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A Vampire Rent Boy -- Halloween Magic

 Vampire Rent Boy – Halloween Magic

by DL Warner ©2015

Dakun as Tristan
Tristan always enjoyed Halloween. But then, he always enjoyed holidays. Despite the peril he faced at the Ball of Infamy, the beautiful vampire simply loved parties. He especially reveled in being with his friends all dressed up for the occasion. Tristan could be himself in public on that night. That meant a real Victorian tuxedo. It wasn't quite from his era, but he liked the fit better. And of course, Tristan would be letting his fangs show. He was beyond excited laying out his outfit.
There was a difference in his routine from past Halloweens. Tristan had to wear makeup to give his skin what used to be his normal pallor. It took foundation and powder to give him the deathly pale look he used to have all the time. That was fine because it gave Tristan an excuse to put a bit of red stain on his lips and a thin line of eyeliner to give him a more refined look. By the time he put on all the pieces of the tuxedo, the doorbell was ringing.
Adam was at the door. He was also dressed in a tuxedo of that period. He wore makeup that made him look like the creature from Young Frankenstein. He even had bolts on his neck. Tristan giggled at him which made Adam smile.
“Are you going to sing?” Tristan asked.
“Now, that would be a horror show,” he chuckled. “You look amazing! Can I kiss you?”
“Please!” Tristan exclaimed.
Adam looped an arm around his waist and pulled him close. The kiss was toe curling hot. Tristan had to lean against him afterward to regain his composure.
“Are you sure you want to go out?” Adam murmured.
“You don't make it easy,” Tristan admitted. “But I promised everyone.”
Adam rested his forehead against Tristan's with a sigh.
“Very well. As long as I get to have you in that tux, I'll be happy,” he murmured.
Tristan giggled again.
“Of course!”
“Where is your greatcoat, good sir?”
“On the back of the sofa,” Tristan replied.
Adam almost reverently helped him into the beautifully tailored coat. He stepped back and smiled as Tristan pulled on the impeccable white gloves.
“You look almost exactly the same as that night in the garden,” Adam murmured with a warm smile. He produced a single red rose that he snipped then pinned into the button hole.
“Thank you,” Tristan smiled.
There was a beautiful Rolls Royce waiting for them at the end of the driveway with a chauffeur in a formal uniform.
“Wow,” Tristan said.
“I tried to get a horse drawn carriage to be authentic, but they didn't want their animals out on Halloween,” Adam explained as he helped Tristan into the car.
“That was a really bad night, but it only happened once!” Tristan blurted out.
“Riiight,” Adam replied. “In we go.”
They held hands as the ride got under way.
“Are you expecting any strange…visitors tonight?” Adam asked quietly during the ride to Muttley's.
“Everyone not…from around here is really busy tonight,” Tristan replied. “They all love being free to roam about.”
“That's good. I have all I can handle with the regular nuts in Muttley's,” Adam quipped with a grin.
Tristan traced his dimples with a gloved finger. Adam kissed it, making him laugh.
“You are so handsome in a tux,” Tristan said softly. “And out of the tux, too.”
Adam chuckled before kissing the back of Tristan's gloved hand.
Soon, the car was pulling in front of the bar. Of course, all the denizens of the night stopped at the sight of such a fancy vehicle in front of a dive like Muttley's. They all went about their business when Adam's imposing physique emerged from the back. Tristan alighted from the car with a smile and a light, graceful step. Adam bowed to him before taking his arm to sweep inside.
Muttley's was crowded with all sorts of people in costumes of all types and levels of effort. Tristan couldn't see the booth because of the mob of dancing bodies, but his friends in the booth spotted Adam's head from across the room.
“Trissy…Adam!” Kevin's voice floated to them. “Over here!”
Adam wrapped an arm around Tristan's waist, then guided him through the flying limbs and undulating hips until they reached his usual booth.
“Hey guys!” Tristan exclaimed. “You look amazing.”
“Says the guy who looks like something out of a romance novel,” Kevin muttered.
“Adam looks like my favorite Frankenstein monster,” Tiffany said with a bright smile.
“Thank you,” Adam said with a bow. “He's my favorite as well. And you make a lovely witch. Keiko, you are a beautiful doll. And Kevin, you are…an extravagant Vegas showgirl?”
“A transvestite showgirl,” Kevin corrected.
“That explains the whiskers,” Keiko said. “I thought you just got lazy.”
“I did,” Kevin quipped. “I have to shave twice a day when I work. I thought I'd give it a rest today.”
“Where did you find all those feathers?” Tristan asked Kevin as they scooted over for them.
“The usual place,”
“Ah,” Tristan replied.
“Usual place?” Adam asked
“It's a long story,” Tristan said with a frown.
“No worries. I don't need to know,” Adam said. “It's quite fetching. Let me try to get us some drinks.”
“Thanks, doll,” Kevin said. “Getting to that bar is brutal. Brecht won't ignore you.”
“I'll get pitchers of everything,” Adam assured him.
“Tiffany, you look so nice. That looks like an outfit from my time,” Tristan said.
“It is,” Tiffany replied. “I had a trunk of stuff from the Coven of Three. There was even a hat. They never let me wear any of the official stuff.”
“It's way better than those sexy witch costumes,” Keiko said. “You look hotter than any of those skanks on the dance floor.”
“Is that anyway for a doll to speak?” Kevin asked. “Think of the children!”
“Will you have a few more martinis before I stuff those feathers…”
“Keiko!” Tristan said, cutting her off. “You look so cute with the pigtails and freckles. Do you have a wind-up key?”
Keiko smacked her forehead with her hand.
“Wind-up key!” Keiko exclaimed. “I should have thought of that.”
One of the dancers bumped Tristan's elbow.
“Why is it so crowded here?” Tristan asked. “It wasn't like this last year.”
“Fucking hipsters,” Kevin muttered. “Some free newspaper deemed Muttley's an 'ironic' place to get hammered.”
“How can a tavern be ironic?” Tristan asked in confusion.
“Beats the hell out of me,” Kevin replied.
“What is with this invasion of douche bags?” a familiar voice muttered loudly. “One side, freaks.”
“Were you planning on a three-way?” Kevin asked looking toward the crowd.
“No,” Tristan replied.
“Well, things are about to get awkward,” Kevin said.
“Hello, beautiful,” Frank said. “Don't you look fancy.”
Tristan and the rest of the booth looked up, and their jaws dropped. Detective Frank McNulty was dressed as Dracula, completed with a widow's peak and cape.
“Hi, Frank,” Tristan said as he stood. “I didn't know you were coming.”
“I just wanted to say hi,” he replied with a smile. “I'm on the job. I'm meeting a snitch here and didn't want to stick out. Hello, Witchipoo, dollface, and showgirl.”
“Hello, yourself. Yeah, you really blend,” Kevin said dryly.
“You guys really went all out. What’s Klaus?”
“An asshole,” Keiko replied with a sweet smile.
“Do you want to sit down?” Tristan asked.
“No, I have to mingle to keep an eye out for my guy,” Frank replied. Then, he looked at Tristan levelly. “And I know you aren't alone.”
“Don't sweat it, beautiful. I don't expect you to sit at home waiting for me to come up for air,” Frank said with his lopsided smile. “By the way, what is your costume?”
“I'm a vampire, too,” Tristan smiled, baring his fangs.
“Whoa, those are amazing. How come you don't talk with a lisp?” Frank asked. “I had to ditch my fangs.”
“I've had them a long time,” Tristan replied. “So, I'm used to talking with them.”
“Make sense. Gotta go. Text me about next week,” Frank said as he hid half his face behind his cape. “Maybe I can come by for…a bite. Muahahaha!”
He moved off into the crowd. Tristan gaped after him.
“Was that racist?” Keiko asked ruefully.
Adam was back by then. He had two pitchers in each hand. One had martinis; one had the beer. One had ice, and a small one was filled with liquor. Adam set them down.
“I have to get the glasses and the garnish,” Adam said. “Did I see that detective?”
“Yes, he's working as Dracula tonight,” Tristan said.
“Riiight,” Adam said with raised brows. “Tristan, Brecht wants a quick word.”
“Oh, okay. Excuse me, guys,” Tristan said.
Adam cleared a route for Tristan to reach the bar. He went back to the table with the rest of the stuff for cocktails.
“Hi, Brecht,” Tristan said, leaning over the bar. “You wanted to speak to me?”
“Yes! Can you make me a few of pitchers of Absinthe cocktails?” He asked.
“Um, they usually don't come in pitchers, but I guess so,” Tristan replied.
He popped under the bar to the back. Brecht cleared some space on the prep counter.
“What are you? A penguin?” Someone asked.
“No, I'm a vampire,” Tristan smiled.
“Wow, those are amazing,” someone else said. “Are you Louie?”
“No, I'm Tristan,” he replied. “Brecht, I need something to put the sugar cubes in, so I can pour the water.”
“How about a strainer?” Brecht suggested.
Tristan was able to secure it over the mouth of the pitcher. He nodded.
“That works,” He said, filling the strainer with a pile of sugar cubes.
Tristan filled the pitcher a third of the way up, avoiding the sugar cubes. Then, he slowly poured the cool water over the sugar cubes, watching the liquid turn from a dark green to a beautiful jade. The patrons grew silent watching the color dance in each pitcher.
“Is that the stuff that made Van Gogh crazy?”
“I don't know. We never met” Tristan replied. “This only makes people drunk.”
“Do you sparkle?”
“Why do people keep asking me that?”
“You don't seem to be having a good time, dear boy,” A very deep voice said from the corner of the bar.
Tristan was finishing the last pitcher. He turned to see who was talking. There stood Morty, the Death Lord, in all his macabre glory.
“Dude, how do you have a real skull face with those huuuuuuge horns?” a drunk young man dressed as a football player slurred. “That costume is awwwwwsssooooommmme!”
“Thank you. I’ve been working on it forever,” Morty said.
“Totally nailed Death. Catch you later. I gotta piss like bad.”
“See you soon,” Morty said cordially.
“Morty!” Tristan exclaimed. “Not here.”
“What? It's business,” he replied. “I have a schedule to follow. But enough of that. I came to lure you to the most insanely fun party. You look divine. You should be in company that appreciates you.”
“He is,” Adam said as he pushed to that part of the bar. “There’s me for one, and his friends for another.”
“How whimsical,” Morty said. “That's my favorite Frankenstein creature.”
“I really appreciate you stopping by, but I never get to be with my friends the way we all really are,” Tristan said. “And I want to dance with Adam while I look like I did when he first saw me. But it's too crowded here.”
“Never let it be said that I don't appreciate romance,” Morty said. “It brings me most of my customers, and I've always wanted to be Fairy Godmother. She gets all the good press.”
Morty snapped his fingers. Everyone in the room who was not otherworldly or in the booth went still.
“Okay, you crazy kids,” Morty said. “Enjoy the dance, but remember that the spell goes away at midnight.”
Tristan leaned over the bar to hug the death lord. “Morty, you’re the best!”
“I know, dear boy, I know.”
He was gone in a cloud of red smoke.
“Oooh, open bar!” Kevin squealed as he jumped up.
“Let's clear the dance floor,” Keiko said.
“Come on, Tristan,” Adam said. “I think we should put your detective somewhere safe.”
“Right. Thank you.”
“I want your full attention,” Adam smiled.
Tristan kissed him on the cheek.
“You're still sweet.”
A quick scan of the bar found Frank in the corridor near the restrooms. Adam easily lifted him, and Tristan guided the way to the private locker room.
“He can get out by just turning the knob,” Tristan said. “But only we can get in with the combination.”
“Good,” Adam said. “Now, let's go dance.”
Tristan took Adam's outstretched hand with a bright smile. Klaus exited his office as Tristan and Adam passed by.
“Why is it so quiet out here?” Klaus demanded.
“Morty froze everyone for a few hours,” Tristan said tentatively.
“Time to fleece the free range hipsters!” Klaus cackled with glee.
When they reached the dance floor, they found Keiko, Kevin and Tiffany stacking guests in a corner.
“Oooh, Jenga!” Klaus shouted then laughed maniacally as he hurried across the room.
“Klaus really scares me when he's happy,” Tristan said.
“I can't blame you,” Adam murmured.
He pulled Tristan to the jukebox where he paid for the maximum number of choices. They quickly picked their songs. Then, Adam swept Tristan onto the dance floor. The tall man smiled at him.
“It's not a moonlit garden,” he murmured.
“I don't mind. You're here,” Tristan smiled. “Everyone I care about is here.”
For almost two magical hours, Tristan danced with Adam. Sometimes, they kissed. Often, they laughed as the rest of the group worked on the human Jenga pile. Toward the end of their time, Klaus was balanced on Kevin's shoulders adjusting the last that could be easily piled. The human tower nearly reached the ceiling. The rest of the guests were in smaller piles. The patrons in the booths and at the bar were left in place.
“I'm surprised you don't want to take some photos,” Adam murmured against Tristan's temple.
“That is really funny,” Tristan admitted looking over at the game. “But I don't want the photos to get anyone in trouble. I want this to be a happy memory.”
“I understand,” Adam said quietly. “We've come a long way from naughty sketches or paintings as the only record of indiscretions. Do you want to give your friends a lift when we make our escape?”
“Are you sure?”
“I'm sure you'll worry about them getting home,” Adam chuckled.
“You're too nice to me,” Tristan sighed.
“I'm just making up for centuries of not getting to be nice to you,” Adam said. “I'm happy when you are smiling.”
“You really are a prince charming!”
They danced until the last song was done. Adam kissed Tristan gently and briefly as it ended.
“That was nice,” Tristan smiled.
“It was magical,” Adam agreed. “Now, we have to get the hell out of here.”
Tristan went to the booth to grab their coats while Adam plucked Klaus from Kevin's shoulders.
“Okay, let's get our things and go wait out front,” Adam said as he pulled out the phone. “We're going to take you all home. That includes you, Klaus.”
“I'm not leaving,” Klaus said. “That till has several grand in it!”
“I hate saying this, but you won't be safe when the fists start flying,” Keiko muttered.
“I'll lock myself in the locker room until the cops arrive,” Klaus said. “I'll call them right before I lock the door.”
“Frank is in the locker room,” Tristan fretted.
“An official witness! Perfect,” Klaus grinned. “You guys scram.”
“Let's go,” Adam said firmly. “We've got five minutes.”
Adam's tone caused a scramble of feathers, ruffles and a witch's hat that ended in the Rolls Royce. Kevin grabbed the pitcher of Absinthe cocktails and glasses just before leaving. He and Tiffany were really hammered by the time Keiko bundled them out of the car toward her apartment.
“Best Hal-lo-fucking-ween ever!” Kevin declared loudly while trying to keep his headpiece straight.
“Get inside, you lush!” Keiko hissed. “Thanks, Adam!”
Adam chuckled softly as he pulled Tristan close to hold him all the way home.

The story was the lead on the eleven o'clock news which was quite a feat on Halloween in the tri-state area. Tristan was in bed with Adam as they watched. It became clear pretty quickly that making love in tuxedos would not work very well without ripping them. Thus, there was a trail of formal finery that began at the front door and ended at the foot of the bed. Tristan was still wearing the shirt and tie as he rode Adam toward completion. Adam had laughed that that was the most formal sex he'd ever had. Tristan was amazed that Adam had managed to make everything he did seem new and magical despite all the years he'd been alive.
They were both worried when they say the word riot on the TV screen. However, they soon learned that the fight inside Muttley’s had not lasted very long. It spilled onto the streets of downtown Hoboken just a few minutes after midnight. The reporters on the scene said there had been an undercover cop in the crowd who chased the combatants out with the help of the owner almost immediately after the fight began.
“Neither the owner of Muttley's nor law enforcement officials had any comment on why an undercover officer was present. Witnesses said the fight started when several bar patrons accused others of picking their pockets while the crowd was piled on top of each other,” the anchorman said. “The fight was quickly dispersed upon the arrival of several police units though the crowds milled about for long afterward enjoying the excitement. Muttley's actually went back to its business after the dust settled.”
“Klaus has some wild dumb luck,” Adam murmured.
“Klaus said it was worth the investment.”
“Riiight,” Adam replied.
“I'm glad Muttley's is okay,” Tristan said.
“Did you have a good time?”
“It was the best Halloween ever,” Tristan said before straddling Adam again. “Let's keep the celebration going until dawn.”


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