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In Praise of Headstrong Ukes

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I never understood how a shy, timid Uke could attract the attention of a powerful and arrogant Seme. With all that blushing and shrinking away, how do they seem in the least bit interesting, no matter how beautiful they are. I like Uke's that are hot tempered and headstrong. Blushing is lovely, but it should be followed up with a heated, frowny glare and  possibly screaming. In rare cases, a bar fight is good, too. [Spoiler  Alert for two anime] For example, in Junjou Romantica, Usami Akihiko,
would not have been interested in a shrinking, demur Misaki. Usami”s attention was attracted when Misaki went off on him with great fury and indignation. Those flares of temper were a hallmark of their relationship. In fact, Usami's father didn't understand how the relationship could exist at all until he saw that Misaki was capable of and very willing to shout at his son. I could never see Misaki topping Usami, but there is a balance of power between the two. It makes for delightful chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Likewise, in Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Ranmaru is far from a blushing and shy Uke. The foreplay his and Alberto's first time in bed is a bar fight where they are heavily outnumbered. Alberto is very protective of the beautiful Ranmaru, but the man is almost as good at getting out of trouble as he is getting into it. I love that when Alberto arrives to rescue his Uke from kidnappers, Ranmaru had almost made it out on his own. And even as the pair fly off into the sunset, Ranmaru promises that there will be problems of his making along the way. Alberto can't wait. The Semes in these titles are as attracted to their Ukes as much for their fire as they are for their beauty.

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When I write yaoi, I first focus on what the character traits are that would bring a couple together beyond their looks. In Ensnared, Andreas noticed Darius first for his looks, but what initially piqued his interest was the incredible sensuality in the way Darius did things like eat. Despite a reputation for a viscous temper, Andreas playfully provoked Darius and teased him publicly more than once. Instead of responding in anger at what could be considered an affront to his dignity, Darius became intrigued at the man's cheekiness and bravery. As they become more deeply connected, Darius grows to adore Andreas for his sense of humor and willingness to tease him. Additionally, Darius had respected Andreas for his reputation as a tough underworld Crew Leader. Part of the attraction of acquiring him as a submissive lover is getting such a strong willed beauty to yield completely to his desires. And Darius expects Andreas to remain the same strong willed Leader in his own circle, because he enjoys seducing him into surrender each time they make love.

The most unique pairing I've written in the yaoi genre is Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven from the Soldier's novels (A Soldier's Choice and A Soldier's Fate and the upcoming A Soldier's Destiny). While Rik can easily be considered the Seme in the relationship (he is the superior officer and older of the pair), the pair switches of on who is on top in bed or on the sofa or even the kitchen table. Rik is very much the typical Seme. He is arrogant and can be very cold and aloof. On the battlefield or even just training soldiers, Rik's reputation is entirely justified. Meanwhile, Vincent has the well-earned reputation of being one of the most volatile genetically Altered the US military ever produced. His nickname Hardcase though Rik often thought it should be Collateral Damage. He is extremely strong willed – sometimes to his own detriment. Yet despite what everyone perceives to be a hostility toward his commanding officer, Vincent is madly in love Rik. For his part, Rik is oblivious until it's too late to do anything about it. When they are given a second shot at a life together, Rik seizes the opportunity despite knowing that Vincent will continue being the volatile, headstrong soldier he trained. Behind closed doors, both men are fragile and deeply battle scarred emotionally. That is why switching off dominance in bed works. Sometimes, Vincent needs to be submissive and just feel what is happening. Sometimes Rik does, too, though he is surprised that this is the case.

So, gentle readers, you can trust that though my Ukes are occasionally unpredictable, they will always be headstrong and amusing especially to their Semes.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cook Like A Uke

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From Octopi wiiners to Tonjiru to Christmas cake, learn to make the foods your favorite Semes love! Or submit ideas for the foods you'd like to learn to make (see the Cook Like a Uke link in the menu on the right side of this page for details).

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In Praise of Possessive Semes

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The excerpts below contain NO spoilers. They may be from volume one or two. You'll have to read them both to find out.

Just as the D/s relationship is complicated and can appear to be abusive to an outsider, so is the very possessive lover. I understand completely. After all, the behavior is often cited in applications for restraining orders – and rightly so. If someone demands to always know where you are, is jealous of any time you spend with anyone else – including your personal staff, and even wants your thoughts to be on no one but that someone, running away is the best advice. That is how to deal with an overly possessive lover in real life. But this is yaoi, and the lover in question is a tall and gorgeous. His magnetism is irresistible. There is nothing the uke wants more than to surrender to his Seme. For me, that is a key point on why this sort of relationship can work. The uke willingly allows himself to get into a relationship with a possessive Seme. The key is consent.

In Ensnared, along with being possibly the most arrogant man on the planet, Lord Darius Galatea is a possessive lover. When he meets Andreas Hesper, it is not enough to get the man in his bed, he wants to own his time to the exclusion of everyone else. This should be a problem for Andreas who is very popular in his own social circle and later in the one Darius travels in. Even the household staff at the Galatea Penthouse like spending time with him. He is a very social being, yet he consents to be owned by a man who may truly lock him away from everyone.In fact, he can't do anything else but submit to the power Darius has over him.

Mykos left shortly after that. Andreas wasn’t sure what was said when he left. His mind was in turmoil. And then, he was in a warm, strong embrace being held against a powerful body. The kiss was open mouthed, hot and hungry. Andreas groaned as he yielded to that kiss. His strength failed him. His body felt weightless until his back hit the mattress, knocking the breath from him.
"Don’t move,” Darius said. There was a growl in his normally lilting voice.
Andreas obeyed, watching Darius undress while he was frozen in place. The Cosi’s eyes were intense a his gaze roamed over Andreas.
“I should simply hold you through the night,” he murmured as he undressed. “I should gently comfort you until the bliss of sleep gives you peace. Alas, I find I cannot do that.”
Darius moved to the bed. It took everything in Andreas not to try to move away from that big, muscular figure looming over him.

“I cannot do those things,” Darius said softly. “I cannot comfort you while your mind is on another who wants you as I have you. I have to push any thought of him from your mind and heart. I must know that you are only thinking of me.”
Before Andreas could bristle at the arrogance of that statement, Darius was on him to rip his clothes away. And then those hands and that mouth were roaming over his body. The Cosi was ruthless in the way he worked Andreas to the point of coming. His cock was still throbbing and the pleasure was still coursing through him when Darius began opening him and slicking him to be taken. 
"You can’t even pretend to fight this, can you, Andreas?” Darius asked softly. “Your body knows that you are mine. Does your mind? Do I eclipse everything in your beautiful mind, sweet Dami?”
 Andreas moaned loudly as he was filled and taken and overwhelmed by Darius body, mind and will. Though he had just come, Darius soon brought him to the brink once more.
 “Darius!” Andreas cried out as he came with a blinding flash.
 Andreas felt like his limbs were made of lead and his mind was full of wet paper when Darius gently withdrew. He could barely open his eyes when Darius had him take a drink of cool water. As he was gathered up against his Cosi to sleep, Andreas realized that Darius had comforted him and eased his turmoil.

But there is more to Darius' possessiveness with Andreas aside from not wanting his lover's mind on anyone but him – though he really does want that. There are dangers for both men that stem first from their unusual relationship and then from Andreas' evolving social standing and the worries that is causing in some quarters. Powerful forces want to tear them apart and take Andreas from Darius' side. Mounting physical threats combined with those who share his attention push Darius to the limit at times.

Andreas was lost in thought for quite some time after that call. He hadn’t noticed the passage of time until Yannis approached him.
“Are you troubled, Andreas?” He asked.
“Not troubled, but I do have some things to sort out,” Andreas said.
“May I be of any assistance?”
“Maybe...I have a feeling that Darius will ask something of me that half of me has a problem with,” Andreas replied.
“A feeling?”
“Sometimes, when I get very close to someone, I can tell what they will do or how they are thinking,” Andreas replied with a shrug. “Like I know that you and Lexo really like me, but you also believe that I am important to Darius beyond making him happy.”
“You are,” Yannis said. “As he is important to bringing us all back under the rule of the ancient texts, you are very important to help him achieve that goal. And we do like you a great deal.”
“Thanks, I like you guys, too,” Andreas said. “I know that Darius will want us to stay here while the apartments are being renovated.  He didn’t make up his mind until he knew that I liked this place and felt okay being here. He thinks I won’t be safe at home.”
“It’s a prudent precaution,” Yannis said. “While the workman are there, it will be difficult to limit access to your living spaces. We will post guards to prevent theft, but that would also limit your privacy.”
“Darius hates that, but then, so do I,” Andreas admitted. “I don’t mind staying here for that. I’m worried that he will limit how much I am at the hotel office or at Club Zero without him. I can see him seriously thinking about locking me away.”
“Yes, I think you are likely correct,” Yannis said. “You must not permit that. You must be at his side in these things he must do to advise him.”
“If I go along with being here for the renovations, I can put my foot down about further restrictions?”
Andreas asked. “Would that work?”
“I think so. The issue with having obtrusive guards at home is your privacy,” Yannis said. “That is not the case when you are working or out socially. Odigos reports that you don’t mind his presence in the office with you or at the Club.”
“No, I don’t mind. I’d have five guys in that office, if that will make him happy,” Andreas muttered.
“Tell him that if he presses for more isolation,” Yannis said. “And tell him that you need to be free to help him. You have it in you to persuade him to relent.”
Andreas blushed profusely but somehow felt a lot better.

Though those that love Andreas fear for his freedom, Andreas does not. He is so hopelessly enthralled to Darius that refusing him anything he wants is simply impossible. If his lover really demanded it of him, Andreas would submit to being chained to his bed. However, Andreas doesn't believe it will come to that. He is willing to put up with anything Darius requires including personal security, an over protective household staff and rules about checking in and returning immediately to him when called. Though this submission rankles some of Andreas' Crew, Andreas doesn't see the restrictions as being oppressive. He really loves Darius and is willing to do anything to spare him pain or worry over his actions.

On the flip side, during his time with Darius, Andreas grows very possessive of him. Darius. Though he has a well deserved reputation for a vicious temper and has the power to have anyone on the planet executed, Darius is a beautiful man with a highly sensual nature. When Andreas first laid eyes on Darius, his looks and the way he ate his food drove him to act outrageously toward that very dangerous man just to get his attention. As they grow closer and more attached, Andreas sees that others want his lover. He is surprised to find that he has become possessive as well.

“Why are you so abashed, Andreas,” Darius asked over dinner. “You’ve been blushing like mad since we seated ourselves.”
“Does that mean I’m embarrassed?”
“I don’t know. Maybe it’s the noise and the...mess we made in the living room,” Andreas hissed.
“But you are my Dami,” Darius frowned. “Our men expect us couple vigorously.”
“That isn’t the point!”
“I think that is exactly the point.”
Andreas glowered at Darius through much of the main course. Gradually, his expression changed to a different yet still intent gaze. Darius became curious.
“What is troubling you, besides the mess that was in the living room?”
“I’m going crazy,” Andreas muttered. “You’ve made me crazy. I don’t want anyone seeing how you look when you eat. It shows too much of who you really are.”
Darius smiled at him kindly.
“Now, you know how I feel about anyone looking at you at all. Your eyes, your smile, the way you laugh are all compelling,” Darius said. “And you are far more approachable than I am.”
“I approached you.”
“Yes, but only you could have gotten away with that,” Darius said. “You are singular in exquisiteness to me. I will not permit anyone else that access.”
“I’ve never felt possessiveness before. It scares me and pisses me off,” Andreas said. “I won’t let anyone approach me. Even if I have to wear the collar and tag openly all the time. I don’t ever want to cause you a moment of pain.”

So even the Uke can be possessive of the right Seme. And that kind of intense relationship makes for many, many intense sex scenes.

Next time: Darius – suave, sophisticated and always horny.