Thursday, July 10, 2014

At Last - A Soldier's Destiny is Available

A Soldier's Destiny
by D.L. Warner

For Rik and Vincent, the battles don't end with retirement.

Colonel Rik Heron and Major Vincent Greven return from a long overdue vacation healed in body and soul and ready to take on the primary mission of their Foundation. They also have a small problem to present to their Benefactors. Simon Molinar, a centuries old being that is the likely source of their mutation, turned up at their resort. Rik and Vincent managed to overcome the skepticism of everyone – including their own staff – to convince them not to kill Molinar on the spot. They strongly sense that he needs them and has much to tell them. Just as that is decided, General Braun announces that a rogue squad of dangerous washouts has escaped confinement in Alaska ans is likely headed straight for the Foundation. Can Rik and Vincent save all of these dangerous mutants and keep their loved ones safe from harm. What will it cost their relationship to wage battles on all fronts? 

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Not familiar with The Soldier's Saga? You don't have to be to read this book, but it is a really wild ride. 

For Rik and Vincent, it will always come down to Love or Death.

Life was never easy for them. Taken as children by the military because of genetic mutation, they were
further Altered genetically to serve as living weapons. What small amount of stability they had in a specialized squad was torn apart when Major Vincent Greven, their most talented and volatile soldier was swallowed up by a dimensional portal. For two years, life for Colonel Rik Heron, his Commanding Officer, was filled with pain and anger and need for revenge. The loss of Vincent Greven brought fourth a lot of necessary reform in a military that had run amok, but Rik remained in emotional agony from the loss. He realized to his horror that he was heartbroken. The imp he had dubbed Hardcase during training had stolen his heart.

And then, during a terrifying attack by a fleet of inter-dimensional ships two years later, Vincent returned through a portal similar to the one that took him to help Rik defeat the biggest of the behemoth ships. To Rik's surprise, Vincent shared the intense love and desire he felt. They came together shortly after the battle and never left each other's sides. They fought intrigues and betrayal from outsiders who feared them and from some in their inner circle who envied them to form a life of purpose outside the military. The simple wish to live and work together cost them almost more they could bear.

Their stubborn determination and support from powerful allies, helped Rik and Vincent create a Foundation that allows them to serve their country and other Altereds like Vincent's brother, Bobby, who decided to follow his footsteps into the military. Despite all the good works Rik and Vincent accomplish through the Foundation, deadly plots continue to swirl around them and their growing circle of loved ones. Among the threats is the appearance of the centuries old being from whence the genetic mutation sprung. How many times can they cheat death? And how many times can they save all of those whom they care about? When will the constant peril and vigilance outmatch the incredible bond between them? And is it true that they can literally no longer live without each other?

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