Monday, January 7, 2013

Get! Vol One and the Return of the Insane Seme

GET! Volume One by Ariko Kanazawa

Student council president Kyo seems to have it all – looks (he's prettier than most of the girls), intellect, and power. He doesn't even care that he is hated by many students, he has everything under control. But then super popular and incorrigible Ryosuke upends his life like a tornado, professing his undying love, kissing him, and turning up everywhere he shouldn't be! Why won't he leave Kyo alone? Why can't Kyo push him away? Can Ryosuke's devotion save Kyo from a ruthless plan of revenge at the hands of school bullies?

Return of the Insane Seme

I have written on this topic before and with great glee. I think the addition of a bit of wackiness to a Seme's personality is always a good thing. That trait adds dramatic tension and a great deal of humor to the story lines. A crazy Seme is never predictable or boring. Underclassman, Ryosuke Hino, is certainly a bit crazy along with being gorgeous, at the top of his grade academically, an unsurpassed athlete and wildly popular student. His carefree nature causes him to grab a nap in the student government offices where class president, Kyo Kaonji, discovers him. While trying to wake Ryosuke, Kyo finds himself in the young man's arms being passionately kissed. Ryosuke is delighted that the angel he was kissing in his dreams is a real person despite being smacked about by said angel. He vows to make Kyo his lover. Ryosuke does not even care that Kyo is a man.

Thus begins a very funny and suspenseful story. The suspense comes from the danger Kyo has gotten himself into by putting all the worst students on report for infraction of the rules. They've decided that they would teach him a lesson by gang raping and beating him while filming the attack. Later, they would blackmail him into allowing them to go about their business. Only Ryosuke's constant presence keeps them from going through with their plans. Kyo doesn't realize that he is putting his own safety in peril by constantly trying to push away the unwanted suitor.

Get! Volume One was a lot of fun to edit. Ryosuke is a delightfully funny and crazy Seme. Through his antics, the reader begins to see what he sees in the arrogant Kyo aside from his beauty. This uke is actually a young man of considerable integrity, and he is emotionally as well as figuratively vulnerable. Kyo is very deserving of a lover who will protect him and make him happy. Hino Ryosuke is the man for that job. Did I mention that Get! Is also white hot?! It is very much Too Hot for Kindle! And even that hot hot sex is very funny!

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