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Ensnared v. 3 Excerpt - Dinner at the Penthouse

Ensnared v. 3 Excerpt by DL Warner  
Find Vol 1 Here and Vol 2 Here
No one was overtly rushing him, but it was clear that Andreas could no longer dally. He had to prepare himself for Darius. For all the planning he did to save a young man from becoming a sexual plaything that day, it was ironic that Andreas actually was one. He was a Dami – a living sex toy – owned body, mind and will by the most powerful being in the known universe. The difference between Jevon and Andreas was that he gave himself to Darius willingly – twice. The first time, he was an infamous Crew leader on the run for his life. The second time, he was a wealthy and powerful Lord in his own right.
Their story was famous throughout the worlds the Cosi ruled. Much to Andrea' chagrin, there were unauthorized books and plays about their history. Darius ignored it all in that supremely arrogant way of his. While it was a sound plan that ignoring the books would discredit them faster than trying to quash them, no one would dare ask Darius for an autograph as some had him on occasion.
But those annoyances were easily forgotten compared to being close to Darius. It was deeply puzzling to Andreas why anyone would doubt what had attracted him to his Cosi. Hector put it very well calling him a big, walking distraction. Darius was easily the tallest man Andreas had ever met. He was powerfully and elegantly muscled. There was an angelic beauty to his handsomeness topped with a long main of thick and silky buttery blond hair. He had vibrant dark blue eyes that were almost always warm and playful with Andreas though he often saw them when they were frosty cold with those who displeased him. And then, there was his mouth. Darius had very sensuous lips. He was an expert kisser who could used that mouth to render Andreas mindless with ease.
Keeping his day focused on time to make sure he was prepared for Darius was no chore for Andreas. He looked forward to the moment when he could shed his beautifully tailored suit and slip into his evening bath. He longed for the transition from his daily responsibilities to thinking of nothing but pleasing Darius. It was freeing for him. And it was an honor to be so close to that singularly powerful man. There were less than a handful of people in the universe that could be trusted enough to be close to the Cosi Leader. It both amazed and humbled Andreas that Darius considered him exquisite when he had his choice of all the beauty in the universe. And Darius made him feel beautiful each time he was in his presence. It was the way he looked at him as if that act was a deep and satisfying pleasure.
Thus, Andreas took care to relax during the bath and let all the tension from the interviews and freeing Jevon drain away with the bath water. By the time he finished, Andreas was attractively dressed in Dami attire that showed off his collar bones and most of his back. The fabric was soft and touchable. It fell along the sleekly muscled contours of his body showing them off elegantly. The coppery red color was chosen by Darius to best highlight his tawny skin. His shoulder length, mahogany brown hair was brushed to a shine and he was slicked and stretched to accommodate his Cosi's length and girth should he want to have him in bed straight away. When the door opened to the private entrance, Andreas was more than ready to gracefully kneel with his head bowed. His body was ready for anything Darius desired. He had but to ask.
“How may I serve you this evening, Darius?”
“Look at me, sweet Dami,” he said. His melodic voice was so warm.
Andreas obeyed and found that Darius had extended his hand. Andreas offered his in return and immediately found himself in a full body embrace with Darius seeking his lips. He moaned into that intense kiss as his knees weakened. The incredible strength in that embrace once again made Andreas feel helpless yet protected. The kiss was possessive and affectionate at the same time. Darius was in no hurry to move to the bedroom that night. In fact, as the kiss gently ended, Andreas was set onto his feet.
“Let's have some wine and talk before dinner,” Darius said. “I've missed your voice.”
“Yes, Darius,” Andreas murmured with a smile. “I've missed yours, too.”
They were still adjusting to only seeing each other at the end of the day rather than when the mood struck. Though they were far more productive living at home rather than at Cosimo Tower. The adjustment continued to be difficult.
They sat close to each other on the sofa. Yannis served the wine while Lexo set the table.
Darius enjoyed the first sip of with relish before speaking.
“Now, exquisite one,” Darius murmured. “What had your brow knitted when we spoke? I sensed a tension in your voice that I had not heard for some time.”
Andreas found himself talking not just about Jevon but also the havoc the bounty on Charity school boys made of the interviews. He hadn't realized how irritated he was about the entire situation until he started talking.
“Thus, you are unsure whether or not any of these young men are truly interested in becoming part of Zed or seeking the best sanctuary,” Darius remarked. “Yet you still accepted them as full members.”
Andreas nodded. “I'm hoping that when they see how satisfying the work can be and get a glimpse of the lifestyle they will lead, they can become the members we need.”
“That is a fine plan,” Darius said.
“But I will still make sure I am present to listen to them until I am sure they will be a good fit,” Andreas said. “Only, Hector, Stu and I know that they are in a trial right now.”
“This is a far wiser decision than going to that brothel yourself,” Darius said pointedly. “I would have reacted badly.”
“Badly how?”
“I would have had it burned to the ground,” Darius replied simply. “I may yet have it done as an example of how the Cosi view hunting young boys in such a manner. That has to be against the teachings of Those Who Watch.”
Andreas had no problem with that idea, but he was curious about something.
“Why didn't Odigos object to the plan on the way back here?”
“That was unnecessary until you actually decided to go yourself,” Darius replied.
“Don't you think that is a bit overbearing when I am so well protected?” Andreas asked drily.
“Not at all,” Darius replied with a small smile.
Andreas shook his head as they were summoned to dinner.

Darius finally got the look of affectionate exasperation he had been seeking since his arrival. Not that he didn't love seeing that beautiful man who controlled so much sink gracefully to his knees. He was moved each time he saw that movement so beautifully executed. And what made it more meaningful was that he never once put Andreas in that position physically. He well could have from the first night they shared, but it had always been his Dami's choice to kneel. And he waited patiently with eyes down to hear what would please Darius most that evening. That could been being taken to the bedroom to be used for an hour or for days in any way Darius could imagine, or it could be dinner filled with engaging conversation. Andreas gave his Owner a level of trust he had never given to anyone in his life. The impact on Darius was profound each time he saw that beautiful face with the lowered gaze. The rush of power was as heady indeed. But as it was humbling as well. The gift Andreas gave him each night always gave Darius pause. He thought carefully in that instant about what they needed the most that given night and how to fulfill that need. That guileless submission always made his blood rise and that kiss always made him want more, but Darius wanted to see that fond expression most of all.
Darius finally relaxed. Andreas relaxed once food was served. His gold green eyes danced with mischief as he spoke about as he spoke about Lord Naxos.
“I'd love to know the story of how he and Mr. Timonen got so close,” Andreas chuckled.
“I'm sure Lady Kronos could spin that tale at your next lunch,” Darius remarked with a smile. And then, his gaze grew more pointed “How much did he touch you?”
“You've washed your hair twice today,” Darius replied mildly. “You only do that when someone has trespassed in such a way that I would notice.”
“He shook my hand for a little too long – that's all,” Andreas admitted. “He also kept leaning in close to me like he wanted to leave something of himself behind. I didn't want the strong scent he wore in my hair. He was really annoyed that you never noticed him.”
“He's impossible to miss,” Darius quipped. “And I suppose he is attractive in an overblown way. But I had had enough of that kind of flamboyance after Zoran. I prefer a more genuine kind of beauty and cheekiness to someone always seeking attention.”
Andreas blushed beautifully before smiling. “Well, I didn't want him intruding on our time together. “
“And you say I'm possessive,” Darius murmured over his soup.
There was that expression again as Andreas glanced sideways at Darius. The main course was placed before them. Andreas caught Darius smiling. He shook his head and chuckled.
“You and Mykos have become real wise asses,” he muttered.
“I wonder where that came from?” Darius commented placidly.
“Yet, I miss you so much during the day,” Andreas admitted ruefully.
Darius smiled at him, causing Andreas to blush beautifully.
“It has been difficult for me as well, I must admit,” he said. “I keep looking up expecting you to barge into my office.”
“Or drag me out of the study,” Andreas quipped.
Darius shrugged. “You were there and ripe for the taking, so to speak...and you never complained.”
Andreas kept eating his meal with typical enthusiasm, but Darius knew by his blush that he was thinking of the many pieces of furniture they had used all over his office and the Tower apartment when the mood struck Darius – which had been often while his Dami was within easy reach. Typically, such a blush would seal Andreas' fate that night. He wouldn't have made it to dessert as he was making the blood rise dangerously in Darius.
However, Darius kept his lust in check. The kind hearted Andreas was likely still worried about the unfortunate Jevon as well as everyone he had set in motion to rescue him. He was probably even worried about Iskyros – the biggest security man Darius had ever seen. There was no help for it. Darius would have to wait until there was word that everyone was safe before he could enjoy him as thoroughly as he'd like. It was not much of a chore to wait. There was the beautifully prepared meal to enjoy. Andreas was at his most entertaining having missed Darius all day. He would enjoy both delectable aspects of the evening. And then, he would make Andreas pay for keeping him from immediately enjoying that tawny flesh. That payment would be delicious as well.
“Why do I feel like I'm in terrible trouble when all I've been doing is enjoying my dinner,” Andreas asked ruefully.
Darius smiled his most predatory smile.
“Because, you know me very well, sweet Dami,” Darius replied mildy. “Eat you dinner. You'll need your strength.”

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Fanfiction - Personal Space Free! Eternal Summer Makoharu

Personal Space - A MakoHaru Story

by D.L. Warner


Nagisa and Rei always asked what was the biggest difference between back home and Tokyo. They wondered if it was the noise or the crush of the crowds on the trains and in the streets. Makoto often replied that the noise was something he and Haru were still adjusting to months after arriving. It seemed that their neighborhood didn't get quiet until late at night. They had taken to wearing headphones and listening to music in order fall asleep. The crowds were also something that required an adjustment. Makoto never thought he and Haru were slow walkers. They were athletes, after all. But often they found people shoving past them in certain parts of their commute to school. He was amazed that there could be that many people in one place anywhere all moving with great purpose en mass.

Those were somewhat difficult problems, but not what unnerved Makoto the most about Tokyo. He'd never tell Nagisa or Rei what that was because that would prompt questions he couldn't answer. In Tokyo, women watched him or Haru and him everywhere. During the commute, they were mostly working women or high school girls. Those eyes would stare but only in passing. It seemed to Makoto that some looked forward to their appearances for reasons he didn't understand. On campus, it was all types of women who were quite bold in the way they appraised them and tried to catch their eyes. Haru noticed, of course. Those big blue eyes missed very little no matter how detached he seemed to be. Makoto noticed when Haru's eyes would widen at the bold looks before darting back to him and their conversation. Haru's ears would redden, and he'd step closer to Makoto during their trips to the university.

Haru tended to stay closer to Makoto than he would back home. Naturally, Makoto didn't mind this. He liked Haru close. Their arms were often touching as they walked. On the train, they usually faced each other slightly off center. Haru kept one foot between Makoto's feet as there was the occasional woman that would try to squeeze between them. Staying a hair's breath close also kept them from being separated getting on the train or navigating Tokyo walk ways. On campus, Haru would glare back at the women staring at them until they turned away with a giggle. He'd grab Makoto by the wrist and hurry them both toward class. None of these overtly hostile reactions from Haru deterred the bold co-eds in the least. Makoto overheard them gushing over how their intensity and aloofness was sexy. This was the only negative thing about his uni life, and Makoto didn't know what to do about it.

One evening, this phenomenon was particularly intrusive. On light workout days, Haru's coach allowed Makoto to swim cool down laps with him. He was fairly certain that Seijuro Mikoshiba or
maybe Sasabe-san talked to the coach about their close friendship and Haru's need for his presence when he was stressed. Coach didn't mind Makoto's presence in the bleachers even in closed sessions. Both of them were glad of that. It was nice to still be able to swim with Haru regularly. They took an easy pace, three-quarters of their top speed and just enjoyed the feel of the water rushing past and the eddies that the wakes created. Makoto came out first knowing when Haru had enough for the day. Sure enough, he reached up immediately after Makoto extended his hand. That time, Makoto's pull was a little firmer bringing Haru closer than his norm. Haru didn't seem to mind. He met Makoto's gaze with warm eyes and a slight smile to go with the slightly reddened cheeks. There was an electricity between them that made Makoto's heart pound.

Then, they realized they weren't alone. People were applauding. They turned to find some women from their classes coming down from the bleachers. Makoto realized that he was angry. He quickly grabbed towels and placed them over Haru's shoulders and then his own, suddenly feeling exposed.

“You two are always rushing off,” one girl said.

“All you do is study and swim,” Another one said.

“That's why we're here,” Haru frowned.

“We wanted to know if you had girlfriends back in your town keeping you on a tight leash,” a third one said.

“That's a personal question and rude to ask,” Haru retorted, snagging Makoto's wrist. “We need to change.”

Makoto was so glad to be away from them, he forgot to excuse himself. Haru was silent through their shower.

“Are you okay?” Makoto asked as they dressed.

“I just want us to get home,” he replied. “Can we eat in the neighborhood?”

Makoto nodded with a smile. There was a family run ramen house near their place that they liked. They were treated like sons there with gentle teasing and free seconds. Girls were sternly discouraged from interrupting their studies.

“Okay,” Makoto sighed.

Just then, Coach came in to close down the locker room.

“Ah, Haru, Makoto,” he said. “There are...girls out there that say they are waiting for you to go have yakiniku with them.”

“No, they barged in on the cool down,” Haru said.

Coach shook his head. “That didn't sound right with you two. I'll get rid of them. You take the back exit. It will put you on the street alongside the building.”

“Thank you, Coach,” Haru said.

“Yes, Thank you,” Makoto repeated with a bow. He was curious as to why the coach thought that was so unusual, but he was much more interested in getting away from those girls.

They didn't relax until they were on the train. At night, the women were too tired from their day to gawk at them. Still, Haru sat close on the long side seat. The tension in his body eased as they moved further away from school toward their neighborhood. He even leaned on Makoto a little, and that felt good.

Makoto found himself smiling. Haru's answer to those girls was one he had taught to Ren and Ran when they came home fretting about what some of the older kids had said about them. They wondered why he and Haru were almost always together. One of them suggested that maybe the two should get married. Makoto gave them that answer. Being considered rude was the last thing a good child in their town ever wanted. That ceased the chatter immediately. Somehow, Makoto knew those girls wouldn't be so easily diverted.

The rocking train and the length of the day soon had Makoto's head drooping. He rested it against Haru's without really thinking about it. A stop or two later, they were roused from dozing by a couple saying goodbye at the exit next to where they were sitting. It took a moment to penetrate through the mental fog that it was two men making out as the train pulled into the station.

“I wish you didn't work nights,” the one said between almost desperate kisses. “I hate sleeping without you.”

“I hate it, too,” the other whispered. “But I can't leave without proper notice. Please...”

“I'll be okay,” came a sigh.

“Lock yourself in, and text me when you get home.”

“I will. I'll have breakfast waiting.”

The remaining man leaned against the door for a while before sitting down across from them. The man looked at Makoto and Haru wistfully.

“You're very lucky,” he said. “You get to go home together.”

They looked at each other in surprise. Haru blushed only a little, and he didn't turn his eyes away. In that instant, Makoto wondered why they had never bothered to deny that they were a couple when it occasionally came up. They never even got angry. Their stop was called then, preventing any discussion.

An hour later, they were full of ramen and feeling a good kind of tired. The intrusive women were forgotten as they reached their apartment building.

“Mom sent some cookies,” Makoto said as he approached his door. “Want to share them and some tea?”

“Yeah,” Haru replied. “I'll make the tea. Have you found all the cups?”

Makoto rolled his eyes. “Yes, Haru-chan. But I haven't put up the futon.”

“I don't care.”

Makoto chuckled. He set out the cups then smoothed out the sheet and blankets on the futon. He never seemed to have the time to neaten his apartment before going to class, and he was always too tired at night.

“Ren and Ran sent us some drawings,” Makoto said with a smile.

“That's nice,” Haru said softly. His voice was warm.

“Mom says hello...she misses us both...wants to make sure we're making friends....eating right and keeping warm,” he murmured. “Mom stuff.”

Haru didn't comment as he sat next to the Makoto on the futon with the cups of tea. The opened package of shortcake cookies was between them. After a blissful bite and a swig of tea, they both relaxed completely.

“Do I keep you from making friends?” Haru asked quietly as he considered his tea.

“No,” Makoto replied emphatically. “No, Haru. I have all I can handle keeping up with my studies and getting to and from classes. I'm happy with things as they are.”

Haru nodded at that. He looked up at Makoto with a serious expression.

“Why didn't the girls back home stare at us the way they do here?” He asked.

“I'd been thinking about that,” Makoto replied. “Those girls grew up with us always together. They knew it was no use trying to get between us.”

“Yeah. The girls here are really getting to be a pain,” Haru muttered. “It should be clear that we aren't interested. “

“Maybe if they thought we were a couple, they'd leave us alone,” Makoto jested.

Haru shrugged. He looked at Makoto levelly. “I wouldn't mind. That guy on the train thought we were.”

Makoto nodded with a nervous smile. He felt his heart pounding again. There was so much he wanted to say while Haru was being so open, but he realized that his friend looked dead tired.

“Can you make it to your apartment?” Makoto asked as he cleared away the cups.

“I could, but I don't want to,” Haru murmured. His gaze was still intent. There was a challenge in his eyes that was clear even in the dim light.

Makoto met Haru's gaze and held it as he leaned in. It seemed the right thing to do. When Haru lifted his face towards Makoto's, it was the most natural thing in the world to gently kiss his slightly parted lips. There was a pleasant jolt through Makoto's body when Haru moaned at the taste of their tongues dancing together. Somehow, one of Makoto's hands ended up in Haru's hair.

When they pulled out of the kiss, Haru yawned. Makoto chuckled softly as he rested his forehead on Haru's.

“This was a long day,” Makoto said. “There is no hurry. Why don't you get comfortable while I put away the cookies and wash the cups?”


Haru went to the bathroom while Makoto put the kitchen in order. They had classes later in the morning than their norm, so they could sleep in a little. The last thing he wanted to do upon waking was clean.

By the time Makoto finished, Haru was exiting the bathroom in an undershirt and underpants.

“Pick a side of the futon,” Makoto said softly. “I'll be right out.”

Though he was slightly hard going into the bathroom, Makoto didn't try to do anything about it. Instead, he brushed his teeth and washed his face then stripped down to his underwear. This was far from the first time he and Haru shared a bed. There were countless times when Haru would feel too tired to walk up the stairs to his house after a late video game session. They slept together easily, often winding up all over each other. Makoto knew this was different. For some reason, he wasn't afraid.

Haru was on his side facing the empty side of the bed nearest the kitchen. Makoto turned off the lights then slid under the covers. Before he could wish Haru good night, he was looming over him.

“Makoto...never let anyone touch you,” Haru whispered. “And if they ask again, tell them you have someone.”

The intensity in those vibrant blue eyes was clear by moonlight. Makoto reached up to caress that soft, dark hair.

“I won't let anyone touch me, and I will tell anyone who asks that I have someone,” Makoto answered softly.

Haru kissed him with more fervor than before. Makoto moaned softly as he wrapped his arms around Haru and pulled him close. Haru kissed him almost lazily for a long moment before gently ending it.

“'Night,” Haru said. He was really tired as he rested his head against Makoto's chest.

It felt like they'd been sleeping like that forever. Haru sighed happily as Makoto pulled the sheet and blanket up to his shoulder.

“I was so afraid I was losing you to Rin,” Makoto whispered.

“Idiot,” Haru replied tiredly. “Who else would I want by my side? I was so scared at the thought of losing you.”

“We were both idiots,” Makoto laughed. His heart was so full, it felt like it would burst. “Good night, Haru.”

Part Two is available here: http://sybpressyaoi.blogspot.com/2015/02/personal-space-makoharu-fanfic-part-two.html

Read DL Warner's Original Fic!


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The Strong Uke and Why He is Right Kind of Uke

It was a meme posted by a talented soul who lives the BDSM Lifestyle 24/7. On the meme was a picture of a powerfully built man kneeling with his hands behind his back. I'll not post it here as such memes on my personal page causes me no end of problems with Facebook. The caption on the meme was about how much strength it took to kneel and submit to personal desires. That struck me about my root problem with many if not most Seme/uke relationships I see. They are often compared to D/s relationships, but they ate not really like them. These pairs are a hybrid of that Lifestyle built mainly on provocative images than on the actual tenets of the Lifestyle. Anyone whose been in my panels have heard that I have run across actual proof while editing Yaoi manga that is should not be a given mangaka are well versed with how male sex organs worklet alone how kinky practices actually work. As writers, they are doing what they need to do to get the characters from point a to point z, plot wise. They are also, unfortunately, correct that most fans don't give a damn about reality as long as the bodies look hot together. I find this irksome as a writer. As a practitioner of the Lifestyle, it is an alarming thing, because fans do not sometimes do not confine themselves to reading about these relationships. They are sometimes roleplaying them in person. What could go wrong allowing myself to be tied up and flogged by someone roleplaying a sadistic bastard who thinks rape is the way to handle an uke's first time?
What is missing in these pairings is that the uke should be at the very least as strong a personality as the Seme. And even with that, there should be some form of consent happening before things get heavy. The power exchange is at the heart of a BDSM relationship. Thus, for me to enjoy a hardcore Yaoi relationship, the uke has to have power to exchange. This the point where someone huffs at me 'Well, what ukes DO you like?' My favorite uke was created by the same mangaka who wrote my least favorite Seme. That would be Ranmaru of Ikoku Irokoi Romantan by Ayano Yamane. It is clear in the anime that drunk or drugged, Ranmaru knows how to fight off advances if he doesn't want them. I particularly loved their foreplay by fistfight. The next would be Naoki from Tightrope by Natsume Isaku. He is also an uke that would not be doing anything that he didn't really want. The comedies don't seem to have this much of a problem as the ukes typically have really willful personalities to further the humor between the couple.

I'm certain there are more strong ukes out there, and I would adore meeting them. Meanwhile, I write my own. The Ensnared universe had a hardoce Yaoi relationship that is Master/salve. It also has a considerable power exchange. In Ensnared Volume One www.amazon.com/Ensnared-DL-Warner-ebook/dp/B005UD7OCE/ , readers meets Lord Darius Galetea, a gorgeous, arrogant beast who runs a solar system of civilizations. During an outing with his closest advisor, Darius has a chance encounter with a beautiful though insolent young man that – it turns out – already worked for him finding antiquities from a past civilization. Darius has plans from the start to seduce Andreas into giving himself into service as his pleasure slave, or Dami. However, those are all upended when it is discovered a hit has been put out on Andreas. He accepts the role to protect himself while the plot is unraveled. The rest is full of spoilers. I can only say that Andreas' past and Darius life become more complicated than anyone could imagine. Here is a bit of what passed between them initially as recalled in Ensnared Volume 2 www.amazon.com/Ensnared-Two-D-L-Warner-ebook/dp/B0075YJBYK.

The alarm sounded just as the convoy cleared Octavius checkpoint into Amara. Minutes
later the streets were filled with frantic drivers. The Cosi's heavy transports had lights and sirens like the police, but people moved faster for these sounds and the girth of the massive vehicle. Andreas was in his building faster than he ever had been during the day. He was surprised when the guards took him to his apartment instead of the Penthouse. Odigos went with them to the barracks on the roof. Fortunately, Andreas found Lexo right away.
“Why did Darius send me here?” Andreas asked. “Does he not want to see me?”
“Oh, that's not the case, milord,” Lexo replied. “His Lordship thought you'd prefer to await his return here.”
“He isn't here?!” Andreas exclaimed. “The alarm has sounded. The streets are mobbed!”
“Milord, there is no need for worry,” Lexo said in his most assuring tone. “His Lordship is en route. There is much for one in his position to settle before communications go down.”
“How will he get through those streets in time?” Andreas demanded. Panic had grasped his heart with a cold, painful grip.
Lexo guided him to a seat at the dining room table. He gave him a small glass of whiskey then sat close to him.
“The Calix are trained to move at the sound of the Cosi's convoy even if they must drive on top of each other,” Lexo said. “He will get through in time. Drink that slowly and try to calm down. Shall I tell you about Chiron?”
Andreas sipped the dark amber liquor then nodded. He needed to keep his pounding heart from shattering his ribs.
“I managed to speak to him just after you talked to Lady Santorini,” Lexo said. “She had told him that she needed him to help secure her home and look after her and her Major Domo. He was most pleased that you and she trusted him thus. He swore he would take no risks.”
“I worried that he might think we didn't care if he returned,” Andreas said. “I didn't want him to risk the trip, and I knew the Lady needed the help.”
“I thought as much,” Lexo said. “I called to make sure he knew that. The driver will make sure they are all safe.”
“Good,” Andreas said as he continued to sip the drink. “Lexo, are the men safe on the roof?”
“Very much so,” he replied. “The building is lined with a very durable material that protects the building and it's systems. The shutters on all the windows and the balcony doors are made of the same material. They are all safe and well supplied, and they can reach us easily if there is a need.”
“Okay...that's good...”
The warm, sweet liquid soothed Andreas a bit, but he was still wound tight. Lexo kept talking to him quietly about household matters until the back door opened. Darius was suddenly in the room. Andreas was on his feet before he could think. Then, he was in the Cosi's arms.
“Andreas, you're trembling,” Darius said quietly. “You're heart is pounding. What's wrong?”
“I was freaking the hell out,” Andreas replied tightly. “You weren't here...the roads were mobbed...and the storm...”
Darius held him closer. He kissed his temple.
“Darius...were you punishing me?” Andreas asked. He hated how small his voice sounded. The sad thing was that there wasn't anything he could do if Darius were tormenting him. He couldn't leave the Cosi even if he wanted to...and he didn't want to.
Darius pulled back to look Andreas in the eyes. His expression was concerned. His eyes were warm.
“Never, Andreas, never would I deliberately cause you a moment's anguish,” he replied. His voice was soft but the tone was intense.
Andreas swallowed hard around the lump in his throat as he nodded at the Cosi. He found he couldn't speak. His eyes welled up with unshed tears. Darius lowered his head. Andreas tilted his chin up. The kiss was what he needed – possessive but tender. Andreas had heard the truth in the Cosi's words, but he felt something else in that kiss. He yielded to it, wrapping his arms around Darius' neck and reveling being crushed against him.
“Thank you for looking after Andreas,” Darius said to Lexo as he swept Andreas into his arms. “Excuse us.”
Andreas was surprised that he was taken to his own bedroom instead of the Penthouse. Once there, he was deposited on the center of the bed. The room was bathed in a golden light from the many fat, tall candles placed about the room and the fire burning in the hearth. The light made Darius look more beautiful.
“Don't move,” Darius said as he began to undress. “I want to look at you.”
“Yes, Darius.”
“This is the second time I thought I would have to fight you to have you,” he said mildly as he removed his clothing.
“When did you ever think I'd fight you?”
“Our first night together,” Darius replied. “You hadn't had time to think when you offered to serve naked. By that evening, you were rested and fed. I knew the weight of your pledge was heavy on your shoulders.”
“But I wanted you,” Andreas said as he hungrily watched Darius bare his skin. “And I had sworn to give myself to you.”
“I gave you no quarter when you were vulnerable,” Darius countered as he dropped his garments onto a chair. “I thought you may fight me for sake of your pride.”
“My pride was in keeping my vow. I was nervous about pleasing you,” Andreas said as he watched Darius climb onto the bed to straddle him. Those talented hands were unbuttoning his shirt. “You could have the best in the world...”
“I do, exquisite one,” Darius said as he deftly began to undress him. “And I have never taken anything about you for granted.”
Andreas finally understood what Darius was saying. There were things he wanted to say as well, but that big, warm body was covering him. That sinfully hot mouth was taking his. Everything could wait. They kissed for a long while without hurry. Darius seemed to be savoring them as he would a tasty treat. If Andreas could get his suddenly heavy eyelids to open, he would have peeked to see if the Cosi had the same expression as he did when he ate. But he was too lost in the moment, enjoying the sensations too much. Darius was very hard but he wasn't making any moves to take him. Andreas was certain he was still trying to calm him. The plan was working. All the panic of the morning seeped away under the warm weight of the Cosi. The grip in Andreas' embrace relaxed. His hands roamed through the soft, cool hair and along the broad, strong shoulders and well formed arms.
When Darius finally began to make love to Andreas, he was gentle and slow. He was still overwhelming physically and emotionally,the Darius was much softer in how he took him. He didn't hold him down or reduce him to the point he couldn't move. Andreas was able to hold Darius as well and caress him as they made love. It seemed that the more Andreas gave, the more open Darius became. He wasn't sure if it a Dami was allowed to hold his Master, but Andreas hoped this wouldn't be the only time for him. It was incredible to feel the tremors in Darius as he came.

Ensnared Volume 3 is in the works and there are short stories based on this pair in YGG Magazine.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Rare and Elusive Cuddly Seme

There has been some debate among writers of how touchy-feely a Seme/Dom would or should be in a story. I am reminded of a term for it in Trek fandom that was viewed derisively from many corners. Tupper was coined from Tupperware http://fanlore.org/wiki/Tuppertrek . It meant that one of the pair was extremely feminized and domesticated and prone to wear frilly aprons. The word cuddly conjures these sorts of images. One imagines that the dialog during cuddling would be sickeningly sweet baby talk. This is especially jarring when the pair act nothing like that anywhere else.

Character is Character

Whether running a criminal underworld gang or a corporation or at home having a glass of wine, a character should be the same multi-faceted being. If that character is compelling, a reader should be keenly interested in seeing him do anything including have sex. And they want to see him being that compelling character while in bed. They want to see him being that compelling character in a bare knuckled fight or cooking pasta. These Seme should always be interesting and compelling. In fact, the way they make love and the way they fight should be telling a reader a lot about their personalities and how they think as well as what they may be feeling at a given moment.

The Sneaky Possessive Cuddler

Sketch by DL Warner
Okay, so how can a writer have an arrogant, uber-Seme being cuddly with his lover and remain that same scary sexy bastard that was just causing all manner of sometimes violent mayhem? In the case of this author's Seme, it's in the reasons for the cuddly demeanor. For Rik Heron from The Soldier's books, the cuddling of Vincent comes from his possessiveness. He has an overwhelming need to be as close to Vincent as he can to exert ownership as much as show affection. Vincent is a beautiful young man inside and out. Even those who have run afoul of his temper can attest to his beauty. He has many people flitting around him wanting his attention for reasons that are wholesome and not. Rik literally wants to keep Vincent close to his body whenever they aren't working. The closeness is really pleasant. Rik loves how Vincent feels against his body. He enjoys the scent of his skin and his hair. And he knows that Vincent is his. Fortunately for them both, Vincent loves being held for many of the same reasons. Their friends and loved ones are accustomed to them being attached to each other on the sofa or on a lounge chair in the yard or in the office or wherever. None of those people would ever be so foolish as to come between them in any fashion.

Secret Cuddles Between the Classes

For Lord Darius Galetea, cuddling with Andreas Hesper is more difficult to explain. There are many aspects
Sketch by DL Warner
of his life that would not make him a candidate for a cuddly Seme. The social rules that bound every cast of the civilizations in their worlds are the first problem. In a way, Darius is even more constricted in his behavior than the lowest pauper. Any weakness or peculiarity in his behavior could call into question his fitness for leadership. Being challenged by his fellows could result not just a loss of a position but it could end in the loss of his life. Those beneath him, should always be treated that way. Darius always side-stepped that social edict, claiming that giving everyone respect helped make his job easier. His need to keep Andreas close, however, came from somewhere else. Just as Andreas was compelled to make Darius notice him, this Seme is compelled to keep his lover close. It began the first time they made love. Darius held Andreas in his lap to keep him still while they kissed. But it was when he woke the morning after that first time that Darius experienced holding a lover and being held by him. It was a gesture of deep affection that he ha never experienced. He couldn't do without that feeling. Darius also found that keeping Andreas close while lounging on the sofa was a way of exerting possession. It often keeps Andreas flustered and a little off balance. He likes seeing the confident Crew leader that way.

The other advantage of keeping Andreas close is that Darius knows who has been near his lover and if they were too close. But he also enjoys the way the man feels in his arms. Holding Andreas calms him on his craziest days. That is a fact that no one other than Andreas knows. This pair would never have a true power exchange. Darius could never allow it, and Andreas does not want it. But those quiet moments in each other's arms or with Andreas resting against Darius on the sofa under the protection of his most loyal staff, he is allowed some measure of release from all his responsibilities. While being held by Andreas in bed, Darius allows himself to truly let go and sleep deeply. Lastly, Darius is not one for great declarations of affection. His enjoyment of such close contact with Andreas speaks of a deep affection for him. Andreas is aware of that. He was not keen on cuddling at first, but he grows to love it because it brings him closer to his enigmatic Seme.

Thus, both Rik and Darius are the same characters when they are cuddling as they are kicking ass in their day to day lives. They are far from Tupper. And that makes even those quiet, loving scenes compelling to watch.

Next Time – Conjuring worlds that make sense but aren't a nerdtastic overload.

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At Last - A Soldier's Destiny is Available

A Soldier's Destiny
by D.L. Warner

For Rik and Vincent, the battles don't end with retirement.

Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven return from a long overdue vacation healed in body and soul and ready to take on the primary mission of their Foundation. They also have a small problem to present to their Benefactors. Simon Molinar, a centuries old being that is the likely source of their mutation, turned up at their resort. Rik and Vincent managed to overcome the skepticism of everyone – including their own staff – to convince them not to kill Molinar on the spot. They strongly sense that he needs them and has much to tell them. Just as that is decided, General Braun announces that a rogue squad of dangerous washouts has escaped confinement in Alaska ans is likely headed straight for the Foundation. Can Rik and Vincent save all of these dangerous mutants and keep their loved ones safe from harm. What will it cost their relationship to wage battles on all fronts? 

And in all ebook formats on Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/451233

Not familiar with The Soldier's Saga? You don't have to be to read this book, but it is a really wild ride. 

For Rik and Vincent, it will always come down to Love or Death.

Life was never easy for them. Taken as children by the military because of genetic mutation, they were
further Altered genetically to serve as living weapons. What small amount of stability they had in a specialized squad was torn apart when Major Vincent Greven, their most talented and volatile soldier was swallowed up by a dimensional portal. For two years, life for Colonel Rik Heron, his Commanding Officer, was filled with pain and anger and need for revenge. The loss of Vincent Greven brought fourth a lot of necessary reform in a military that had run amok, but Rik remained in emotional agony from the loss. He realized to his horror that he was heartbroken. The imp he had dubbed Hardcase during training had stolen his heart.

And then, during a terrifying attack by a fleet of inter-dimensional ships two years later, Vincent returned through a portal similar to the one that took him to help Rik defeat the biggest of the behemoth ships. To Rik's surprise, Vincent shared the intense love and desire he felt. They came together shortly after the battle and never left each other's sides. They fought intrigues and betrayal from outsiders who feared them and from some in their inner circle who envied them to form a life of purpose outside the military. The simple wish to live and work together cost them almost more they could bear.

Their stubborn determination and support from powerful allies, helped Rik and Vincent create a Foundation that allows them to serve their country and other Altereds like Vincent's brother, Bobby, who decided to follow his footsteps into the military. Despite all the good works Rik and Vincent accomplish through the Foundation, deadly plots continue to swirl around them and their growing circle of loved ones. Among the threats is the appearance of the centuries old being from whence the genetic mutation sprung. How many times can they cheat death? And how many times can they save all of those whom they care about? When will the constant peril and vigilance outmatch the incredible bond between them? And is it true that they can literally no longer live without each other?

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Sing for me by Simon Barnsby

"The sweetest songs come from the soul, they say...let me rip them from yours, one by one...I will compose an opera of sighs, and your body is the only orchestra I need. Let me show you...sing for me..."

Simon is one of the writers from YGG Magazine and the Yaoi a GoGo Facebook Page.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Session by Simon Barnsby

  " That's it, pet...show yourself to me..." Gods, I could almost taste him now; it took all I had not to touch him, to make myself wait. The innocence of Eden was here in front of me, breathing a faint scent of the flowery yellow wine we'd shared earlier. His dark eyes reflected my need back to me with every new pose, and at last I could bear it no more....I reveled in his wanton sighs, and relished the colors of the welts I'd raised. He took all I gave with hand and rod, and his cries of breathless passion demanded still more..."

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fanservice - A Pairing of Mutual Conveniendce

This is a Preview of YGG Magazine, a Yaoi Convention in Print (there are more photos in the articles) http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/727477 

There is a lot to criticize about the way Yaoi fans go about shipping characters.
Shipping is defined on Wikipedia.com as: derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two people, fictional or non-fictional, would be interesting or believable (or are, or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction.
I will use the term ship or shipping though other terms like pairings or couplings are acceptable. The criticism stems from the habit of many who write fan fiction to ship characters regardless of all sense and reason and evidence to the contrary. One meme going around the internet states that whether the characters like each other, hate each other are ambivalent to each other or never met each other, there are ways that they can be shipped. This can and does get ridiculous. Thus, it is understandable that fans of adventure shows or sports shows who just want to enjoy what is being presented, really don’t want to see the strange combination of characters doing the full blown nasty on show related sites or conventions.
That said, the extreme hostility shown to BL and Yaoi fans of shows like Kuroko no Basuke and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is unfair. These fans are not weaving their view of those characters out of thin air. In fact, I posit that there is a deliberate effort by anime producers to infuse BL fanservice in these male oriented shows to attract a broader audience. The Bishonenifying™ of male characters and behavior that is more than a little unusual for straight young men has become way, way more common than it was in anime of the 70s and 80s. Back then, fanservice meant hot females in towels or without towels and panty shots. I know that it still means that, but it has ALSO come to mean the showing of bishonen flesh and clenches that do not happen between straight guys of this age. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard the arguments that that behavior is cultural in Japan. It’s not. I’ll get into that later.

Why Yaoi/BL Fanservice?
Yaoi/BL fans are a rapidly growing audience, particularly in the West. They are also very, very active on
the Net. They share images from their favorite anime everywhere and love talking about it beyond the pairings. This tends to draw fans of all stripes to the anime that might not have heard of it otherwise. Japan no longer does shows aimed solely at its own countrymen. Like any other entertainment industry, they covet the extra money that the foreign markets bring. Thus they are interested in showing what the most active fans are looking most for. As it is true everywhere, sex or sex appeal sells.
I had heard of and saw images from Durarara over a year before the show aired in the US, and from what I saw and heard, I could have sworn it was a Yaoi anime. There were not manipulated images. They were screen grabs and clips. Naturally, I saw mostly Shizuo x Izaya images. That intense buzz about the show was, in part, what prompted the interest in US distributors to dub and air it here. The same can be said about Black Butler (that airs on premium outlets). Both shows rely on heavy BL innuendo at times with characters in Durarara openly discussing the Shiziya pairing. Likewise, the buzz for Tiger & Bunny was really intense in the West. The image of that pair was everywhere on the social networks and talked about in every forum. Bunny was so Bishie that he really looked like a girl. I’m very familiar with the real 70s. Guys had long hair, but not Farrah Fawcett hair. And then there was all the princess carrying of Tiger in the advance images and the trailer. That anime managed to get a simulcast here on Hulu. Side note – Hulu thinks enough of the Yaoi audience that it is currently running the full on Yaoi, Junjou Romantica and beginner yaoi, Gravitation.

Locker Room Fun
There is fanservice that is hard to ignore. No. 6’s foundation is a BL relationship, something the US distributor does not deny. But no one will call it that. But nothing is more out there for blatant yaoi/BL fanservice while still in the closet than the sports based anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. True, Kuroko no Basuke has a lot of well built guys and lots of fanservice (this season, there seems to be no fewer than four love triangles – all between the male players). But nothing beats Free! Iwatobi Swim Club for a show of skin and frequency of fanservice. The day that the first trailer turned up, the interent was on fire with Fujoshi losing their minds. The buzz was so intense that it became the topic of our weekly webconference meeting with my manga publishing company. The publishers were fairly certain that it wasn’t a yaoi but didn’t know how it couldn’t be with all that skin and loving shots of muscles. The next ones grew more intriguing, because instead of hinting at the actual plot of the series, it hinted at the relationships between these very, very, beautiful characters. For plot, we were left to read the press releases. There was full blown shipping going on before one episode aired, because that’s what fans were lead to do. The result of this international net freak out? There were net campaigns to raise funds to make the show seen in the preview. There were petitions to known distributors to sign it up. In the end, fans in the US got simultaneous streaming with Japan. That super fanservice preview was all about building an audience for a show that was already in the works.

Anime guys have gotten prettier over the decades. I call it Bishonenifying™. Male characters in these allegedly male oriented adventure shows have markedly changed since the 1970s shows I grew up watching. They guys in the lead roles then were cute. I couldn’t call them pretty like I can now. I think the best direct comparison I can make from one era to the other is Leader Dessler from Space Battleship Yamato. Leader Dessler has definitely gone through a change. Not that the first one was ugly, but this one is very pretty. You can see in him the change in how male hair is drawn. It is also animated with the same loving care and lighting as a female character. And now, the guys get equal time with the show of skin and backs and butts.
And then there is the behavior. Back in the day, when a guy is going to threaten or fight another guy, it was clear that that was going to happen. Any rolling on the ground between men was accompanied by punching. There was no staring deep into the opponent’s eyes while on top of said opponent. There was not staring nose to nose for long moments as music played without someone ending up with a black eye.
So this behavior is somewhat new. It is also unusual behavior for straight men around other men. No, this
is not how Japanese men behave around each other. As I said, this sort of behavior is relatively new (10-15 years). Because this notion is so adamantly held by fans, I conducted some research. I asked my U.S. male friends about the clenches and locker room tickling and other things that happen on shows like Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. They thought I was kidding. The funniest response was from a friend who said guys try hard not to even look at each other too long in a locker room. They may see something or people may think they are looking at something. I asked a number of Japanese men whom I know through business as well as the expat fathers of mixed sons who live in Japan. The fathers said that their sons were too busy trying to overcome being mixed to act in any way that may be perceived as gay. The Japanese men also said that there was a lot of pressure all through school to not be too different. Being gay was way beyond being merely different. Even guys who were gay didn’t want to be thought of as gay. Extended staring or touching a guy would draw a lot of really unwanted attention. These men also had brothers whom they kindly asked the same questions. The most responses were, “No!” No one wanted to look gay. And that was just something they did in anime for fujoshi. I must point out that though Japanese pop culture spawned yaoi, the culture actually does not approve of homosexuality. It is so taboo that it is difficult to get interest in events like Gay Pride. There is a fear of backlash. It is a country that values appearances. No one wants to be too different. So guys who are at an age when they are most self-conscious are not going to be holding and clenching or kissing or exchanging rings with their buddies.

What summed it up in my head, ironically, was a snarky email sent to me by someone less than pleased at seeing a Yaoi a GoGo post on their newsfeed. Before I banned him, the man accused me and all these other horny women of gaying up anime for everyone. There were hardly any panty shots or big eyed chicks in tiny towels anymore. It’s all one big sausage fest. I think he may be right, but we aren’t happy in this perpetual state of tease. If we had our way, we’d gay it up big time so that there is no doubt that these shows are aimed at us.

Doing the Math Part One -- Durarara Shizuo x Izaya

Doing the Math Part One -- DRRR Shizuo x Izaya

Shizuo could see daylight, but it was a long way up. The void between him and the surface was too dark to tell if there were any footholds to help him climb out – if he could move. Izaya stirred then went completely still. Shizuo was glad at that moment that he couldn't move at all. For a while, he needed the ruse of unconsciousness to figure out how much blame he could attach to Izaya for their predicament.

“Ow,” Izaya groaned. “What was that? Not even Shizuo hits that hard. What the...”

Shizuo closed his eyes as he felt Izaya raise up a little.

“Shizuo-chan?” He whispered. “Did you really break my fall?”

“Don't be an ass,” Shizuo thought furiously. “I would have had you land face first in the concrete if I'd been awake!”

“What the hell is this hole?” Izaya wondered aloud. “It's not a ventilation shaft...”

“Who the fuck cares?” Shizuo thought. “All I know is it's too deep to get out of without Celty.”

“We'll need Celty to get out of this and to help us with whoever had us land in here,” Izaya said quietly. “That means that I can't hurt you the way I'd love to, Shizuo-chan. Celty has a big school girl crush on you. I have a feeling in my gut that it would be extremely stupid to get that Dulahan really angry.”

“You have a demonic lizard in your gut, freak,” Shizuo thought. “If you really want to protect me, you should get us out of sight. And why are you still all over me?!”

“As much as I am enjoying having you like this, we need to move away from that opening,” Izaya murmured.

Before Shizuo could wonder what the hell the flea was going on about, Izaya moved off his body to crouch beside him. His head was gently lifted a fraction to rest on the sleeve of Izaya's jacket as that arm moved under him at the shoulders while his pants were firmly grasped at the waist. In one smooth movement, Izaya slid him approximately one meter. Shizuo could no longer feel the heat of the late afternoon sun on his face.

No sooner had his head been placed gently on the ground, cars could be heard screeching to a halt near the opening of the cavern. A warm hand covered his mouth.

“They're coming, Shizuo-chan,” he said softly. “Don't cry out.”

“What. The. Fuck! Am I twelve?” Shizuo thought. “I am going to kill him.”

Running footsteps echoed through the cavern. Angry, urgent voices drifted down to where they hid. The words were not exactly clear, but they could make out that there was a lot of finger pointing over who allowed the pair to get so far out of sight that they could disappear. There was a lot of fear over facing the people that sent them to destroy Shizuo and Izaya. Hopeful reason prevailed that the pair can't be down in that hole. They decided to split up and try to find them some blocks away where another commotion was reported. Dire warnings were given about failure to take down the pair. None of the voices sounded familiar to Shizuo, but they were far away and echoing through the cavern. It was also clear that they might yet have to search that hole. Izaya didn't move until the vehicles peeled away.

“So, somebody new wants to play in our sandbox,” Izays murmured. “And they don't want to share.”

“This isn't 'our' anything, asshole,” Shizuo thought angrily though he was also deeply troubled by all of this. Had that errant vending machine not caused the sink hole, they may have been full of bullet holes. This was disturbing on its own. Shizuo realized that it also meant they had been carefully watched for quite some time without either realizing it. That took a lot of skill. Neither man was easy to tail because they were so often hunting each other.

“We'd spot anyone new in the area watching us,” Izaya murmured absently. “That means that their spies had been in Ikebukuro long enough that they were of little notice. What kind of operation requires that kind of careful planning?”

Shizuo was shaken over how much they were thinking along the same lines. He really didn't like the idea of having anything in common with Izaya. He wondered again about why the annoying man stayed so physically close when it wasn't necessary. Shizuo also wondered how long he would be immobile. Izaya finally moved away. Shizuo could hear him wandering around the cavern for a while. Then, he laughed softly at something. That made Shizuo nervous. Izaya laughing usually meant something bad for him. Next, he heard some light things being dragged back toward him.

“I know that you can't move, Shizuo-chan or you would have never let me touch you,” Izaya said as he came very near. He was near enough to feel the warm of his breath as he talked. “But something tells me that you can hear me. If that's true, I need to make a deal with you. I know you have a strong sense of personal honor. Usually, I find that to be a foolish thing. But we need each other down here and perhaps up there to deal with whoever those fuckers are.”

Shizuo knew that they had to at the very least not fight while they waited for help. It may even come down to them cooperating if the fight followed them down there. He relaxed the tension in his body. There wasn't much movement, but it was enough.

“Good,” Izaya said. Shizuo knew he was smiling. That pissed him off, but at least he didn't lurk about smirking. He seemed to be assembling something to the left of where Shizuo was resting. “You wouldn't believe what fell in that hole with us.”

“Back to not caring,” Shizuo thought.

“The vending machine is still plugged in,” he chuckled. “I had heard they had really long cords now, so owners could find them wherever you throw them. I thought I was being played. It must be some vending machine.”

“Still don't care, but that is funny,” Shizuo thought.

“It may take hours for Celty to figure out where to start looking for us – if she even misses either of us tonight,” Izaya said softly. “If I'm to take care of you until then, You can't be on the damp ground.”

Once again, Izaya moved Shizuo. This time it was onto something dry that was raised off the ground several centimeters. The way it creaked told him that they were wooden pallets probably covered in card board. He was placed across two of them. It was good to be off the cold ground, but he also felt warm. That meant that there were steam pipes nearby. Izaya moved away again. Shizuo could hear the vending machine jingling and thunking. The smell of ramen and rice filled the air near the pallets as Izaya returned. The makeshift tatami dipped near Shizuo's waist.

“I've got plenty of water for when you wake up,” Izaya said between slurps of ramen. “I'm sure the machine will still be working, so you can eat as well. Ramen is decent. I'm sure the onigiri will be as well. And I know you won't be immobile for longer than five or six hours.”

“And you know this how, psycho?”

“The last time you were this still was that time you got grazed by that bank robber,” Izaya said “That time, you lost blood, and were still up and ready to kill in just over 24 hours.”

“Grazed my ass,” Shizuo thought darkly. “Felt like a chunk of my head and arm were blown away. And I was minding my own business. I wasn't planning on taking them down until they shot at me.”

Shizuo felt his sunglasses gently removed then placed in his pocket.

“I didn't get to you in time, Shizuo-chan,” Izaya continued. “I'm always otherwise occupied when you go down. Celty got to you first, and put you in the care of the one person in this city that I'm not going to take on unless I really have to.”

“The busty school girl with glasses?” Shizuo wondered. “Why can't I ever remember her name? And why are you afraid of a schoolgirl?”

Izaya fell silent as he ate the rice. Shizuo relaxed a little more. That man could talk and talk. Shizuo long wondered if the man ever was just silent. Maybe he's afraid of boobs...or afraid of girls. That brought Shizuo up short. He hadn't ever known Izaya to show an intense interest in girls. But that was just part of him being a psychotic freak, right? Suddenly, it wasn't such a great thing for Izyaya to be silent. Then, he had to wonder what the flea was up to being so quiet and so close.

“Anri and Celty were right,” he murmured after a swig of something. “You do have really long eyelashes. They went on about that when they took care of you that time.”

“Yeah, that's her name, Anri,” Shizuo thought. “Wait...were you watching them, freak?”

“Relax, Shizuo-chan,” Izaya laughed. “I could only watch from afar...up a tree. Both of those strange females could sense someone for a good distance. Spooky. And yet they were practically giggling over you. Especially after they were told to bathe you by Shinra. I think Celty was somehow blushing in her helmet.”

That had been embarrassing for all involved. Shizuo had been so startled to realize that he was naked that he almost bolted from the bed. Celty had to hold him in a cocoon long enough to explain and calm him. He had fallen in a filthy puddle in the street before Celty grabbed him. His wounds and his clothes were covered in the everything that drained in from everywhere else. Being warm and dry had felt good. And his clean clothes were within reach in case they were needed. It was a good place to recover. Celty made sure there was lots of food. He was getting hungry.

“I wonder if I'll have to bathe you to hasten your recovery, Shizuo-chan?”

His appetite was gone. The fury was back.

“Don't strain yourself, I can do this for you,” Izaya said. “Idiot! There's no clean water down here!! You unbutton one thing and I'll rip your arms out of their sockets and throw them up onto the street.”

The impersonation was almost accurate. Shizuo wouldn't have laughed even if he could. But at least he knew that Izaya was full of shit. Why did he insist on fucking with him for the sake of fucking with him? It was childish...schoolyard stuff. Again, something was forming that Shizuo's mind shied from.

Izaya yawned.

“I don't know about you, but our little skirmishes usually leave me tired,” Izaya said. “Add bullets and nursing you to the mix, and I'm exhausted.”

What nursing?” Shizuo wondered. That schoolgirl did a lot more for him. “Whatever, if it will keep you quiet.”

Shizuo supposed there was another pallet set up for Izaya. But that didn't explain why he was sitting practically on his hip while he had his supper. Instead, Izaya took a deep breath and then arranged himself on top of Shizo, resting his head just below his chin.

“HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?!” Shizuo raged inwardly.

“Stop screaming in your brain,” Izaya murmured. His breath was warm against Shizuo's neck. “You're going to burst a blood vessel. There aren't anymore tatami mat materials. I admit that I am really entertained at the moment, but you have to try to sleep. Here.”

Izaya unzipped his jacket. He covered them both from the waist up. He put his hood partially over Shizo's face. It didn't really stink in the cavern, but it smelled much better under that jacket. Shizuo let the notion that he was a parakeet pass. Instead, he took deep, slow breaths.

“That's it. You can kill me later. Sleep now.”

“Okay, Izaya is definitely gay,” Shizuo thought. “No not-gay guy would do this. That explains his fear of...of...Anri. Not really though. I think a gay guy would avoid boobs, but he wouldn't need to be afraid of them.”

Shizuo drifted, thinking about Izaya's behavior. Or actually, he was thinking about how more than one person described his behavior toward Shizuo during the years.

“Like a school boy with a crush,” Shizuo recalled. “Who punches when he wants to...to...kiss...”

“But to try to kill me or put me in jail because he wants me?” Shizuo wondered incredulously. That made no sense. Shizuo wouldn't be ashamed about anything he was. He's proud to be a homicidal, psychopathic freak. It was a sure thing that he wouldn't give a flying fuck about how anyone felt about his being gay.

An answer began to form in Shizuo's mind, but he couldn't make it out. He was tired from the fight and the fall and screaming at Izaya in his brain. As he slipped into sleep, Shizuo realized that he could move his fingers. It was a sign that he would soon be able to protect himself. Izaya was truly and deeply asleep, the bastard. He could take his rest.

Shizuo's dreams were never particularly peaceful unless he was under powerful anesthesia. It was very normal for him to awaken startled and ready to fight. And this happened even when he knew where he was when he fell asleep. Thus, he was surprised to be fuzzily awake and mid-way through his morning stretch when the pains of yesterday's injuries slammed into him.

“OW!” Shizuo gasped. “Fuck!”

He sat up slowly, blinking to clear his vision and find the freak.

“Do you always wake up that way?” Izaya asked. His voice was some distance away.

Izaya was near the still dangling vending machine. Shizuo gently swung his legs in front of him. He thought about the question with a wry smile.

“If I'm lucky,” Shizuo replied ruefully.

Izaya chuckled at that. “You hungry? There's ramen and onigiri and tea.”

“All of it,” Shizuo said. “I'm starvin'. I've got some money...”

“I know. I have it,” Izaya smiled.

Shizuo didn't bother to check his pockets. There wasn't any point. Instead, he moved so that Izaya could sit without being on top of him. He definitely had had enough of being so close to that man. He was saved from having to talk to him for a while by the food. It was a good vending machine that heated the ramen and the rice just right. There were even chop sticks and seasonings. They slurped through two cups a piece and nommed through as many rice balls while Shizuo thought.

If Izaya wanted him the way some crazy people in Ikebukuro contended, he would make being gay the in thing to be and have people beaten up for liking girls. But the attacks began on Shizuo from the moment they laid eyes on each other in school. They'd never even spoken. A theory formed that finally made sense. It was shocking and infuriating. The only reason Shizuo didn't forget his promise and beat Izaya into a bloody pulp was that he also had a plan. That plan would make Izaya completely crazy. There wouldn't be anything he could do about what Shizuo proposed besides seethe. It took all the control he had not to act on that plan. He could not act just then. They still had to get out of that hole. And they had to find out who wanted them dead.

“You're right about the people watching us,” Shizuo said. “They have to be people who were already long term in Ikebukuro or new but not too new.”

“I think it's someone close to me,” Izaya said. “There are a lot of people in my life that would give intel on my movements for the right price...or for the hell of it.”

Shizuo looked over in surprise.

“I'm not blind to how I'm viewed, Shizuo-chan,” he said with a shrug. “It makes the most sense that it would be me. I'm much more unpredictable in my movements. That little incident between us was time to the second, and I had no plans to go anywhere near this part of town until shortly before I left the office.”

“Why did you come this way?”

Izaya smiled. “Russia Sushi had Asari Ramen again. It was so good that first time, I wanted to see if it was a fluke.”

“I had a coupon for it. Someone shoved it in my hand...wasn't Simon,” Shizuo said.


Russia Sushi only allowed one of them in the restaurant at a time to keep mayhem to a minimum. Since they are one of the few places that could back up a rule like that and Asari Ramen was something that easily ran out if it's good, Shizuo and Izaya naturally locked horns over who would get to eat first. But what would be a typical skirmish between them got crazy fast when the sedans full of gun wielding thugs started spraying them with bullets. Fortunately, the thugs were lousy shots and didn't know Ikebukuro well enough to not get turned around in its labrynths. In the few minutes the battling pair lost them the streets swallowed them up.

“It was the perfect set up,” Izaya concluded.

“They weren't kids,” Shizuo said. “Rural talent.”

“Exactly,” Izaya smiled. “Big fish from small ponds somewhere itching for a toe hold in the big city.”

“They'll be easy to spot, but what do we do to get rid of them?” Shizuo asked.

“I think we should snipe at them from the shadows until we can get them do something really stupid right in front of Kinnosuke and his band of rabid bike cops,” Izaya said. “We'll have to stay hidden in Ikebukuro and really frustrate them. You use your network. I'll use mine.”

Shizuo frowned. “I have a network? Tom isn't a network.”

“You have a huge network, Shizuo-chan,”

“Why do you call me that?” Shizuo asked quietly.

“To push your gloriously dangerous buttons,” Izaya replied easily. “Besides, I know you wouldn't allow me to call you Kohai.”

“You never asked,” Shizuo countered without anger. “You never asked anything. You just attacked.”

Shizuo rose to go to the vending machine. He was still hungry and he needed distance from Izaya to avoid getting angry all over again. The man wouldn't back off. He was right behind him.

“I have the money, remember?” He asked.

Shizuo stepped away from the machine. As Izaya pulled out the money, they heard another vehicle rumbling toward the hole.

“Ah, the Scoobies are here,” Izaya said with a smile.

Shizuo frowned at him. Then, he heard someone calling his name.

“Kyohei!” Shizuo shouted. “We're down here!”

“We?” Erica asked as they all peered down the hole.

“If you're finished staring, can you get Celty?” Shizuo said dryly. “We can't make it out without her.”

“Right,” Kyohei said. “I'll text her now.”

“Don't you boys fight,” Erika said as she settled in to watch them in the hole. Walker pulled her away while muttering something about the edge of the hole being unstable.

“Where will you go?” Shizuo asked. “Is it safe at your office with the leak so close?”

“I have some safe houses that no one knows about,” he said quietly. “I'll contact you on the social nets.”

Shizuo nodded at that. He looked at Izaya intently for a long moment. It was time to spring his plan.

“Of all the things I've thought about you over all these years, I never thought the truth would be that you are gutless,” he said quietly.

“Did you hit your head during that landing?”

“You never allowed me a chance to say anything to you,” Shizuo said. “You were my Sempai. I was new to the school. You had all the cards and still needed to cheat. What else can that be but fear? You still want to destroy me when I have nothing to do with anything in your life or you business. How else can that be explained?”

Izaya stared hard at Shizuo for a long moment. The tension between them rose to near normal levels for an instant. Then, Izaya smiled a wry smile. He put money in the vending machine then pushed some buttons.

“I thought onigiri would be best since we're leaving soon,” he said before tossing a riceball toward Shizuo.

“Now, don't you boys start fighting or anything,” Erika yelled from above.

Shizuo nearly missed the rice ball from being startled by the yelling. He rolled his eyes before opening the package.

“Thanks,” he said, tucking in.

“No worries.”

Celty's bike was roaring up then. In seconds, she was peering down the hole while Kyohei and his posse explained their situation, saving them both a lot of shouting. She nodded her helmet. In an instant, the cavern was filled with the black tendrils that were part of her frightening but fascinating power. Shizuo and Izaya were wrapped in the tendrils that then tightened to hold them firmly without harming them.

“Okay, Celty! Bring us up!” Shizuo said loudly.

Slowly, they were lifted from the ground and pulled toward the opening to the cavern. Mid-way up, Izaya suddenly swung his body toward Shizuo. Before he could react to the sudden move – before the 'what the fuck' could be formed, Izaya came close and kissed Shizuo's open mouth. Since his hands were free, he was able to hold the kiss by grasping Shizuo by the hair at the back of the head firmly but gently. The kiss was shocking to Shizuo, but it was also gentle. Izaya was thoroughly exploring his mouth with his warm tongue, but it was clear somehow that he was willing to end the kiss at any second. And that second came when Shizuo realized that they had cleared the entrance of the cabin and Erika was shrieking with glee. He turned his head sharply, ending the kiss. Immediately, Shizuo started shouting.

“Have you lost your fucking mind? What the fuck made you think I wanted you to KISS me?!”

“The way you were talking down there indicated that my alleged interest would be reciprocated,” Izaya replied with his usual, easy calm.

“I said that it would be okay if you were gay. I never said that I was gay!” Shizuo raged, unaware that he was safely on the ground.

“You implied it by not specifically saying that in that missed opportunity all those years ago, you weren't interested,” Izaya said.

“The not-gay guy doesn't have to come out and say he isn't gay!” Shizuo yelled. “I am going to KILL YOU!”

“And that's my cue to leave,” Izaya said. “I don't want our deal to fall apart minutes after rescue.”

He bounded back several yards, putting a safe distance between them. The reality of their ongoing situation slammed back into Shizuo's mind, squelching his anger.

“WAIT!” Shizuo said. “Izaya! It's not safe for you to move alone on foot.”

“He's right,” Kyohei said. “There are all sorts of eyes on the street looking for you both to surface.”

“Kyohei, can you guys take him to where he needs to go,” Shizuo said quietly. “Then, I need your help figuring out how to deal with these fuckers.”

“Sure thing,” Kyohei said. “Climb in the back, Izaya.”

Izaya was surprised at Shizuo. He was also very pleased though for once he didn't say anything about it.

“Thanks,” Izaya said. “And thank you, Shizuo. I'll be in touch.”

Shizuo nodded. He no longer trusted himself not to scream at the crazy man. As the van screeched off, Shizuo turned to Celty. He was pretty sure that the Dulahan had been screaming silently in her helmet since they came out of that hole kissing.

“You do know that I did not want that man to kiss me, right?” Shizuo said. “He's found a new way to make me insane since we have a truce.”

Celty nodded vigorously. He could tell that she was relieved.

“I mean, I've never actually talked to Izaya before,” Shizuo reasoned. “Something was bound to go wrong.”

Celty tapped into her phone furiously.

“Yes! That must be it. Makes perfect sense.”

“Are you okay to ride? I need to get out of sight. I'm still hurting from the fall, and I need to sleep,” he said. “Can we go to where you took me before?”

She tapped a note on her phone. “Absolutely. Do you need medical treatment?”

“No, just some food and a hot bath,” he replied.

“Right,” she wrote. “I'll drop you off and then come back with food.”

She conjured a helmet for him. She also made a whole leather jumpsuit appear on his body. She typed on her phone again.

“You'll need to cover up. Everyone knows that outfit,” she wrote. “You also look a little cold.”

“Thanks. I guess I am cold.”

Shizuo put on his sunglasses, feeling much more like himself. Then, he climbed on the back of the bike. Between Izaya's network and his own, they would soon be pounding in the faces of those responsible for making him spend time with that psychopath. The kiss was something Shizuo would have never figured on when he came up with his plan, but he wasn't discouraged. There had to be a happy medium between beating Izaya in the head with a traffic sign and allowing him to tonsil dive. Shizuo was certain that after a hot bath, some food and a good night's sleep, he could come up with something. He just hoped Izaya would give him the space he needed to sort things out. Something made Shizuo very wary of tangling with this new Izaya.

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