Sunday, January 27, 2013

Realism and Food and Yaoi

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I had some very nice comments on my work this week and last week. On the site, All Romance, where I am a bestseller (yes, I like saying that), a reader wrote that she enjoyed all of my work. On a different site, a reader said 'just read all of her work.' That was mighty nice. Yet the most fascinating and fun comments have been about the realism I've managed to put into my books. A reader who went to see Zero Dark Thirty  said that the Seal Team Six in that film reminded her of Falcon Squad from the Soldiers' books. I had done some research on special forces units in general. We worked with one on Demon Under Glass. He came to our attention after commenting that it took longer to strangle a man than we shot in one scene. This formidable crew guy found film far more peaceful than the military (geez, he must have had a hard time as a soldier to think that). Yet, he was really affable, laid back and funny in a very twisted way. The actor who played Rik in the short film version of the Soldiers' book actually was in such a unit as well. Why do they drift toward film. Beyond that, I interview others who were in a unit or were close to people who were. The freedom about hairstyles and operating outside of protocol were not made from whole cloth. I was very pleased that someone saw my guys in characters that were even closer to the real thing. I was asked by a different reader if the menu I go into loving detail about in Ensnared is real. The answer is yes. All food I mention in my books are dishes I've had. Often times, I've made them as well. Food is an excellent way to ground even the most far flung of fantasies in reality. There is a cookbook 'written by' Vincent Greven that covers almost ever dish I mention in the Soldiers' books. The current release date is in time for the Writers Romance and Rainbows 2013 Book Fair. We'll see.

This week, I received a lovely note about a yaoi story I wrote for the e-zine, Full Metal Orgasm, called The Companion. This incredible anthology of really good and sexy prose is only $3.99! There is a large sample of the story on this site. My story starts on page 18. The story was inspired, in part, by a character in the web comic, Teahouse, that I fell in love with. Gilder is big and likely dangerous while being romantic, tender and highly sexy. The reader turned out to be a very talented writer who thought highly of the story. He also sensed the tension and danger to the main characters and that their was a great deal to the society that created their dire situation. I revealed that the civilization in The Companion is a past society from the Ensnared universe. It is one of The Time That Was. He encouraged me to write more from that civilization and the others. I do plan on doing that when I get the time. I was very proud of that story. It was difficult to put all that back story, erotica an nuance in less than 20,000 words. It was a lovely thing to take the time to do for a writer, and I really enjoyed the interaction with him. So, gentle readers, I'm here and willing to chat about writing and my work any time – even if you don't absolutely love my work. I'll be writing a really hardcore yaoi story for an upcoming edition of Full Metal Orgasm. I'll reveal more about that when it gets closer to publication.The Companion manages to have some food references as well. In fact, it took everything in me to not get carried away with talking about food and food preparation.

He is the Wild Boyfriend!
I love that yaoi is full of food in the manga and anime. Since I love writing about food, it was great to know that it wouldn't look weird in the yoai novels. And I really loved that all the dishes are real. I've had this whole ongoing adventure with cooking Japanese food, because I decided to look up octopus wieners after an episode of Junjou Romantica. I thought it would be fun to do a video blog on food seen in yaoi anime. Later, I decided to include the foods in the manga I was editing for Digital Manga in the video blogs. Ironically, the video that I saw as the first one of the Cook Like a Uke with actual ukes is only getting edited this coming week. I shot it almost a year ago! It's Tonjiru and features a real like Misaki from Junjou Romantica. So, next week's blog will be all about the two new Cook Like A Uke videos. One will cover the long overdue Tonjiru. The other will be based on a story in Sakira's 'Too Hot for Kindle' yaoi manga, Wild Boyfriend. They will both be worth the wait!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Get! Vol One and the Return of the Insane Seme

GET! Volume One by Ariko Kanazawa

Student council president Kyo seems to have it all – looks (he's prettier than most of the girls), intellect, and power. He doesn't even care that he is hated by many students, he has everything under control. But then super popular and incorrigible Ryosuke upends his life like a tornado, professing his undying love, kissing him, and turning up everywhere he shouldn't be! Why won't he leave Kyo alone? Why can't Kyo push him away? Can Ryosuke's devotion save Kyo from a ruthless plan of revenge at the hands of school bullies?

Return of the Insane Seme

I have written on this topic before and with great glee. I think the addition of a bit of wackiness to a Seme's personality is always a good thing. That trait adds dramatic tension and a great deal of humor to the story lines. A crazy Seme is never predictable or boring. Underclassman, Ryosuke Hino, is certainly a bit crazy along with being gorgeous, at the top of his grade academically, an unsurpassed athlete and wildly popular student. His carefree nature causes him to grab a nap in the student government offices where class president, Kyo Kaonji, discovers him. While trying to wake Ryosuke, Kyo finds himself in the young man's arms being passionately kissed. Ryosuke is delighted that the angel he was kissing in his dreams is a real person despite being smacked about by said angel. He vows to make Kyo his lover. Ryosuke does not even care that Kyo is a man.

Thus begins a very funny and suspenseful story. The suspense comes from the danger Kyo has gotten himself into by putting all the worst students on report for infraction of the rules. They've decided that they would teach him a lesson by gang raping and beating him while filming the attack. Later, they would blackmail him into allowing them to go about their business. Only Ryosuke's constant presence keeps them from going through with their plans. Kyo doesn't realize that he is putting his own safety in peril by constantly trying to push away the unwanted suitor.

Get! Volume One was a lot of fun to edit. Ryosuke is a delightfully funny and crazy Seme. Through his antics, the reader begins to see what he sees in the arrogant Kyo aside from his beauty. This uke is actually a young man of considerable integrity, and he is emotionally as well as figuratively vulnerable. Kyo is very deserving of a lover who will protect him and make him happy. Hino Ryosuke is the man for that job. Did I mention that Get! Is also white hot?! It is very much Too Hot for Kindle! And even that hot hot sex is very funny!

Get! Volume One is available as an ebook in most formats here:

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big News and Blog Preview

I am a BESTSELLER on All Romance Ebooks! All four of my yaoi titles are bestsellers!! Meanwhile, Ensnared Volumes One and Two also received marvelous reviews. You can check the reviews out here:

Yaoi Manga Preview

Later today, I'll post a preview of the latest yaoi manga localized by my team for the Digital Manga Guild. It's Called Get!Volume One by Ariko Kanazawa. The Seme is my favorite kind -- insane with a twist. You'll find out about that in a little while. So, check back soon.