Monday, September 24, 2012

New Yaoi Title Preview and Bookfair Yaoi Online Sale!

Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven are retired from the extreme dangers of Falcon Squad's near suicide ops, but somehow danger keeps finding them. It's bad enough that their romantic vacation was overshadowed by the presence of the being whose blood produced their mutation. If Simon Molinar is still alive and as young as Rik and Vincent, how can he be anything else but the vampire about whom rumors whispered? Why is he stalking them? Rik senses that the being needs something from them. That's the only reason Molinar didn't try to attack them that he can think of. The Foundation Benefactors and the military brass think that idea is crazy, but they were willing to give them leeway place him in custody. There are too many mysteries about the beginnings of the Altereds that Molinar could answer. But that's only half of their problems. A squad of washout soldiers have escaped exile and seem to be headed for a confrontation with Rik and Vincent.  Meanwhile, Bobby Greven and his love are trying to plan a wedding without the press finding out. And one of Rik's more volatile trainees has decided he is in love with him. Life for the pair is as crazed and dangerous as ever. This time, however, they are determined that nothing and no one will come between them.

Read the first three chapters HERE
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Bookfair Bonus!
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

DMG Localizers! Panel at Yaoi-con

Will you help spread the word?
I know some fellow DMG Localizers follow this blog (thank you, sweeties!). I've been asked to do a panel at Yaoi-con about what we do. I have a request that will help me represent us all a lot better. Please, take a look at this post on our official team blog:

Thank you!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How A Gorgeous Yaoi Book Cover is Created

The book will publish this December!

The artist behind the beautiful book covers and banners on this page, Adrianna Ferguson, kindly gave readers here a peek into the process that produces these extraordinary pieces. The cover she is discussing is the one for A Soldier's Destiny -- the third novel featuring my hot mutant soldiers, Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven. You see the results to the left. I wanted two other soldiers on this cover as they figure largely in the story. I wasn't sure how Adrianna would fit Bobby Greven and Viper and make the cover look as dynamic as her others. Boy, did she ever! I think this is the tastiest one yet! So enjoy her insightful and amusing chronicle of how she put the cover together. For those who'd like to follow more of her work, her blog is here:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Yaoicon Commuting Advice

For those commuting to the convention on the trains for LAX to Long Beach, I have some information, links and travel advice that will come in very handy. Just go here:

I'll have some more updates very soon.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Updates and Yaoi-con

I haven't disappeared! I've been doing my filmmaking thing for the last couple of weeks. I just sent my registration in for Yaoi-con. I have also applied for two very naughty panels. I will talk about those if they are accepted. I am about to post a blog about commuting by public transit from LAX to the convention hotel. So, I'm still here!

Meanwhile, here is a pretty picture to look at. For the un-cropped image, click this link:  It's another image of how I see Andreas. His hair is shorter, but this is the body I imagined -- lean, but well toned and strong, tawny in color. I haven't written them in a while, but I miss Darius and Andreas. However, they must wait. My focus is on finishing the latest Soldier's book, A Soldier's Destiny. I just received the artwork for the cover. I will share that shortly before Yaoi-con. I'll be putting up a major excerpt in advance of the book's publication. Only then, can I work on the next Ensnared.