Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Size Issues, PWPs With and Without Plot, Plus Updates

The last installment of Ensnared Volume 4 is going to be as big or an even bigger monster than the last one. It's over 30,000 words, and the Convening has not yet commenced. This was not my plan when I started Volume 4. I thought it would be the same length as Volume 3. The plot has not varied from the outline. I certainly didn't add anything new. However, there are new characters. A couple of them are very important to the plot going forward. Aside from not wanting to rush through introductions of these incredibly important people in the lives of my characters, a sudden acceleration in the narrative style wouldn't match the other volumes. Soon, I will impose upon one of my wonderful proofreaders to give the work in progress a read for pacing.

There seems to be a duality to readers of erotica. I see it all over fanfiction archives like Archive Of Our Own (AO3). There is the quick and naughty PWPs (Porn Without Plot or Plot, What Plot) that are less than 5, 000 words and filled with naught but sex acts. And then there are the up to half million word epics to end all epics. Each style has its fans. Titles in either form can have thousands of Kudos or likes. And it is not unusual that a reader can be a fan of both, depending on what the mood is on any given day.

I've been pleased that Ensnared readers have never complained about the stories being too long. Quite the contrary. Most comments have wished the books ever end. I am fortunate that this is the case, as I really enjoy hanging out with these characters.

The PWP Preference = Boredom?

I think that some erotica readers prefer the short and sweet of the PWP because of epic authors that can't get to the point let alone get to the sex. It's all surface details without any real insight into characters and sometimes without any advancement of the plot. I'm reminded of a comment a co-worker from Internet Archive made about a Victorian Era novel she was scanning. “I've had twenty pages on the merits of having luncheon on the terrace versus the formal dining room and not one word on the brother facing the gallows.' I believe it took another forty pages to get back to that poor chap. I'm not sure where luncheon was served. Some details truly are pointless. It's nice to have a few to ground the reader in the moment. It's also important to fully round out the characters and chart their growth through the story. But the plot should always feel like it's moving. And though I'm not one to think that sex scenes need to pop up at formulaic intervals, readers of erotica want to see some erotica happening along with the engaging characters and intriguing plots.

I can assure readers with confidence that Darius and Andreas are not neglecting sexy time in this installment. First off, there are a lot of new environments that they have never had sex in. One of them is a lot higher than a mile high. There is also an outdoor pool. Neither man can let either of those opportunities pass without doing something about it. Along with those temptations, life is also finding new ways to heap stress upon them. Andreas is still the best stress release for Darius, and he's happy to do his part. As life gets some interesting, the need to have time alone strikes at any time. They don't always wait until after the late night snifter of cognac.


For those who are not following my Author Page on Facebook, I will be releasing an illustrated version of the Ensnared Series sometime in 2018. To that end, I've been sketching up a storm, working on model sheets for almost all of the characters. I'm also working on drawings of typical poses for everyone. The first one that is close to finished is Princess Carry. This one is happening in the Compound, thus the Greek style clothing on Andreas. They are both wearing wide-legged pants with a slit on the outsides. I haven't added the sandals or jewelry yet. Those will be added just before I start coloring.

Finally, I'm having a Launch Party for the Next Installment of Ensnared Volume 4. I will choose a date once the draft is finished. I'm not sure what we'll be doing for the party. I'm open to suggestions. Maybe Ori and Dakun can act out some scenes. Send me suggestions!

And as always, Stay Tuned!
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