Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ensnared Volume III - Rescue from the Brothel

This the first of three ebooks that will be released in advance of the print volume. You need not have read the first two to enjoy this one.
Ensnared Volume III – Rescue from the Brothel
Andreas never dealt with brothels directly even though his business often crossed into the underworld of society. In recent weeks, however, he can't seem to avoid them. These business owners are trying to forcibly recruit young men he needs for Zed Crew. There is a bounty for close up photos of him and for hair samples from him as these pimps try to create Sex Slaves in his image for demanding clients. Finally, the kidnapping of a close friend to his new recruits forces Andreas to act against the brothels. Can he get the young man back without endangering himself? He and Darius survived the most treacherous plots from those closest to them. Will this seemingly simple act provoke the Cosi Leader's uncontrollable wrath and endanger everyone?

* * *

No one was overtly rushing him, but it was clear that Andreas could no longer dally. He had to prepare himself for Darius. For all the planning to save a young man from becoming a sexual plaything, Andreas actually was one. He was a Dami ― a living sex toy ― owned body, mind and will by the most powerful being in the known universe. The difference between Jevon and Andreas was that he gave himself to Darius willingly ― twice. The first time, he was an infamous Crew leader on the run for his life. The second time, he was a wealthy and powerful Lord in his own right.
Their story was famous throughout the worlds the Cosi ruled. Much to Andreas’ chagrin, there were unauthorized books and plays about their history. Darius ignored it all in that arrogant way of his. While it was a sound plan that ignoring the books would discredit them faster than trying to quash them, no one would dare ask Darius for an autograph as some had asked him on occasion.
But those annoyances were easily forgotten compared to the joy of being close to Darius. It was deeply puzzling to Andreas why anyone would doubt what had attracted him to his Cosi. Hector put it very well calling him a big, walking distraction. Darius was easily the tallest man Andreas had ever met. He was powerfully and elegantly muscled. There was an angelic beauty to his handsomeness topped with a long mane of thick and silky buttery blond hair. He had vibrant dark blue eyes that were almost always warm and playful with Andreas though he often saw them when they were frosty cold with those who displeased him. And then, there was his mouth. Darius had very sensuous lips. He was an expert kisser who could use that mouth to render Andreas mindless with ease.
Keeping his day focused on time to make sure he was prepared for Darius was no chore for Andreas. He looked forward to the moment when he could shed his beautifully tailored suit and slip into his evening bath. He longed for the transition from his daily responsibilities to thinking of nothing but pleasing Darius. It was freeing for him. And it was an honor to be so close to that singularly powerful man. There were less than a handful of people in the universe that could be trusted enough to be close to the Cosi Leader. It both amazed and humbled Andreas that Darius considered him exquisite when he had his choice of all the beauty in the universe. And Darius made him feel beautiful each time he was in his presence. It was the way he looked at him as if that act was a deep and satisfying pleasure.
Thus, Andreas took care to relax during the bath and let all the tension from the interviews and freeing Jevon drain away with the bath water. By the time he finished, Andreas was attractively dressed in Dami attire that showed off his collar bones and most of his back. The fabric was soft and touchable. It fell along the contours of his body showing them off elegantly. The coppery red color was chosen by Darius to best highlight his tawny skin. His shoulder length, mahogany brown hair was brushed to a shine. Andreas was also slicked and stretched to accommodate his Cosi’s length and girth should he want to have him in bed straight away. When the door opened to the private entrance, Andreas was more than ready to gracefully kneel with his head bowed. His body was ready for anything Darius desired. He had but to ask.
How may I serve you this evening, Darius?”
Look at me, sweet Dami,” he said. His voice was so warm.
Andreas obeyed and found that Darius had extended his hand. Andreas offered his in return and immediately found himself in a full body embrace with Darius seeking his lips. He moaned into that intense kiss as his knees weakened. The incredible strength in that embrace once again made Andreas feel helpless yet protected. The kiss was possessive and affectionate at the same time. Darius was in no hurry to move to the bedroom that night. In fact, as the kiss gently ended, Andreas was set onto his feet.
Let’s have some wine and talk before dinner,” Darius said. “I’ve missed your voice.”

Yes, Darius,” Andreas murmured with a smile. “I’ve missed yours, too.”