Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ensnared is Live!

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Overview -- No Spoilers

In this world, everyone is a captive. Each being has a role to play as part of a caste they were born to. This is the way things have been since the civilization that is rose from the ashes of the cataclysm. The most powerful and privileged are the Cosimo or Cosi, an word from The Time That Was that means 'Those Who Keep Order.' In every generation, one among the Cosi is chosen and bred to lead them all, making him the most powerful being in the world or off. In this generation, Darius Galatea is the leader of the Cosi. He is extraordinarily tall and very well built. Like all Cosi, Darius has beautiful features and nearly waist length hair. Darius appears as many believe and angel may look, but he is not a gentle and benign being. He is brilliant and arrogant. Though he has a great deal of patience, he is better known for his vicious temper. When he came to power less than a decade before, Darius and his Second, the platinum haired, violet eyed Mykos Estevan, laid a path of devastation that shocked the world and beyond. Though that reputation haunts the pair, they are actual far more civilized hedonists. When they aren't brutally exercising their power, they are always on the hunt for the most exquisite sensations and the most beautiful objects.

Andreas Hesper is a leader as well, but he comes from the lowest caste in that civilization. He was raised first in a foundling home and then in a charity school in the city of Eris, one of the poorest and most dangerous cities on the planet. He is unusually tall for a commoner. And he has an usual feature that sets him apart beyond his height and striking good looks. He has an amazing pair of green-gold eyes where most from Eris are dark eyed. Andreas is very smart along with being good looking. He is also charismatic. He used his assets along with a keenly intuitive nature to elevate his gang, Zed Crew, to a point where they can leave Eris and find their fortunes in Kacia. This city is where higher born commoners and those with enough money to escape Eris go to serve the needs and whims of the city of Amara where the Elite class or Calix dwell. Kacia is safer than Eris by and large and it is possible to have a very comfortable life working there. Andreas and Zed Crew use their resources to help one of their own open Club Zero, a bar/restaurant/night club that attracts Calix and Commoners alike. Through the contacts from the club, Zed Crew had found lucrative work that drew the attention of the Cosi themselves.

One fateful night, Darius and Mykos happened into Club Zero seeking it's excellent food and music. Though Zed Crew had been doing jobs for the Cosi for some time, Darius had never met Andreas. When those two men meet, social order is upended. Darius is powerfully attracted to the Crew leader as much as he is attracted to the Cosi. An affair between the two men would be highly unusual and potentially problematic. What Darius desires could threaten even his status as a Cosi Leader. There is a class of Commoner that are trained as pleasure slaves. They are Damians or tamed ones also known as Damis. A Dami sells himself into such bondage for a certain length of time so that they will earn a very comfortable retirement. The reality is that their lives are sort and often filled with pain and fear and humiliation. Darius does not want to treat Andreas that way, but he does want to own him for a time as one would a Dami. Such a notion raises questions about his judgment. Damis are privy to the most confidential parts of their Owners lives. A crew leader like Andreas could become dangerous that close to Darius.

A series of events unfold to throw the two men together. Powerful forces have conspired to end Andreas Hesper's life. The contract also puts Cosi interests at risk drawing Darius and Mykos into the mix. While they hunt those who hunt Andreas, the Crew Leader must turn to Darius to provide protection. The price for safety is simple – Andreas will become a Dami to Darius for a year. The need is too great and the attraction is too powerful for Andreas to refuse. That decision sets in motion a series of events that upend the caste system, endanger Commoner and Cosi alike and may spark the next cataclysm to destroy their civilization.

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