Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kinky Seme Games - An Ensnared Short Story Series Preview

As a Dominatrix, I truly enjoy it when one of my pets feels free enough and safe enough to truly unleash their sensuality. I so enjoy taking a shy girl or boy who blushes when I demand that they tell me what they want from me to a point where they are comfy being completely naked for me and my guests. And when I say safe, that does not mean that I softly cuddle with them while they are in my care. I have brought fourth tears from them shortly before they come like crazy.

Despite my objection to non-con and rape in yaoi, I do think the tears of a uke pushed to his limits are beautiful. But that kind of tears comes from an experience both Seme and uke agreed upon. And there is a lot of care afterward. Are these relationships lacking in tension or dull when they reach that level? Hardly. A uke who trusts his Seme enough to be completely exposed and vulnerable, blossoms like the subs I've seen. Their sexuality runs free and they are willing to try more an more daring things for the pleasure of the Seme and himself.

I've begun to explore that aspect of uke's life with his Seme in Ensnared through a series of illustrated short stories. [Haven't read Ensnared? Chapter excerpts are in the menu on the right.] Andreas Hesper never really showed his sensual side when he was living in the frightening no man's land in the city of Eris. And even when he was an underworld crew leader in Kacia, he kept that side of his personality locked up tight. In the back of his head, such displays invited unwanted attention that could end in a knife fight. He also believed that he wouldn't be taken seriously in his position if he let his sexuality show in anyway. Perhaps he also sensed that his Second, Viktor Stamos wanted more from him than he was willing to give. In any event, Andreas was well known for being beautiful and compelling, but he kept his sensuality firmly in check until Darius put that collar on him for the second time. By then, he also has considerably more power to surrender to his lover. Between that and being at the side of the most powerful being on the planet, Andreas is safe to act any way he wants act.

Beyond, the power and protection Darius offers, he is an irresistibly seductive lover. The uke in Andreas loves the way Darius overwhelms him physically. He doesn't have to be strong the way he does in the rest of his roles (Underworld Crew leader and a Lord with several businesses to manage). When Darius seizes him by the hair for a kiss, Andreas can let his mind shut down and focus only on the needs of the big, beautiful body claiming him. Sex with a master at seduction like Darius is addictive. Darius is beautiful and powerful in and out of the bedroom. It is a point of pride for Andreas that his surrender makes such a man come so strongly. He wants to do and see more. He wants to make his Owner come. Andreas knows that what will drive Darius' passion more than anything is his surrender.

Thus, this series of shorts is about how Andres slips further and further into the role of Darius' Dami or plaything. Andreas is subtly changing his look and how he wears the collar and tag of ownership. There will be a lot of kinky scenes that push the Seme/uke dynamic to it's farthest edge. All of the artwork is mine, so be kind. I'm posting a work in progress of Andreas with this blog. The shorts will be free. I'll do a collection of them at some point for purchase, but they are free for now. Look for them in the next couple of weeks. I plan to show the joys of ownership of a pet that does NOT include non-con! Yes, I will beat that horse until it moves no more.