Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Praise of Arrogant Men

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Darius Galatea, the Cosi Lord and planetary ruler isn't the first arrogant uber seme. I've written. However, he proved to be the most challenging I've ever created. The first thing a reader must do for Darius to work as a character is clearly see why anyone would fall hopelessly in love with him. The reason must be about more than incredible good looks. There has to be a profoundly compelling reason for someone to put his body, mind and will under the complete control of someone else. The reader really needs to understand this in general, but when the submissive is a powerful person in his own right, the reason for submission must be very clear and compelling.
That last word is the key to making a really arrogant character convincing as a romantic lead. Some writers theorize that a character must be sympathetic or empathetic to successful. I disagree. A reader must be able to put themselves into the shoes of a character or relate to their point of view to sympathize or empathize with a character. That isn't necessary for a reader to find a character compelling. I don't need to know the motivation or worldview of a life long mobster to find Michael Corleone fascinating to watch. The character can behave like a saint or like the devil incarnate as long as the reader can't help but want to watch him. I had to find a way to hook the reader on wanting to follow Darius. While he is being arrogant in a charming and fascinating fashion, there is time to reveal all the aspects of his personality. The reader gets to see more and more of what is behind his enigmatic mask as Andreas does. Hopefully, the reader will not only understand why Andreas couldn't help but fall for him, they will fall for him as well.

This was far easier to pull off in ASoldier's Choice with Colonel Rik Heron. That book begins with my arrogant uber seme badly injured physically and emotionally. The reader meets him at a point when all of his defenses have been stripped away. The only thing that gives Rik an edge over Major Vincent Greven, his former subordinate, is sexual experience. The reader doesn't get to meet the hard shelled, arrogant Colonel of legend until the story is well underway. In Rik's case, the compelling factor is the fragility that lurks behind the arrogant mask. Darius is in no way fragile. The only weakness he has is to his rule and that stems from his relationship with Andreas.

But how does Andreas first see behind this mask? Darius Galatea is known worldwide for his arrogance, his brutality and his temper. He has the face of an angel and the body of a god along that vicious reputation. But what initially attracts Andreas is seeing Darius deeply enjoying the food at a restaurant that is far more humble than anything he'd normally encounter. The sensual abandon apparent in the way Darius consumes that food causes Andreas to really watch the Lord. For a true hedonist like Darius (though I think Darius qualifies as a sybarite), food can be as powerfully pleasurable as good sex. Andreas can see that pleasure clearly on Darius' face as he eats. He begins to wonder what it would be like to have that sensual focus aimed at him. And then when the great Lord Galatea is not only willing to go to the bar to fetch a refill of his wine, he is also playful about it, Andreas cannot squelch his curiosity. He approaches Darius. Their intense chemistry takes over from there.

Darius remains arrogant throughout the story. Andreas is dismayed and amused by the fact that Darius has arrogant handwriting. It is my plan that through the long arc of the relationship, the many facets of his personality will be revealed. He inspires fierce loyalty in most of his close circle. Andreas actually grows to feel very protective of this very powerful man. But the background of that relationship dynamic is for the next time.

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