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In Praise of Headstrong Ukes

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I never understood how a shy, timid Uke could attract the attention of a powerful and arrogant Seme. With all that blushing and shrinking away, how do they seem in the least bit interesting, no matter how beautiful they are. I like Uke's that are hot tempered and headstrong. Blushing is lovely, but it should be followed up with a heated, frowny glare and  possibly screaming. In rare cases, a bar fight is good, too. [Spoiler  Alert for two anime] For example, in Junjou Romantica, Usami Akihiko,
would not have been interested in a shrinking, demur Misaki. Usami”s attention was attracted when Misaki went off on him with great fury and indignation. Those flares of temper were a hallmark of their relationship. In fact, Usami's father didn't understand how the relationship could exist at all until he saw that Misaki was capable of and very willing to shout at his son. I could never see Misaki topping Usami, but there is a balance of power between the two. It makes for delightful chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Likewise, in Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Ranmaru is far from a blushing and shy Uke. The foreplay his and Alberto's first time in bed is a bar fight where they are heavily outnumbered. Alberto is very protective of the beautiful Ranmaru, but the man is almost as good at getting out of trouble as he is getting into it. I love that when Alberto arrives to rescue his Uke from kidnappers, Ranmaru had almost made it out on his own. And even as the pair fly off into the sunset, Ranmaru promises that there will be problems of his making along the way. Alberto can't wait. The Semes in these titles are as attracted to their Ukes as much for their fire as they are for their beauty.

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When I write yaoi, I first focus on what the character traits are that would bring a couple together beyond their looks. In Ensnared, Andreas noticed Darius first for his looks, but what initially piqued his interest was the incredible sensuality in the way Darius did things like eat. Despite a reputation for a viscous temper, Andreas playfully provoked Darius and teased him publicly more than once. Instead of responding in anger at what could be considered an affront to his dignity, Darius became intrigued at the man's cheekiness and bravery. As they become more deeply connected, Darius grows to adore Andreas for his sense of humor and willingness to tease him. Additionally, Darius had respected Andreas for his reputation as a tough underworld Crew Leader. Part of the attraction of acquiring him as a submissive lover is getting such a strong willed beauty to yield completely to his desires. And Darius expects Andreas to remain the same strong willed Leader in his own circle, because he enjoys seducing him into surrender each time they make love.

The most unique pairing I've written in the yaoi genre is Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven from the Soldier's novels (A Soldier's Choice and A Soldier's Fate and the upcoming A Soldier's Destiny). While Rik can easily be considered the Seme in the relationship (he is the superior officer and older of the pair), the pair switches of on who is on top in bed or on the sofa or even the kitchen table. Rik is very much the typical Seme. He is arrogant and can be very cold and aloof. On the battlefield or even just training soldiers, Rik's reputation is entirely justified. Meanwhile, Vincent has the well-earned reputation of being one of the most volatile genetically Altered the US military ever produced. His nickname Hardcase though Rik often thought it should be Collateral Damage. He is extremely strong willed – sometimes to his own detriment. Yet despite what everyone perceives to be a hostility toward his commanding officer, Vincent is madly in love Rik. For his part, Rik is oblivious until it's too late to do anything about it. When they are given a second shot at a life together, Rik seizes the opportunity despite knowing that Vincent will continue being the volatile, headstrong soldier he trained. Behind closed doors, both men are fragile and deeply battle scarred emotionally. That is why switching off dominance in bed works. Sometimes, Vincent needs to be submissive and just feel what is happening. Sometimes Rik does, too, though he is surprised that this is the case.

So, gentle readers, you can trust that though my Ukes are occasionally unpredictable, they will always be headstrong and amusing especially to their Semes.

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