Thursday, February 19, 2015

When a Sex-Crazed Seme's Sexbot is Programmed as a Sex-Crazed Seme!

The Emissary  (available here: began as a much darker story. I wanted to make a harsh commentary on non-con in Yaoi when I was asked to arite something for a hard core sexually oriented sci-fi fiction quarterly, Full Metal Orgasm. Our Seme, Carson, who is later called Emissary, was a selfish monster who lacked empathy for the suffering of others. When his desires are read by the computer in his stasis chamber while en route to his new assignment, a glitch occurs that reverses his sexual role. Thus, his hosts fashion an assistant who looks like Eli, the intern who reported his sexual abuse, but he is programmed with Carson's desires and sex drive. Carson is thus doomed to be abused as he abused. He cannot point out the error to the host government. They are a hyper sensitive alien race that would take the information as an insult. The android assistant has super human strength and programmed to not take no for an answer. It was a fitting Night Gallery style sentence for a monster. The story reflected my views on non-con, and everyone that read it was very uncomfortable.

However, when the magazine got delayed, I decided to publish the story on its own. However, I found that I couldn't publish that story in the wake of my super sexy and loving short, The Companion. I worried that readers would think that the brutality Carson endured in that version of the story was just more sexy fun from DL Warner. So, I needed to redeem Carson somehow. I first emphasized the parallels between him and Eli. But where Eli was raised with love and support, Carson was left to a series of nannies to raise. I also established that Carson was interested in Eli as more than a fling. He admired Eli's mind as well as wanted his body. But Carson also has a pathological fear of rejection. He is possessive and jealous because of that fear. His past relationships always dissolved in to a complete mess. He and Eli as a couple were doomed no matter what he did, so he took the opportunity to object to intimate acts away.

Thus, the android, Chiral (a term for a molecule that looks identical to another molecule but has different properties), has Carson's admiration and romantic attraction to Eli in his programming along with his near rampant lusts. He is also calibrated not to harm Carson during their interactions. Meanwhile, even though Carson is a Seme, he is an orgasm addict. Chiral is extremely talented at making sure Carson has many of them in a day. And this new Carson has the ability to change his ways.

The story comes out sexually edgy and darkly funny (or I really hope it does). The Hubs actually laughed out loud when he was formatting it. That was a great sign. Carson was very difficult to write as he is not at all a sympathetic character initially. However, it was great to stretch as a writer. I was pleased that I found a way that should make the reader care about him. Hopefully, my readers will agree.

Again, you can find the book here:

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