Thursday, August 16, 2012

Belated Yaoi Day Prezzie -- Fiction with Pretty Pictures

Andreas didn't think of himself as enslaved. After all, he had begged for the collar the first time while in the throes of a lust so strong, he truly believed he would die if he was not allowed to come. The heaviness of the collar and the bite of the ear tag were the price he willingly paid to feel that big, warm hand grasp his erection and work it until his mind and body exploded with hot, shimmering pleasure. The collar and the tag were the price he paid to see that angelically beautiful face in the throes of ecstasy. It was well worth the price.

Andreas demanded the collar and tag the second time. He had been fighting his body and his heart against the incredible magnetism of his beautiful Owner. Those vibrant, blue eyes could be as cold as a clear, winter sky, but when they turned on him, all Andreas could feel was heat. His body vividly recalled how those big hands felt on his skin. He could feel the strength in that embrace and the weight of that hard muscled body in his dreams. He still wanted his enigmatic Owner. His body craved that skillful, sinful touch like it needed air, but Andreas could not give in to those desires. Andreas would not give in until he had the collar back around his neck and the tag attached tho his ear. He needed to be owned once again. He wanted to be certain that he would never be without that touch again.

Darius knew that Andreas was fighting his own body. He could see the conflict in those amazing green-gold eyes. He could hear the slight tremble in his voice. That Andreas was his was without question. If Darius decided to press the issue, all of those struggles could be ended with one long, hot kiss. Andreas would fight for a little while. He would probably call him a bastard in that exasperated way Darius enjoyed hearing. However, he would have given in to his body if Darius pressed him. But he would not. It was not enough for him to know that Andreas was still his body, mind and will. Everyone in their worlds needed to know that all the beauty and charms his cheeky Dami – trained plaything – possessed belonged to Darius alone. It had to be publicly known once again that any trespass upon what was his could mean death.

To Darius, the wait was worth all of the restless nights without Andreas in his bed. During that sinful, open mouthed kiss after he placed the new collar and tag upon his Dami, Darius felt Andreas' knees buckle with great satisfaction. It was a simple matter then to carry that lean, lithe body to his bed. There, Darius quickly stripped Andreas but took his time just looking at him as he lay shackled to the headboard. Andreas did not fight being restrained. He was, in fact, erect as he watched Darius undress with hunger and anticipation in those beautiful eyes. How he had missed just looking at that sleekly muscled body. It pleased Darius to no end that Andreas still wore the gold body chains even after the collar was removed. They made him look like the wanton, sensual Dami that he was. That body deserved to be worshiped, so Darius took his time relearning that firm, sweet, tawny flesh with his hands and his lips and his tongue. Andreas' moans and cries were music to Darius' ears. He held him down as he drew out the torment long promised when they were separated. There was much that Darius planned for that first encounter in such a long time. He was determined to draw that time out as long as possible, but Andreas was more enticing than he imagined. One word said in such a lust drenched moan was enough to derail all of Darius' well thought out plans.


It was the word he wanted most to hear from Andreas. Darius couldn't bear one more second without taking the body struggling against him. His Dami ceased his struggles during a long, deep kiss. He used that heated exchanged to move one of Andreas' long legs to hook around his waist. Andreas moaned loudly as Darius pushed his thick length into that long missed, tight heat. It was in his head to draw that out as well, but that was impossible. Once Darius was surrounded by that throbbing tightness, he was driven to ride hard toward completion for them both. Andreas tore his mouth away from the kiss to cry out Darius' name and to see his in the throes of near painful pleasure. The expression on his Dami's beloved face struck him to the core.

“Mine!” Darius exclaimed.

Andreas gasped. His face flushed. Slowly, he raised a trembling hand to push the long blond hair back to better see his expression. The bliss of their joining was still on that beautiful face. His eyes were nearly black with desire as he gazed down. Andreas smiled and drew a shaky breath.

“Yes, Darius. I'm yours.”

Darius smiled his most angelic smile. He released the shackles then turned onto his back with Andreas in his arms. With that, Andreas finally found himself where he had longed to be after all those lonely nights – draped across that powerful body and held by powerful arms heading to sleep.

No matter what was said by those in both of his worlds, Andreas knew he wasn't enslaved. He was, however, totally enthralled and thoroughly ensnared.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Yaoi Day Part Two!

Have a taste of the second yaoi manga I edited for the Digital Manga Guild. This one was really crazy!

Wild Boyfriend

Tough guy Ran thought Keitatsu was shy and vulnerable as he longed for him from afar. Then, when a brutal act brings them together, Ran discovers that he’s the one in need of a rescue and Keitatsu is more than he or anyone else can handle! Sakira’s long awaited debut collection features hot couples in the wildest first encounters ever! [localized by L.W. Hubbard, D.L. Warner, and Hentai Tenshi]

 “Wild Boyfriend – Bousou Kareshi © Sakira. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2009 by JUNET Co.,Ltd” This title is available for Nook here or to read online via EManga here: .

Read about all the most recent TOO HOT titles here:

Happy Yaoi Day Part One!

Have a taste of the first yaoi manga I edited for the Digital Manga Guild.

Again Tomorrow

Shunya’s office is buzzing with wild rumors. Vice President Yuusei Saotome, son of the President and heir to the company, is missing! Most believe he ran off to escape an arranged marriage that would benefit his father’s company. Only Shunya knows that the VP has amnesia and is staying with him in his apartment. The Yuu that Shunya knows is not the coldly handsome VP who barely noticed his underlings. This Yuu is easygoing and likes to cook for Shunya. Yuu even seems to want Shunya in his arms as much as Shunya wants to be there. For a while, Shunya lives in a dream with Yuu. But doubts nag at his conscience. What if Yuu has another love who is searching for him? What will happen when his memory returns? Would Shunya be forgotten or hated by Yuu?

Nabako Kamo's Again Tomorrow is available on Kindle, Nook and Emanga :

(Again Tomorrow - Ashita Kara Mouichido © Nabako Kamo. All rights reserved. Original Japanese edition published in 2010 by Taiyoh Tosho Publishing Co., Ltd.)