See you in the morning,” Andreas said.
The next thing he knew, Darius was carrying him into the bedroom.
“I do know the way, you know,” Andreas sputtered.
“I'm faster,” Darius replied affably as he kicked the door shut. “Do you truly mind my carrying you?”
Andreas shook his head with a blush.
“No,” he admitted softly. “I love how I feel in your arms. It was the biggest surprise for me.”
Darius set him down.
“Surprise?” Darius asked as Andreas had him sit on the edge of the bed.
“I always drove in my few relationships,” Andreas shrugged. “And I'm used to being in charge. Somehow, feeling helpless in your arms turns me on. I'm almost always weak in the knees when you give me the look you have on your beautiful face right now.”
Darius smiled at him in the way that made him feel even weaker.
“So why do you object?”
“Who knows?” Andreas chuckled as he undressed Darius. “Maybe I think I should just to not seem too needy.”
“I don't mind,” Darius said as he watched Andreas undress. “So long as we end up like this.”
Andreas didn't make it to the hamper with the clothes. Darius caught him by the wrist and tugged him back toward the bed. Though he didn't feel the same driving need reclaim Andreas as he did the night of the first Cosi gathering, it was clear that Darius was in no mood to wait a second longer to have Andreas in bed with him.
“I sometimes can't wait to have you here pressed close, smiling like that with your eyes sparkling waiting for my kiss,” Darius murmured.
“Your kisses are amazing,” Andreas replied softly. “They make me forget where I am and who I am. I sometimes can't wait for you to gift me with them.”
Darius didn't make him wait any longer. He lowered his head to capture Andrea's lips in a sweet, intense kiss that made him sigh and wrap one leg around a powerful thigh. Andreas was getting impatient as well. He couldn't wait much longer for the push of that hard length inside of him until he was filled with throbbing heat. Darius must have sensed that impatience. Soon, Andreas had all he craved from his Cosi. Once again, he was holding on with one leg trying to keep up with powerful thrusts that robbed him of breath. And just when Andreas thought he could take no more, Darius would touch him. The next time they kissed it would be to calm down from staggering pleasure.
Andreas craved that kiss and the clean up afterward. He relished the way Darius would tend to him when he was too weak to move. The cool water Darius had him drink tasted sweeter than any other that day.
“If we make time for nothing else, we have to sleep this way,” Andreas said sleepily as he settled against his Cosi's chest.
“I won't tolerate losing this, Sweet Dami. Don't worry about that,” Darius murmured, squeezing him. “Sleep well.”

Andreas smiled. There was no way that he wouldn't sleep well.

It is my hope that readers will see something new about Darius and Andreas each time they make love in this installment. This is how I will continue to keep their relationship fresh and exciting for readers moving forward.

Sneak Peek

In the final installment of Ensnared Volume Four, readers will finally visit the Cosi Compound. This place is based on one of the prettiest lakes I've ever seen – Lake Como, Italy. Take a look at the gorgeous scenery and the place I'm using as the basis for the home Darius has there. Bonus points to those who guess the nerdy origins of my obsessions with this gorgeous locale! 
That's all for now. Stay Tuned!!

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A Vampire Rent Boy -- Halloween Magic

 Vampire Rent Boy – Halloween Magic

by DL Warner ©2015

Dakun as Tristan http://worldcosplay.net/member/dakun
Tristan always enjoyed Halloween. But then, he always enjoyed holidays. Despite the peril he faced at the Ball of Infamy, the beautiful vampire simply loved parties. He especially reveled in being with his friends all dressed up for the occasion. Tristan could be himself in public on that night. That meant a real Victorian tuxedo. It wasn't quite from his era, but he liked the fit better. And of course, Tristan would be letting his fangs show. He was beyond excited laying out his outfit.
There was a difference in his routine from past Halloweens. Tristan had to wear makeup to give his skin what used to be his normal pallor. It took foundation and powder to give him the deathly pale look he used to have all the time. That was fine because it gave Tristan an excuse to put a bit of red stain on his lips and a thin line of eyeliner to give him a more refined look. By the time he put on all the pieces of the tuxedo, the doorbell was ringing.
Adam was at the door. He was also dressed in a tuxedo of that period. He wore makeup that made him look like the creature from Young Frankenstein. He even had bolts on his neck. Tristan giggled at him which made Adam smile.
“Are you going to sing?” Tristan asked.
“Now, that would be a horror show,” he chuckled. “You look amazing! Can I kiss you?”
“Please!” Tristan exclaimed.
Adam looped an arm around his waist and pulled him close. The kiss was toe curling hot. Tristan had to lean against him afterward to regain his composure.
“Are you sure you want to go out?” Adam murmured.
“You don't make it easy,” Tristan admitted. “But I promised everyone.”
Adam rested his forehead against Tristan's with a sigh.
“Very well. As long as I get to have you in that tux, I'll be happy,” he murmured.
Tristan giggled again.
“Of course!”
“Where is your greatcoat, good sir?”
“On the back of the sofa,” Tristan replied.
Adam almost reverently helped him into the beautifully tailored coat. He stepped back and smiled as Tristan pulled on the impeccable white gloves.
“You look almost exactly the same as that night in the garden,” Adam murmured with a warm smile. He produced a single red rose that he snipped then pinned into the button hole.
“Thank you,” Tristan smiled.
There was a beautiful Rolls Royce waiting for them at the end of the driveway with a chauffeur in a formal uniform.
“Wow,” Tristan said.
“I tried to get a horse drawn carriage to be authentic, but they didn't want their animals out on Halloween,” Adam explained as he helped Tristan into the car.
“That was a really bad night, but it only happened once!” Tristan blurted out.
“Riiight,” Adam replied. “In we go.”
They held hands as the ride got under way.
“Are you expecting any strange…visitors tonight?” Adam asked quietly during the ride to Muttley's.
“Everyone not…from around here is really busy tonight,” Tristan replied. “They all love being free to roam about.”
“That's good. I have all I can handle with the regular nuts in Muttley's,” Adam quipped with a grin.
Tristan traced his dimples with a gloved finger. Adam kissed it, making him laugh.
“You are so handsome in a tux,” Tristan said softly. “And out of the tux, too.”
Adam chuckled before kissing the back of Tristan's gloved hand.
Soon, the car was pulling in front of the bar. Of course, all the denizens of the night stopped at the sight of such a fancy vehicle in front of a dive like Muttley's. They all went about their business when Adam's imposing physique emerged from the back. Tristan alighted from the car with a smile and a light, graceful step. Adam bowed to him before taking his arm to sweep inside.
Muttley's was crowded with all sorts of people in costumes of all types and levels of effort. Tristan couldn't see the booth because of the mob of dancing bodies, but his friends in the booth spotted Adam's head from across the room.
“Trissy…Adam!” Kevin's voice floated to them. “Over here!”
Adam wrapped an arm around Tristan's waist, then guided him through the flying limbs and undulating hips until they reached his usual booth.
“Hey guys!” Tristan exclaimed. “You look amazing.”
“Says the guy who looks like something out of a romance novel,” Kevin muttered.
“Adam looks like my favorite Frankenstein monster,” Tiffany said with a bright smile.
“Thank you,” Adam said with a bow. “He's my favorite as well. And you make a lovely witch. Keiko, you are a beautiful doll. And Kevin, you are…an extravagant Vegas showgirl?”
“A transvestite showgirl,” Kevin corrected.
“That explains the whiskers,” Keiko said. “I thought you just got lazy.”
“I did,” Kevin quipped. “I have to shave twice a day when I work. I thought I'd give it a rest today.”
“Where did you find all those feathers?” Tristan asked Kevin as they scooted over for them.
“The usual place,”
“Ah,” Tristan replied.
“Usual place?” Adam asked
“It's a long story,” Tristan said with a frown.
“No worries. I don't need to know,” Adam said. “It's quite fetching. Let me try to get us some drinks.”
“Thanks, doll,” Kevin said. “Getting to that bar is brutal. Brecht won't ignore you.”
“I'll get pitchers of everything,” Adam assured him.
“Tiffany, you look so nice. That looks like an outfit from my time,” Tristan said.
“It is,” Tiffany replied. “I had a trunk of stuff from the Coven of Three. There was even a hat. They never let me wear any of the official stuff.”
“It's way better than those sexy witch costumes,” Keiko said. “You look hotter than any of those skanks on the dance floor.”
“Is that anyway for a doll to speak?” Kevin asked. “Think of the children!”
“Will you have a few more martinis before I stuff those feathers…”
“Keiko!” Tristan said, cutting her off. “You look so cute with the pigtails and freckles. Do you have a wind-up key?”
Keiko smacked her forehead with her hand.
“Wind-up key!” Keiko exclaimed. “I should have thought of that.”
One of the dancers bumped Tristan's elbow.
“Why is it so crowded here?” Tristan asked. “It wasn't like this last year.”
“Fucking hipsters,” Kevin muttered. “Some free newspaper deemed Muttley's an 'ironic' place to get hammered.”
“How can a tavern be ironic?” Tristan asked in confusion.
“Beats the hell out of me,” Kevin replied.
“What is with this invasion of douche bags?” a familiar voice muttered loudly. “One side, freaks.”
“Were you planning on a three-way?” Kevin asked looking toward the crowd.
“No,” Tristan replied.
“Well, things are about to get awkward,” Kevin said.
“Hello, beautiful,” Frank said. “Don't you look fancy.”
Tristan and the rest of the booth looked up, and their jaws dropped. Detective Frank McNulty was dressed as Dracula, completed with a widow's peak and cape.
“Hi, Frank,” Tristan said as he stood. “I didn't know you were coming.”
“I just wanted to say hi,” he replied with a smile. “I'm on the job. I'm meeting a snitch here and didn't want to stick out. Hello, Witchipoo, dollface, and showgirl.”
“Hello, yourself. Yeah, you really blend,” Kevin said dryly.
“You guys really went all out. What’s Klaus?”
“An asshole,” Keiko replied with a sweet smile.
“Do you want to sit down?” Tristan asked.
“No, I have to mingle to keep an eye out for my guy,” Frank replied. Then, he looked at Tristan levelly. “And I know you aren't alone.”
“Don't sweat it, beautiful. I don't expect you to sit at home waiting for me to come up for air,” Frank said with his lopsided smile. “By the way, what is your costume?”
“I'm a vampire, too,” Tristan smiled, baring his fangs.
“Whoa, those are amazing. How come you don't talk with a lisp?” Frank asked. “I had to ditch my fangs.”
“I've had them a long time,” Tristan replied. “So, I'm used to talking with them.”
“Make sense. Gotta go. Text me about next week,” Frank said as he hid half his face behind his cape. “Maybe I can come by for…a bite. Muahahaha!”
He moved off into the crowd. Tristan gaped after him.
“Was that racist?” Keiko asked ruefully.
Adam was back by then. He had two pitchers in each hand. One had martinis; one had the beer. One had ice, and a small one was filled with liquor. Adam set them down.
“I have to get the glasses and the garnish,” Adam said. “Did I see that detective?”
“Yes, he's working as Dracula tonight,” Tristan said.
“Riiight,” Adam said with raised brows. “Tristan, Brecht wants a quick word.”
“Oh, okay. Excuse me, guys,” Tristan said.
Adam cleared a route for Tristan to reach the bar. He went back to the table with the rest of the stuff for cocktails.
“Hi, Brecht,” Tristan said, leaning over the bar. “You wanted to speak to me?”
“Yes! Can you make me a few of pitchers of Absinthe cocktails?” He asked.
“Um, they usually don't come in pitchers, but I guess so,” Tristan replied.
He popped under the bar to the back. Brecht cleared some space on the prep counter.
“What are you? A penguin?” Someone asked.
“No, I'm a vampire,” Tristan smiled.
“Wow, those are amazing,” someone else said. “Are you Louie?”
“No, I'm Tristan,” he replied. “Brecht, I need something to put the sugar cubes in, so I can pour the water.”
“How about a strainer?” Brecht suggested.
Tristan was able to secure it over the mouth of the pitcher. He nodded.
“That works,” He said, filling the strainer with a pile of sugar cubes.
Tristan filled the pitcher a third of the way up, avoiding the sugar cubes. Then, he slowly poured the cool water over the sugar cubes, watching the liquid turn from a dark green to a beautiful jade. The patrons grew silent watching the color dance in each pitcher.
“Is that the stuff that made Van Gogh crazy?”
“I don't know. We never met” Tristan replied. “This only makes people drunk.”
“Do you sparkle?”
“Why do people keep asking me that?”
“You don't seem to be having a good time, dear boy,” A very deep voice said from the corner of the bar.
Tristan was finishing the last pitcher. He turned to see who was talking. There stood Morty, the Death Lord, in all his macabre glory.
“Dude, how do you have a real skull face with those huuuuuuge horns?” a drunk young man dressed as a football player slurred. “That costume is awwwwwsssooooommmme!”
“Thank you. I’ve been working on it forever,” Morty said.
“Totally nailed Death. Catch you later. I gotta piss like bad.”
“See you soon,” Morty said cordially.
“Morty!” Tristan exclaimed. “Not here.”
“What? It's business,” he replied. “I have a schedule to follow. But enough of that. I came to lure you to the most insanely fun party. You look divine. You should be in company that appreciates you.”
“He is,” Adam said as he pushed to that part of the bar. “There’s me for one, and his friends for another.”
“How whimsical,” Morty said. “That's my favorite Frankenstein creature.”
“I really appreciate you stopping by, but I never get to be with my friends the way we all really are,” Tristan said. “And I want to dance with Adam while I look like I did when he first saw me. But it's too crowded here.”
“Never let it be said that I don't appreciate romance,” Morty said. “It brings me most of my customers, and I've always wanted to be Fairy Godmother. She gets all the good press.”
Morty snapped his fingers. Everyone in the room who was not otherworldly or in the booth went still.
“Okay, you crazy kids,” Morty said. “Enjoy the dance, but remember that the spell goes away at midnight.”
Tristan leaned over the bar to hug the death lord. “Morty, you’re the best!”
“I know, dear boy, I know.”
He was gone in a cloud of red smoke.
“Oooh, open bar!” Kevin squealed as he jumped up.
“Let's clear the dance floor,” Keiko said.
“Come on, Tristan,” Adam said. “I think we should put your detective somewhere safe.”
“Right. Thank you.”
“I want your full attention,” Adam smiled.
Tristan kissed him on the cheek.
“You're still sweet.”
A quick scan of the bar found Frank in the corridor near the restrooms. Adam easily lifted him, and Tristan guided the way to the private locker room.
“He can get out by just turning the knob,” Tristan said. “But only we can get in with the combination.”
“Good,” Adam said. “Now, let's go dance.”
Tristan took Adam's outstretched hand with a bright smile. Klaus exited his office as Tristan and Adam passed by.
“Why is it so quiet out here?” Klaus demanded.
“Morty froze everyone for a few hours,” Tristan said tentatively.
“Time to fleece the free range hipsters!” Klaus cackled with glee.
When they reached the dance floor, they found Keiko, Kevin and Tiffany stacking guests in a corner.
“Oooh, Jenga!” Klaus shouted then laughed maniacally as he hurried across the room.
“Klaus really scares me when he's happy,” Tristan said.
“I can't blame you,” Adam murmured.
He pulled Tristan to the jukebox where he paid for the maximum number of choices. They quickly picked their songs. Then, Adam swept Tristan onto the dance floor. The tall man smiled at him.
“It's not a moonlit garden,” he murmured.
“I don't mind. You're here,” Tristan smiled. “Everyone I care about is here.”
For almost two magical hours, Tristan danced with Adam. Sometimes, they kissed. Often, they laughed as the rest of the group worked on the human Jenga pile. Toward the end of their time, Klaus was balanced on Kevin's shoulders adjusting the last that could be easily piled. The human tower nearly reached the ceiling. The rest of the guests were in smaller piles. The patrons in the booths and at the bar were left in place.
“I'm surprised you don't want to take some photos,” Adam murmured against Tristan's temple.
“That is really funny,” Tristan admitted looking over at the game. “But I don't want the photos to get anyone in trouble. I want this to be a happy memory.”
“I understand,” Adam said quietly. “We've come a long way from naughty sketches or paintings as the only record of indiscretions. Do you want to give your friends a lift when we make our escape?”
“Are you sure?”
“I'm sure you'll worry about them getting home,” Adam chuckled.
“You're too nice to me,” Tristan sighed.
“I'm just making up for centuries of not getting to be nice to you,” Adam said. “I'm happy when you are smiling.”
“You really are a prince charming!”
They danced until the last song was done. Adam kissed Tristan gently and briefly as it ended.
“That was nice,” Tristan smiled.
“It was magical,” Adam agreed. “Now, we have to get the hell out of here.”
Tristan went to the booth to grab their coats while Adam plucked Klaus from Kevin's shoulders.
“Okay, let's get our things and go wait out front,” Adam said as he pulled out the phone. “We're going to take you all home. That includes you, Klaus.”
“I'm not leaving,” Klaus said. “That till has several grand in it!”
“I hate saying this, but you won't be safe when the fists start flying,” Keiko muttered.
“I'll lock myself in the locker room until the cops arrive,” Klaus said. “I'll call them right before I lock the door.”
“Frank is in the locker room,” Tristan fretted.
“An official witness! Perfect,” Klaus grinned. “You guys scram.”
“Let's go,” Adam said firmly. “We've got five minutes.”
Adam's tone caused a scramble of feathers, ruffles and a witch's hat that ended in the Rolls Royce. Kevin grabbed the pitcher of Absinthe cocktails and glasses just before leaving. He and Tiffany were really hammered by the time Keiko bundled them out of the car toward her apartment.
“Best Hal-lo-fucking-ween ever!” Kevin declared loudly while trying to keep his headpiece straight.
“Get inside, you lush!” Keiko hissed. “Thanks, Adam!”
Adam chuckled softly as he pulled Tristan close to hold him all the way home.

The story was the lead on the eleven o'clock news which was quite a feat on Halloween in the tri-state area. Tristan was in bed with Adam as they watched. It became clear pretty quickly that making love in tuxedos would not work very well without ripping them. Thus, there was a trail of formal finery that began at the front door and ended at the foot of the bed. Tristan was still wearing the shirt and tie as he rode Adam toward completion. Adam had laughed that that was the most formal sex he'd ever had. Tristan was amazed that Adam had managed to make everything he did seem new and magical despite all the years he'd been alive.
They were both worried when they say the word riot on the TV screen. However, they soon learned that the fight inside Muttley’s had not lasted very long. It spilled onto the streets of downtown Hoboken just a few minutes after midnight. The reporters on the scene said there had been an undercover cop in the crowd who chased the combatants out with the help of the owner almost immediately after the fight began.
“Neither the owner of Muttley's nor law enforcement officials had any comment on why an undercover officer was present. Witnesses said the fight started when several bar patrons accused others of picking their pockets while the crowd was piled on top of each other,” the anchorman said. “The fight was quickly dispersed upon the arrival of several police units though the crowds milled about for long afterward enjoying the excitement. Muttley's actually went back to its business after the dust settled.”
“Klaus has some wild dumb luck,” Adam murmured.
“Klaus said it was worth the investment.”
“Riiight,” Adam replied.
“I'm glad Muttley's is okay,” Tristan said.
“Did you have a good time?”
“It was the best Halloween ever,” Tristan said before straddling Adam again. “Let's keep the celebration going until dawn.”


Morty and The Coven of Three appear in Vampire Rent Boy Volume Two – Rhymes with Bitch
 All Vampire Rent Boy Titles can be found here: http://yaoiagogo.com/shop/shop.htm

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Ensnared Volume III - Rescue from the Brothel

This the first of three ebooks that will be released in advance of the print volume. You need not have read the first two to enjoy this one.
Ensnared Volume III – Rescue from the Brothel
Andreas never dealt with brothels directly even though his business often crossed into the underworld of society. In recent weeks, however, he can't seem to avoid them. These business owners are trying to forcibly recruit young men he needs for Zed Crew. There is a bounty for close up photos of him and for hair samples from him as these pimps try to create Sex Slaves in his image for demanding clients. Finally, the kidnapping of a close friend to his new recruits forces Andreas to act against the brothels. Can he get the young man back without endangering himself? He and Darius survived the most treacherous plots from those closest to them. Will this seemingly simple act provoke the Cosi Leader's uncontrollable wrath and endanger everyone?

* * *

No one was overtly rushing him, but it was clear that Andreas could no longer dally. He had to prepare himself for Darius. For all the planning to save a young man from becoming a sexual plaything, Andreas actually was one. He was a Dami ― a living sex toy ― owned body, mind and will by the most powerful being in the known universe. The difference between Jevon and Andreas was that he gave himself to Darius willingly ― twice. The first time, he was an infamous Crew leader on the run for his life. The second time, he was a wealthy and powerful Lord in his own right.
Their story was famous throughout the worlds the Cosi ruled. Much to Andreas’ chagrin, there were unauthorized books and plays about their history. Darius ignored it all in that arrogant way of his. While it was a sound plan that ignoring the books would discredit them faster than trying to quash them, no one would dare ask Darius for an autograph as some had asked him on occasion.
But those annoyances were easily forgotten compared to the joy of being close to Darius. It was deeply puzzling to Andreas why anyone would doubt what had attracted him to his Cosi. Hector put it very well calling him a big, walking distraction. Darius was easily the tallest man Andreas had ever met. He was powerfully and elegantly muscled. There was an angelic beauty to his handsomeness topped with a long mane of thick and silky buttery blond hair. He had vibrant dark blue eyes that were almost always warm and playful with Andreas though he often saw them when they were frosty cold with those who displeased him. And then, there was his mouth. Darius had very sensuous lips. He was an expert kisser who could use that mouth to render Andreas mindless with ease.
Keeping his day focused on time to make sure he was prepared for Darius was no chore for Andreas. He looked forward to the moment when he could shed his beautifully tailored suit and slip into his evening bath. He longed for the transition from his daily responsibilities to thinking of nothing but pleasing Darius. It was freeing for him. And it was an honor to be so close to that singularly powerful man. There were less than a handful of people in the universe that could be trusted enough to be close to the Cosi Leader. It both amazed and humbled Andreas that Darius considered him exquisite when he had his choice of all the beauty in the universe. And Darius made him feel beautiful each time he was in his presence. It was the way he looked at him as if that act was a deep and satisfying pleasure.
Thus, Andreas took care to relax during the bath and let all the tension from the interviews and freeing Jevon drain away with the bath water. By the time he finished, Andreas was attractively dressed in Dami attire that showed off his collar bones and most of his back. The fabric was soft and touchable. It fell along the contours of his body showing them off elegantly. The coppery red color was chosen by Darius to best highlight his tawny skin. His shoulder length, mahogany brown hair was brushed to a shine. Andreas was also slicked and stretched to accommodate his Cosi’s length and girth should he want to have him in bed straight away. When the door opened to the private entrance, Andreas was more than ready to gracefully kneel with his head bowed. His body was ready for anything Darius desired. He had but to ask.
How may I serve you this evening, Darius?”
Look at me, sweet Dami,” he said. His voice was so warm.
Andreas obeyed and found that Darius had extended his hand. Andreas offered his in return and immediately found himself in a full body embrace with Darius seeking his lips. He moaned into that intense kiss as his knees weakened. The incredible strength in that embrace once again made Andreas feel helpless yet protected. The kiss was possessive and affectionate at the same time. Darius was in no hurry to move to the bedroom that night. In fact, as the kiss gently ended, Andreas was set onto his feet.
Let’s have some wine and talk before dinner,” Darius said. “I’ve missed your voice.”

Yes, Darius,” Andreas murmured with a smile. “I’ve missed yours, too.”

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Vampire Rent #Two -- Rhymes with Bitch

Life for Tristan is getting stranger and stranger – quite a feat for a vampire who is centuries old. There is a coven of witches stalking him for some crime his family committed generations ago. Meanwhile, Klaus becomes convinced that Tristan is the heir to a vast fortune and holding out on him. And then, there is the trio of pale, black leather clad beings floating off the floor with hooks and pins shoved painfully in their flesh. They seem convinced that they can show Tristan wonders he has never seen. Since they don't look like they are having any kind of fun, Tristan avoids them. But that's all at work. Life at home is better than it's ever been. Adam returns from his business trip, and they finally share a night together in bed. The sex is hotter than he could have imagined. Everything seems perfect. The only danger is that coven. Will their curse succeed in destroying Tristan before he can find true love?

Available in the US here:

More country links are below the excerpt!


Can your pimp really Photoshop me screwing a goat?” Sebastian Gris demanded, a deep scowl marring his classically handsome looks.
Tristan mumbled in response. He really didn't understand how he was ever expected to answer a question around a dildo gag. The questions happened often enough that he assumed he was understood the way a dentist could understand patients, so he always replied.
I can't understand what you're saying,” Mr. Gris exclaimed in frustration.
Tristan shrugged as best he could trussed up as he was. Mr. Gris finally figured out the problem. He impatiently pulled away the gag.
If you don't mind,” Tristan said through cotton mouth. “Klaus is my manager and not a pimp. And yes, he can make anyone do anything in Photoshop. He can even animate now. Still a little uncanny valley to me, but they are really convincing. “
I thought you couldn't string together three sentences that made sense,” Mr. Gris said suspiciously.
That's what Klaus said about his work,” Tristan said. “I remembered, because it sounds like a nice place to visit.”
What is?”
The uncanny valley,” Tristan replied.
That's more like it, you addle-headed hottie,” Mr. Gris said with a smile. “Why is Klaus so upset over a short plane ride?”
The sun is a problem up here long before dawn,” Tristan replied. “The sun hurts. A Lot. Klaus would have a hard time replacing me if I got burned. He can get really vengeful where money is concerned.”
Apparently,” Mr. Gris said tersely. He bashed a button on the wall. “Take us back to the airport ASAP, and have a car waiting for my guest.”
Certainly, Mr. Gris.”
Tristan was slowly freed from all off the straps.
I'll have to re-think my plans,” Mr. Gris muttered. “I didn't have a plan B. I never thought you were so delicate.”
Tristan held his tongue. Mr. Gris didn't like being contradicted. The Vampire hardly felt that having one hard no-no was being delicate. He wondered if the man actually paid attention to safe words. That was something he'd have to consider if they had another appointment. There was no telling if Klaus would allow that. He tended to triple rates on clients he felt put his livelihood at risk. Mr. Gris talked like he had very deep pockets, but he'd seen such boasts turn to dust too often to count on anything. Still, Tristan nodded politely when the supposed billionaire promised to set up another appointment as soon as his schedule cleared.


Tristan barely made it home before daybreak. He had just found that perfect position to drop off to sleep when the knocking started. Usually, Tristan could ignore the knocking. The bedroom was soundproofed, so the TV couldn't be heard on the street. To anyone outside his front door, it looked like no one was home. Even the most persistent of salesman usually got the hint after a little while and moved on.
But then there was the bright light that seemed to be seeping through the seams of the walls and between the floor boards. At first, Tristan panicked, but then realized it wasn't sunlight. It didn't burn. Besides, the floors were an expensive interlocking wood. The installation was by experts. His benefactor paid quite a bit over the basics for that. Tristan dragged himself out of bed when the unearthly howling began. He worried that the noise would disturb his neighbors. And he worried about damage to his unit impacting the adjoining ones.
Can I help you?” Tristan asked fuzzily.
The first thing that struck him as odd was the pitch black that the visitors were standing in. He knew that it was a bright, sunny morning. Yet it appeared to be midnight where they stood. The ghostly pale trio with red eyes had the most painful looking piercings on various parts of their bodies. One seemed to have pins demarking squares cut all over the top of his head. They all wore heavy leather dresses that seemed to be tailored to fit. A little tacky, but Tristan didn’t like to judge.
We have come to answer your prayers,” the one with the pins hissed. “We've come to show you the way of Leviathan and pleasures that you could never dream of.”
He had heard that many times before. In fact, Mr. Gris promised the same thing before their date went sideways. After several life times of sexual escapades, Tristan tended to doubt that anyone could invent anything that was really new. Also, such offers usually only meant one thing to someone in his business.
Look, I appreciate you all coming way out here, but I don't do walk ins,” Tristan said patiently. “You'll have to go through my manager, Klaus. You can find him downtown at Muttley's. I should tell you, he doesn't give discounts to groups. Okay? Bye bye.”
When the howling and the light seepage didn't stop, Tristan swung open the door again.
I don't like to be difficult, but this is a very quiet building,” he said more sternly. “Now, run along, or I'll have to call the police.”
Typically, this was not a threat Tristan would make, but he felt that Detective McNulty would come out since he was worried about that very thing. It may have been his expression or tone, but the noise went away, and the sky turned back to normal when he closed the door a second time. Tristan locked and bolted the door with a heavy sigh. He bounded upstairs to bed.
The knocking began again a half an hour later. These visitors had mortal knuckles and a more timid use of the door bell. They quit after ten minutes leaving Tristan to drift off to sleep. He had a pleasant dream about dancing with the tall, handsome, and mysterious Adam in a moonlit garden long ago – possibly long enough ago that he was still human. It was a magical moment that left him very happy. So did the thought that Adam would be back for him soon.


Tristan was out of the house exactly at dusk. He'd been making sure to check in at Muttley's before taking any clients. Keiko and Kevin were still a little off from his absence the week before. The only fortunate thing about Adam's delay in getting back was Tristan had more time to hang out with his friends and soothe them back toward normal. He had never had so many souls this close to him who knew him for what he was. He really didn't want to neglect them if he could help it.
The strange thing was that he hadn't heard from Kevin or Keiko all day. When Keiko finally replied to his texts, all she said was that things were complicated. Tristan was in a worried hurry by the time he reached downtown. His text alarm chirped a half a block from Muttley's. That time, it was Frank.
Hey, doll. Are you free? And will you be at Muttley's anytime soon?”
Free for now. I'm about to step into the door,” Tristan replied.
Perfect,” Frank texted.
Tristan stepped into the back entrance of the bar as Klaus demanded. Before they were allowed to ‘put their asses on vinyl in those booths,’ they were to check in to see if you have a date. He'd gone three steps toward the office when he was snatched bodily into the darkened break room.
That is the cutest thing I've ever heard. You actually said eek,” a gruff voice said against his ear as his back was pressed against the wall.
Frank?” Tristan asked timidly.
The lights snapped on.
Who else would it be? Never mind, I don't want to know.”
What are you doing here? I thought you were on a stakeout.”
We were in the area,” he shrugged. “I had a choice of getting some crappy chili or have a little time with you. It was a no brainer.”
Won't you be hungry later?” Tristan asked though he was smiling.
I've missed you,” Frank chuckled. “Life is so simple between those cute little ears. Come here.”
Frank kissed him while managing to lock the door. That cop could sure kiss. Tristan was so swept away that he didn't remember how he got half out of his pants. One moment his back was against the wall. The next he was bent over that wobbly table.

Available on Amazon Kindle in these countries. Click on the country for the link!

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Sexy Backs and Book Covers

A man's back is a beautiful thing. I don't mean his butt (that is also a beautiful thing as well, but not what I'm talking about here). The back can convey strength and grace and power. Anyone looking at Chris Hemsworth's back can attest to how beautiful the male back can be. Meanwhile, there is a tradition in romance novels of showing a woman's bare back (less controversial than boobage down to nipples and still quite sexy). For that reason, I decided that I wanted to show sexy men's backs on the covers for Ensnared.

One of themes in this volume is how distracted characters are by Andreas' beauty and sensuality, causing them to overlook his power and strength. That tendency is something Andreas will use to full advantage. On the first cover, he'll be in his Dami wear with a back that is bare to the lowest part of his spine. The sensuality of that back will be offset by the strength in his shoulders and arms. Holding him at the waist as if he had stopped Andreas from walking by is Darius. A very strong arm is across that elegantly narrow waist. A much taller and even more powerful body is poised to drag Andreas away in that moment on the cover. Their expressions could be taken as playful. Others will see a Dominant/submissive or Seme/uke dynamic, but their relationship is far more complicated than that. Each of the covers for Volume 3 will be part of a larger picture that will have more of Darius and Andreas and the supporting characters. There has been a great demand to know what the Ladies or Chiron or even Mykos look like. I have someone in my head for all of them. I hope no one is disappointed. The full sketches will be put up here and on my Deviantart page. If they pass muster (and with Kitty's help, I think they will), I'll have them for sale or for give aways at conventions. Probably. I go through moments of terror about drawing the covers at all. The bodies have gotten easy. It's the expressions that will be difficult. Eeek!

I'll spare everyone the rough sketches. I'll document the final drawings and put them in a blog after we've executed the covers.