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Personal Space -- A Free! Eternal Summer MakoHaru Fanfic Part Two

Personal Space -- A MakoHaru Fanfic Part Two

by D.L. Warner
Artwork by DL Warner - Be Kind

Makoto woke gently in the morning. It was just about the same time as he would on early days. He'd slept well. Haru was still in his arms. That made him smile. He gently ran a hand down Haru's sleek back wishing that the undershirt was gone. Perhaps the next time. Haru stirred at Makoto's touch.

“It's still early, Haru. Sorry to wake you,” Makoto murmured. “We don't have to leave for a few hours.”

Haru nodded, but he still raised up on his elbows. His soft, dark hair was mussed from Makoto's hands in it. His bright blue eyes were sleepy but intent as they gazed at him.

“If you were worried about Rin, why did you ask him to help me?” He asked softly.

“I never thought he would take you with him to Australia,” Makoto replied with a wry smile. “I was really worried about that, but in the end, all that mattered to me was that you were happy.”

Haru's eyes seem to get bigger as he gaped at Makoto. He reached out with one hand to caress Makoto's hair and then his face as he leaned closer.

“Makoto,” Haru said softly just above his lips. “Don't be so quick to give away what you want.”

Haru kissed him then. It was open mouthed, hot and demanding. They were still a little awkward in the way their mouths met, but Makoto reveled in the feel of their tongues moving against each other. He loved the way Haru whispered his name against his lips between kisses. Makoto moaned loudly before he began to pull at Haru's undershirt. Soon, they were removing at each other's clothes.

“I don't know what to do,” Haru said softly as skin was bared. Makoto found Haru's blush was adorable as he stared at all that exposed skin hungrily. He was reminded of how he looked at mackerel, so intense was his gaze. Makoto didn't know very much either, but he had an idea of what would feel good.

“Straddle me,” Makoto murmured. “Get close, and put your hands on my shoulders. Let me do the rest.”

As Haru moved into position, Makoto grabbed the lotion he used after swimming. He smoothed a large dollop all over his right hand. Before he grasped their erections, Makoto paused to look at Haru's body in a way he had never dared before. He was perfection down to his genitals.

“Makoto...please,” Haru panted. There was almost no blue left in his eyes as he gazed at him wildly.

Makoto moaned at that face. He quickly slicked them both before grasping their cocks together and stroking hard. They locked gazes as Makoto stroked. They panted and moaned as they got closer.

“Haru, kiss me,” Makoto gasped.

During that hot kiss, they came. Haru's grip on Makoto's shoulders was almost painful through the intense spasms. He didn't care about the marks that could be left. Afterward, he rested his forehead against Haru's temple and wrapped his arms around him. He had turned his head in that shy way of his. But he still clutched Makoto's shoulders.

“Makoto...I want this and more...with you everyday,” Haru murmured, finally looking into Makoto's eyes.

“I do, too,” Makoto said softly with a smile. “We'll sort this out together.”

“I'll bet Nagisa knows,” Haru said with a huff of laughter.

“I'm sure,” Makoto chuckled. “But I'm not going to ask.”

They laughed in each others arms, and it felt wonderful to Makoto.

“I'll make us breakfast,” Haru said as they untangled themselves. “Come to my place.”

“I'll be there in time to get you out of your bath.”

Haru stared for a moment. “Come with me now.”

“Oh, okay,” Makoto said affably. “Let me grab my stuff.”

“Bring a towel, too.”

Makoto smiled as it finally dawned on him what Haru wanted from him. “Sure. I'll just be a minute.”

It seemed that only a few minutes later,  he and Haru were naked in Haru's bathroom scrubbing down for a bath. They helped each other with the hard to reach places. And though there was a lot of blushing, they were each doing a lot of looking at the other in the bright morning light. Makoto's already surprising morning continued when Haru made room for him in the tub and rested against his body in the shoulder deep water.

“The water feels good with you,” Haru murmured.

“I'm glad,” Makoto said softly. Holding Haru that way was incredible. “Want to get Bento on the way to class?”

“Yeah,” Haru said. “We should start making our own though.”

“That would save a lot of money,” Makoto agreed. “We can shop after our last class.”

Haru nodded. “I'm cooking.”

“Of course. I'll clean.”

“Yes, you will.”

Makoto chuckled softly then kissed Haru on the back of the head. “Which apartment do we stay in?”

Haru gave him a quizzical backwards glance.

Makoto shrugged. “I'm holding onto what I want as you said.”

Haru smirked at him. “Your place. You have the bigger TV.”

Makoto laughed again. His heart had never felt lighter. Haru didn't even try to stay in the tub like he usually would. Maybe he needed some company to get him out of the bath. Maybe he wanted to embrace the day to get home sooner as Makoto did. It didn't matter. They were really happy. Haru grumbled when Makoto insisted on blow drying his hair before he made breakfast, but he allowed it. The air was almost bitter cold outside. If he went out with damp hair, he could get sick. Makoto would not allow that. Meanwhile, Haru made sure they left with a hearty breakfast of Mackerel, rice, and lightly picked cucumbers.

Before they left for the day, Makoto gently backed Haru against the wall by the door to kiss him thoroughly. Haru responded hungrily, pulling Makoto closer. Each kiss was better than the last. It seemed that neither wanted that one to end.

“We have to go,” Makoto murmured as his lips hovered above Haru's. “We have to get the day over with to come back to this.”

Haru nodded. He looked up at him wistfully, making Makoto smile.

“We could try to find a place for this at school,” Makoto offered, smiling. “But we should be careful, okay?”

“Yeah,” he whispered before stealing one more kiss.

Thankfully, it was really cold out. The tightness in Makoto's pants eased by the time they reached the Lawson's near the train station. Since there were no mackerel Bento to be had, Haru let Makoto pick for both of them while he checked out a section of the magazine racks he'd never looked at before. The karaagi was fresh, so Makoto chose those and some fruit along with Power Sweat for them both. As he was handed the bag by the grinning female clerk, Haru stormed past to snatch the bag and pull him out of the store.

“All they had was Hentai,” Haru muttered as they entered the station.

Makoto wanted to smile. Haru was certainly determined to do that research.

“I think there would be more of a selection at the books stores near campus,” Makoto said. “There is a really big one that has all sorts of manga in there. I even saw...BL.”

The last bit was said softly and directly into Haru's ear. His ear turned bright red, but he looked Makoto in the eyes levelly while asking for the exact location of that store. The quietly given explanation and instructions on how to find the section in the store completely distracted the pair from whoever may have been staring at them. The train was not as packed as it would be when they had early classes.

“Have lunch with me after your second class,” Haru said as they crossed the campus.

“Of course,” Makoto said. “What time is your meeting with the coach?”

“Not until 1500,” Haru replied. “Will you wait for me after your last class? We can go do some proper food shopping.”

“Yes. I can always study while I wait,” Makoto smiled. “I never mind waiting for you, Haru.”

Haru nodded with a small smile before hurrying to his first class. Makoto shook his head. Haru was not taking anything about them for granted. He would never mind waiting for Haru. In fact, he hated going home alone in Tokyo. It was a relief to be allowed to wait for him.

Makoto arrived at the lecture hall happy until he realized that Haru still had their bento and the snacks. He sighed then chuckled. It was simple to get a bottle of water during a break, and he could wait until Haru caught up with him to eat. What made him unhappy was the appearance of two of the girls that showed up at swim practice. The education psychology professor started the lecture before they could approach. Makoto soon forgot about them. That class was difficult and the professor was infamous for calling on students when they least expected it. He had prepared answers to the test problems in the chapter for that week while Haru was working out with the team the night before. Each scenario required not only an answer but the reasoning behind the answer and a timeline based on the textbook and lecture. Makoto used the time during the practice because the lecture was fresh in his mind. He wasn't confident that he was right, but he could show that he put some work into the assignment.

The annoying girls managed to get seats behind Makoto, but he was ignoring them. That professor was a terror to anyone he felt wasn't paying attention. And he needed the lecture notes for the next assignment. He was diligently writing notes when he was called on suddenly about one of the problems from the day before. Makoto felt himself flush, but he answered the question in a clear and unwavering voice. And even answered the follow-up questions about his reasoning that were fired at him.

The professor seemed pleased. “Tachibana, how did you construct the reasoning behind your answer?”

“I-I listened to your lecture, sensei,” Makoto replied. “All the information was in the lecture yesterday.”

“Exactly,” he said. “I do not talk for ninety minutes because I have a fascinating voice. As you ladies can see, Tachibana is more than a bishonen face with great shoulders. You might try studying with him over staring at him. Good work, Tachibana. Keep it up.”

“Hai!” Makoto said. Though he knew his face was beet red, he was very happy with his work. He quickly returned his attention to his notes. He felt pretty good. This was the first time he had any clue that he was understanding his coursework. It was a very good day.

Haru called as Makoto left the lecture hall.

“I have your Bento,” he said without preamble.

“Yes, I know,” Makoto chuckled as he made his way to the second class. “I hope you didn't drink all that water.”

“Idiot,” Haru murmured. Makoto could tell he was smiling that small smile. “I'll meet you after the next class at your lecture hall.”

“Okay. See you then.”

The next class was math. The emphasis was on teaching as many times school coaches are required to substitute teach. The idea was scary to Makoto then, but he supposed it would grow on him. In any event, he was well prepared though hopeful he wouldn't be called upon. Luckily, that didn't happen. The guy who was called did not do well at the board. As in his other class, an answer wasn't enough. In math, an answer can be obtained with software. The process of solving the problem is the biggest percentage of the grade. After watching the unprepared student get berated at the board, Makoto was really glad he had the details of his problem-solving mapped out. He handed in the assignment at the end of the lecture with confidence. He would work on the next problem while he waited for Haru to finish his meeting with the coach.

Makoto was distracted thinking about the next assignment and finding Haru as he left the lecture hall. He suddenly found himself amidst all the girls who barged in on swimming practice.

“We wanted to apologize for last night,” the boldest one said. “We thought you were just in a swim club. We didn't know you two are athletes.”

Makoto was incredulous as he had told them that the night before, but he just nodded.

“That's okay,” Makoto said.

“We wanted to make it up to you by taking you to lunch,” the girl continued. The group of them were blocking his way at that point.

“There is no need,” Makoto said. “I have Bento coming.”

“Oh? Like a little waifu at home making you Bento?” She asked with a giggle.

“Actually, I got it from Lawson's,” Haru said from behind them.

He reached between the girl's blocking Makoto's way and pulled him along the corridor and out of the building. Once outside, he released Makoto's wrist.

“Sorry,” he said, looking to one side as he sometimes did.

“No. Thank you,” Makoto said. “They wouldn't get out of my way.”

Haru nodded, smiling shyly. “Come on. I found a place to eat.”

Makoto was surprised when Haru lead him to the pool building and climbed up onto the bleachers. With the house lights dimmed, they were in the shadows. Makoto doubted anyone could see them from the pool deck. He immediately realized why Haru chose that place. Thus, he wasn't surprised when his friend leaned in to kiss him just after they were seated. Makoto gasped when Haru pushed his tongue inside. He reached out to run his fingers through that soft dark hair he'd missed all morning.

“Haru,” Makoto sighed. “Thank you. I needed that.”

“Yeah. Me too,” he said softly.

They ate in silence for a while. That was normal unless Rei and Nagisa were present, so it felt comfortable.

“I found the...BL,” Haru said softly. “It was...strange.”


“I don't think the bodies would line up that way in real life,” he replied with a frown. “None of the ones in the books store looked very helpful.”

Makoto had been thinking about other research sources since Lawson's had been a bust.

“There are videos online,” he said. “I haven't seen any, of course, but I hear there are videos for everything we could think of.”

Haru took that in for a little while.

“We can't look at them here,” he said.

“Oh, no!” Makoto quietly exclaimed.

“Who should...go first?” Haru asked.

Makoto could see the blush even in the dim light.

“What do you want to do?” Makoto asked.

“You have more control,” Haru said.

Makoto's heart lurched. He leaned in to kiss him gently once again. They stole each other's gasps for a long moment.

They had finished lunch and moved away from the bleachers by the time the Coach and his assistants arrived.

“Ah, Nanase,” he said. “Right on time. Tachibana, you can wait out here if you'd like.”

“Thank you, sir. I'll just be studying in the bleachers, Haru.”

He nodded then followed the Coach into his office while the assistants readied the pool for a class. From the way Haru described the weekly meetings, Makoto suspected that they were suggested by Seijuro Mikoshiba to make sure that Haru's head was in a good place about being on a University team. Makoto was keeping tabs on how Haru was treated in part to make sure his friend wasn't being overwhelmed, but it was also a good lesson plan for him to follow with future students. Should he ever run into a talent like Haru, he would know how to foster those abilities.

Makoto settled himself on the bleachers once again. Soon, his focus was on the assignments from his lectures. There was no way he could complete the assignment in an hour, but he could thoroughly outline a plan for each assignment. That made completing them easier for him. Also, both professors wanted to see the process used in finding the answers. He had just finished the second outline when Haru was standing in front of him with an odd look on his face.

“Haru? What's wrong?”

“Let's get to our class,” he replied quietly.

Makoto quickly gathered his things and they took off to a physiology class they shared. They were a good distance from the pool building when Haru finally spoke.

“Coach seems to know about us,” he said quietly.

Makoto stopped in his tracks.

“What?!” He whispered.

“He just seemed to know that I know,” Haru said as they started walking again. “And then, he seemed to know it was with you.”

Makoto felt his stomach drop. “Does he want me to...stay away?”

“No,” Haru said quickly. “He just said we should be careful in public.”

Makoto felt his knees weaken with relief. “Thank goodness. That would have been so hard for me.”

“I wouldn't be able to stand it,” Haru murmured. “But Coach seems to understand me really well. He says that you are no trouble. We just need to be really careful.”

“It's okay,” Makoto said, feeling anxiety in his friend. “We were planning on that anyway. I'm sure no one saw us today, so I don't see why we couldn't have lunch like that again.”

Haru nodded, relaxing markedly. Makoto was touched that he meant so much to him. He would have to kiss him for that later. Instead, they went to their class. There was one of the bold girls in that lecture but Haru froze her with a hard glare as they sat together. After class, they left without interacting with her or anyone else.

On the way home, Haru led Makoto to a series of shops where they picked up groceries for a few days worth of meals that covered breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Haru knew just what to get. There was a variety of meats and veggies and fruit along with rice and potatoes. The thought of keeping house with Haru made Makoto happy. He realized that Haru was very happy as well. He smiled shyly a few times during the trip.

When Haru decided they had everything they needed that evening, they went to Makoto's apartment to drop off the groceries. Before Haru could go to his apartment to get more clothes and toiletries, Makoto cornered him against the door and kissed him. This kiss was intense and full of love. Haru moaned as he wrapped his arms around Makoto's neck and pulled him close. Haru was a nice fit in his arms, and that kiss was the best one yet. Makoto reluctantly ended it, so Haru could get his things and return. The gaze Haru gave him before he left made his heart thud hard. He prayed he could live up to the expression in that gaze.

While Haru was gone, Makoto straightened up the apartment and put away many things that had been sitting out. He rearranged his clothes so Haru would have room to put his things away. The cabinets weren't full in the kitchen. There was plenty of room for Haru's equipment. By the time he'd finished the chore, Haru was letting himself inside. He had a lot with him, so Makoto moved to help him with the bags and boxes. They put away the things together. Then, Haru dictated orders through the food prep. Makoto had helped his mom often enough. He knew how to chop vegetables. Thus, he worked on the onions, ginger, and garlic while Haru washed the rice and put it in the cooker, then cut the salmon into individual fillets. He also made dashi for miso soup.

In no time, Haru was plating a supper of Teriyaki salmon, rice, quick pickled cucumbers and miso soup. They sat at the low table in the living room and enjoyed the meal in relative silence. Makoto felt that Haru wanted to say something. He noticed him glancing over at him between bites.

“Would you like to do some research?” Makoto asked.

“I don't want to be pushy,” Haru replied, blushing. “I thought you'd want to work on your assignments.”

“I'll do a lot during your practice tomorrow,” Makoto said with a smile. “Besides, I want to know.”

“Let's finish eating,” Haru said.

Makoto nodded. He sensed that Haru didn't want anything to stop them from acting on the research if they were moved to do so. He felt the exact same way. They enjoyed the meal while discussing the last class of the day. Afterward, Makoto washed dishes while Haru made salmon onigiri from the leftover salmon and rice mixed with spices and herbs. He murmured about making quick pickeled cucumbers and a tamagoyaki – rolled omelet – in the morning. Only when that bento was put away did they pull out the futon and make it up for the night. Then, they fired up the laptop and started their search for information.

“Try gay porn,” Haru said. 

He shrugged when Makoto gave him a sideways look. Though they were looking up gay sex acts, somehow Makoto hadn't gotten to the point of thinking they were gay. It was certain that he was – he'd never had anything like the attraction he felt for Haru with any girl. He just hadn't thought of himself that way. Haru, on the other hand, was already there.

“Right,” Makoto said as the search window popped up.

Thousands of choices popped up on the search engine. Haru guided the mouse to videos before Makoto could ask. He wasn't surprised. The easiest way for them to learn was to see how the acts were done. They were half reclined on the futon. Haru moved a little, so that he could lean his back against Makoto's chest, making it easy for Makoto to rest his chin on Haru's shoulder. Once again, Haru surprised him. Makoto had fretted that perhaps his feelings were one sided, and it would be difficult to get to touch Haru as much as he wanted. This was hardly the case. His beloved friend remained firmly in Makoto's space, touching Makoto frequently. He seemed to require that reassuring touch as much as Makoto did.

The first videos they found were not only less than helpful, they were alarming in their roughness. There was no affection between the men on the screen. It was an animal act that wasn't arousing in the least.

“It's so...rough,” Haru murmured.

“I couldn't do that to you,” Makoto said firmly. “I could never touch you with aggression.”

Haru went back to the search page while Makoto licked the reddened top of his right ear, provoking a smile. For the next search, Haru added the word romantic to the keywords. Makoto read the description to the first one. It mentioned making out and going down on each other. That one sounded like something they could handle.

This video was very different. The couple was close to Makoto and Haru's ages. It was intensely romantic. They kissed across the room while pulling at each other's clothes. It was as if they couldn't bear to let go of each other long enough even to undress. Makoto realized they were afraid of being interrupted. That made them hasty. Interruptions were something they didn't have to worry about.

Makoto lost his train of thought when the pair on screen lost all of their clothes. The taller man pinned down his partner at that point to explore his tautly muscled body with an enthusiastic tongue. It was an amazingly hot thing to watch. Haru began clutching Makoto's hand to his chest. Meanwhile, Makoto was fighting urges to pin Haru to the bed and strip him naked. He had long had the desire to lick his nipples to his navel. The video soon gave him a new destination to think about.

The man on top tongued his way down his partner until he reached that rigid erection. All the while, the man on the bottom was moaning and crying out his lover's name. His voice was steeped in pleasure. That voice was really getting to Makoto.

“Haru,” Makoto murmured against his warm temple.

Haru turned to look at his friend. It was an expression Makoto had never seen before. Haru looked like he was hungry somehow. Instinct took over. Makoto gently eased Haru back flat onto the futon. While they kissed heatedly, Makoto pushed Haru's shirt up to thumb his nipples. The response was incredible. Haru arched his back suddenly, almost throwing Makoto off the bed. He was forced to hold his friend down. Somehow, that made Haru's reaction more intense. He then kissed Haru to calm him a little and to slow down himself.

When he pulled out of the kiss, Haru was more serene, but he was still hungry looking.


The way Haru sounded was enough to make him incredibly hard. He stilled Haru's movements after
pulling off his clothes. That time, he held Haru down with determination as he set upon the warm smooth skin along that muscular torso with his lips, tongue and teeth. For the first time, he was focused only on what his desire told him to do. Still, he was careful to listen for any sign that Haru was uncomfortable with his actions.

Haru's nipples were hard...and tasty somehow. Makoto could easily become obsessed with licking them. The low moan coming out of his...lover was incredible. That was another word that hadn't occurred to him until just then. He liked that word very much. He also liked the way Haru's cute little belly button tasted. As much as Makoto was blown away by every aspect of that experience, he also knew Haru well enough to guess when he was getting impatient. There was probably no way Makoto could ever explore Haru as much as he wanted to unless the guy was sound asleep. In this instance, he didn't mind moving on. Makoto wanted to make Haru cum the way he saw it happen in the video.

Keeping in mind how he attacked a frozen popsicle, Makoto licked Haru from his cute little balls and up his adorable erection and then took the whole thing in his mouth to the root. Haru moaned loudly, but Makoto's weight kept him from moving. He couldn't say his technique was great, but it seemed like Haru stiffened beneath him fairly quickly. He knew what was coming and didn't pull his mouth away. The way the guy on the video swallowed all his partner gave. Haru tasted salty and bitter – delicious. But the most amazing part was the expression on that already beautiful face. He had a small smile on his face, but his eyes were so full of happiness. Makoto was overjoyed to be the cause of that expression.

“My turn,” Haru murmured.

The next thing Makoto knew, he was on his back with Haru holding him down. There was no exploration. He felt Haru pull his pants down and scent him.  Then, there was just a little licking of his erection before the unbelievably amazing sensation of heat and suction. It was unclear to Makoto whether that feeling was 500 times better than his hand because of the heat or that it was Haru sucking him. And then, he was coming.

“You're loud,” Haru said as he leaned over Makoto. There was amusement in his tone.

“Did I disturb the neighbors?” Makoto worried.

“You're not that loud,” Haru said before kissing him. It was an intense, possessive kiss that Makoto reveled in.

When the kiss gently ended, Makoto was tired. He was relieved that Haru just wanted to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Haru settled in his arms without hesitation.

“Do you have to go to the library to study?”

“No, I have everything I need for my lessons,” Makoto replied with a yawn.

“Good. I want you to stay during practice...bring your gear, too.”

“Of course, Haru.”

Makoto smiled as he held Haru. He couldn't imagine things being better than they were, and yet they still hadn't gone all the way. How could things get any better?

Haru's practice was routine until the afternoon session. He had bento with Makoto in the bleachers while they worked on the work from the class they shared. Everything was as it had been since the start of the semester. Thus, Makoto was very surprised when coach beckoned him to join them for the afternoon session of the practice. Haru's only reaction was to help him pack up his books and tablet.

He took the locker next to Haru's as his lover tended to stay in a relatively unoccupied section of the locker room. Makoto showered down then pulled on his jammers. He was still unsure of what to make of it all, but Haru was all for the development. They slid into the water and began to do warm up laps. Haru's pace was faster than his norm for a warm up, but Makoto easily kept pace. Most of the team didn't seem to mind the odd development. After they were really loose, the pair got out of the way of the rest of the team. Yuu Nakamura.One of the backstroke swimmers was eyeing Makoto harder than usual between laps. As he finished his warm-up, he finally spoke.

“What is he doing here during practice?” Yuu demanded of Haru.

“Coach told him to suit up. Ask him.”

“What is with the love affair with his guy? He doesn't deserve to be in the water with you.”

“He does more than you do,” Haru retorted in that mild voice of his.

Makoto knew that he was furious. But before he could say anything to calm things down, Haru looked at him.

“Show him, Makoto,” he said. There was a lot in his tone that Makoto hadn't heard before. Along with that, there was unwavering faith in his gaze. Makoto nodded. There was no way he would say no.

“Let's swim, Nakamura,” he said quietly.

Haru was crouched on the deck in front of Makoto as he got into position.

“You are far stronger than he is and his turns are soft,” Haru said. “You can beat him without strain even now. Do your best time. Make the lesson clear.”

“I will," Makoto said. He found he was tired of anything trying to get between him and Haru.

When he heard the word GO, he took off with the same power and grace he'd shown in the nationals. Nakamura was nowhere near him when he made the turn. He beat him easily by half the pool's length.

When Haru pulled him out of the pool, Coach was standing next to him with a stopwatch in hand. He was prepared for banishment from the pool, but the man was smiling.

“And you nearly beat the team's record for the backstroke without having practiced for months,” he said. “I was hoping you'd miss the pool before now.”

“Sir?” Makoto asked.

“Seijuro Mikoshiba told me about your times during the regionals,” the coach explained. “And Nanase confirmed that you lead a coach-less team to 6th place in there. I can't stand by and allow you squander that talent.”


“You can still complete your degree and internships,” Coach smiled. “You'll need a career after swimming as we all do. It'll be rough scheduling around your coursework this semester, but I'm sure you're more than up for it.”

Makoto looked at Haru then chuckled.

“Yes, Coach,” he said finally.

“Let's get to work, then,” Coach said. “We can fill out the paperwork later.”

Makoto spent the afternoon being put through his paces with the rest of his team. Nakamura was glad to be thanked by Haru and Makoto, but the way he was beaten still stung him a bit. He kept his distance through the rest of the practice. Neither man minded in the least. They had each other and swimming. That was enough.

“I need to catch up on my coursework tomorrow,” Makoto said as they headed home that evening. “I'm too tired to think tonight.”

“We have off tomorrow,” Haru said with a shrug. “We don't even have to shop.”

Makoto nodded.

“Stop worrying,” Haru said confidently. “You always had great grades while juggling swimming and part-time jobs. And if I gave up my place, neither of us will have to get work.”

Makoto smiled brightly. He hadn't wanted to push Haru into that kind of move, but it would make life easier financially. It also wouldn't be bad to have him as close as possible.

“My parents thought we should stay together, you know,” Makoto said with a smile. “They knew we'd be in each other's places all the time anyway.”

“Hmmm...yeah, same here,” Haru said. “I wasn't sure you'd want to. Do you think they knew we'd end up together?”

“Maybe our Moms,” Makoto said. “Mine never pushed me toward any girls. She was so glad when you chose to go to school with me.”

“ Mom was glad, too. They probably know,” he smiled. “But that's good, right?”

“Yes, it is,” Makoto said. “I never want us to hide around our family or friends.”

Haru agreed with a very sweet smile.

Further research and practice were tabled for the evening. After supper, Haru had his weekly Skype call to Rin, and Makoto felt he needed to work on his coursework while they talked. He had expected to be across the apartment out of the camera's view. Haru had other ideas.

“Stay where you usually study,” he said simply. “I don't think Rin will mind.”

“No, I suppose not,” Makoto smiled.

Before they did anything, Haru sought his embrace. Makoto pulled him close then kissed him. They'd missed each other though they were never parted. As he held Haru, Makoto realized all he had gained in joining the team.

“I can stay with you during away metes,” he murmured between kisses.

“You were going to anyway, but now you won't have to pay your own way,” Haru laughed softly.

“Thank you, Haru, for pushing when I needed it.”

“It wasn't just me who knew you needed to swim,” He said, sighing as Makoto kissed his neck. “But I'm glad you listened.”

Makoto had to gently end the kissing or they would soon be in bed. Haru nodded then reached for his apron. They had a pleasant meal before settling down for homework and Haru's call. The kitchen cleanup would wait for later. Both young men knew they'd want more food before bed. Swimming made them ravenous.

While Haru set up his laptop, Makoto sat down at the same table and spread out his books. He was engrossed in fleshing out the outline to his homework answers, so Makoto hadn't realized that Haru had started the Skype call. At least, he didn't notice until his name was mentioned.

“What did you say?” He heard Rin ask.

“I said I'm not at my apartment. I'm in Makoto's,” He replied.

“Hi, Makoto! What, are you guys studying?”

"Hey, Rin," Makoto said.

“Yeah, we will be. But I've also moved in here,” Haru said. “Now that Makoto's on the team, he won't have time for a job.”

“Oi! He's finally joined the team?” Rin exclaimed. Makoto smiled at his tone. “That's great.”

“Yeah,” Haru murmured.

“ guys are doing it!” Rin laughed loudly. “I knew that would happen.”

“What are you talking about?” Haru demanded.

“I knew as soon as you two got together, you wouldn't stand for anything keeping him out of your sight,” Rin chuckled. “Makoto, he was pining for you the whole time we were in Sydney.”

“Idiot,” Haru muttered. “I was not.”

“It's okay, Haru,” Makoto said with a smile. “I was having a lot of trouble with you gone.”

Haru's growing annoyance was immediately blunted. He smiled sweetly at Makoto.

“Hey! Stop that,” Rin muttered. “I'm glad I'm thousands of kilometers away. I couldn't stand the cute.”

“Shut up, Rin. Where's Yamazaki?” Haru retorted.

“He'll be here in a couple of weeks,” Rin replied more quietly. “He's going to be evaluated by the Sports Medicine Center here. My coach got him the appointment.”

“Good,” Haru said. “It'll be good for you to see him.”

“Yeah,” Rin replied. He sounded wistful.

“Now, who's being sweet?”

“Shut up, Haru. Makoto, make sure you train hard. We have to be on that Olympic squad together,” Rin said. “Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Rin,” Makoto said.

“Haru, you have no more reasons to sulk. Smile now and then,” Rin said. “I gotta go. Goodnight!“

“Goodnight, Rin.”

“Were you sulking?” Makoto asked.

“I don't know what to call it,” Haru replied quietly. “I didn't like those girls being all over you. I wanted you on the team...I wanted...”

Makoto smiled at him. “I guess, I was sulking, too.”

That night and the next day, they caught up on their homework, did their laundry and made bento for Monday. They sucked each other off both nights. It couldn't be helped, Makoto decided. He agreed with Haru that he needed it. He had to find a balance between classes, homework, and training that he hadn't planned on doing. What's more, Nagisa and Rei were coming for a visit soon. He wanted Haru in any way he could have him until he had to share him with their friends. And judging from the way Haru let Makoto get no further than arm's length that whole weekend, the feeling was mutual.

Part 3 Coming Soon!

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Gorgeous diplomat Carson thought his lusts finally led him to ruin. The obsession with Eli, a well connected intern, doomed him to exile on a planet many light years away from his luxurious home. He was to be the first humanoid Emissary on a strange far flung world. Instead of a deary outpost, Carson found a paradise where he was world famous, and his every whim was to be satisfied. However, all was not as it appeared. The sophisticated android tasked to service him looked and sounded like the delectable Eli, but he was the one bending Carson over his own desk and everything else instead of the other way around! Correcting those overly sensitive aliens could ruin his position. Carson was unsure if he was caught in a hell of his own making or if he was on the best ride of his life!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

When a Sex-Crazed Seme's Sexbot is Programmed as a Sex-Crazed Seme!

The Emissary  (available here: began as a much darker story. I wanted to make a harsh commentary on non-con in Yaoi when I was asked to arite something for a hard core sexually oriented sci-fi fiction quarterly, Full Metal Orgasm. Our Seme, Carson, who is later called Emissary, was a selfish monster who lacked empathy for the suffering of others. When his desires are read by the computer in his stasis chamber while en route to his new assignment, a glitch occurs that reverses his sexual role. Thus, his hosts fashion an assistant who looks like Eli, the intern who reported his sexual abuse, but he is programmed with Carson's desires and sex drive. Carson is thus doomed to be abused as he abused. He cannot point out the error to the host government. They are a hyper sensitive alien race that would take the information as an insult. The android assistant has super human strength and programmed to not take no for an answer. It was a fitting Night Gallery style sentence for a monster. The story reflected my views on non-con, and everyone that read it was very uncomfortable.

However, when the magazine got delayed, I decided to publish the story on its own. However, I found that I couldn't publish that story in the wake of my super sexy and loving short, The Companion. I worried that readers would think that the brutality Carson endured in that version of the story was just more sexy fun from DL Warner. So, I needed to redeem Carson somehow. I first emphasized the parallels between him and Eli. But where Eli was raised with love and support, Carson was left to a series of nannies to raise. I also established that Carson was interested in Eli as more than a fling. He admired Eli's mind as well as wanted his body. But Carson also has a pathological fear of rejection. He is possessive and jealous because of that fear. His past relationships always dissolved in to a complete mess. He and Eli as a couple were doomed no matter what he did, so he took the opportunity to object to intimate acts away.

Thus, the android, Chiral (a term for a molecule that looks identical to another molecule but has different properties), has Carson's admiration and romantic attraction to Eli in his programming along with his near rampant lusts. He is also calibrated not to harm Carson during their interactions. Meanwhile, even though Carson is a Seme, he is an orgasm addict. Chiral is extremely talented at making sure Carson has many of them in a day. And this new Carson has the ability to change his ways.

The story comes out sexually edgy and darkly funny (or I really hope it does). The Hubs actually laughed out loud when he was formatting it. That was a great sign. Carson was very difficult to write as he is not at all a sympathetic character initially. However, it was great to stretch as a writer. I was pleased that I found a way that should make the reader care about him. Hopefully, my readers will agree.

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