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Power Exchange Between Seme and Uke

In the real word of Dominant/submissive relationships, there is an exchange of power between the Dom and sub. The exchange is done without coercion and with full knowledge of what to expect. To put an even finer point on it, the sub is also legally and mentally able to surrender power to the Dom. The phrase that covers this practice is no one unwilling, underaged or unbalanced. Unbalanced covers such conditions as being too drunk or stoned to give consent as well as the mentally unbalanced. Smart Doms – and I am a very smart practicing lifestyle Dominatrix – do this to avoid arrest or lawsuits. Smart subs adhere to these rules to avoid hospitalization, permanent injury or death. One of the most bothersome thing about how these relationships are portrayed in popular media is that the danger for either party is recklessly underplayed. This includes a lot of yaoi I've read that depict this kind of relationship. Sorry guys.

Now, I get that there is a deeply satisfying thrill in seeing a uke conquered by a big, dangerous Seme. But when you think about it, how much conquering is there? These Semes are usually twice or even three times bigger than the uke. They are physically and psychologically terrifying. Where is the seduction? Where is the prowess as a lover? Who wants to see Superman fight a human mugger? Where is that buildup of tension and desire in the uke until he can do nothing else but surrender – no matter what the cost? Where is the continuous seduction that gets the uke to the point that he can't be in the same room with the Seme without getting rock hard? Oh my! I've given myself palpitations.

Now, you're looking at the banner image for this page and saying, but there is the huge man looming over a smaller, more vulnerable man who is wearing a big collar. What about that? That is clearly a D/s relationship. But I always write fiction that upends what is typical in a genre.

That bigger man is Darius, Lord Galatea from Ensnared, Volumes 1&2. [Note, there are very mild spoilers ahead – nothing that would spoil the twists in the plot.] He is a full half a foot taller than his uke and 60 pounds of muscle heavier as well. Beyond being much more powerful physically, Darius is much more powerful in wealth and political power. He is, in fact, the most powerful being in a whole planetary system. He is one typical, scary Seme. His reputation is so fearsome, it's rumored that he eats babies. But there is a difference in Darius. He would never force himself on someone he desired. His pride demands an absolute surrender to his lusts. Darius rightfully believes that he has the looks, magnetism and sexual prowess to make him impossible to resist when he turns his focus on someone he wants. Darius has such an intense regard that he has had to take measures in her personal life to make sure that no one who works closely with him is even remotely attracted to men. There had been problems in the past with underlings attempting to cross the line with him. In his love life, Darius wants a love to not only surrender, he wants him to beg permission to surrender.

Andreas Hesper is younger and much slighter than Darius and his social status is far lower when they meet. However, Andreas has power in his own right. His underworld crew, Zed Crew, is respected for their skillful, efficient, non-violent work. He has enough money for his needs. He is happy with his crew mates and content with his lot in life. His incredible looks and cheeky, playful personality made Andreas very popular in his world. Andreas isn't a brawler, but he can be physically imposing when he needs to be. Andreas has never shown interest in any of the highborn citizens that frequent Club Zero, Zed Crew's lair. The frequent inquiries were met with a polite but firm rebuff. To all that knew him, Andreas would never bow to someone merely because that someone was powerful. Nor did he want any riches they had to offer. Andreas was just the sort of man that Darius desired – beautiful, smart, confident, cheeky. What none who knew Andreas realized was that he met his match in Darius the moment their glaze locked, and that it had nothing to do with wealth or social status.

As Andreas dances with Darius the first time, no one but Darius knows that the younger man is fighting being overwhelmed. They see Andreas calmly return to his mates when the song ends. Darius leaves Club Zero shortly afterward. In less than forty-eight hours, however, Andreas has pledged himself as a pleasure slave to Darius for at least a year. Andreas does beg for the collar and tag. Admittedly, Darius does knock the breath out of his uke as well as take his breath away with kisses. Darius does use his size to hold Andreas down during sex. He even chains him to the bed. Never once, however, does Darius cause Andreas pain. Everyone believes that Andreas was blinded by Lord Galatea's wealth and power or he was brutally compelled to yield. Neither is true. It was a skillful though brief seduction by Darius that caused Andreas to trust him enough to give in to the powerful pull when his life literally depended upon it. Later, Andreas begs for that collar and all that comes with it. Yet he is never weak, and he never loses who he is. Darius cherishes that in his exquisite one, despite a carefully honed image for coldness.
In Ensnared, vol 2, Viktor Stamos, Second in command of Zed Crew finally asks about what happened between them. (Very minor spoilers)

Viktor was gazing intently at Andreas as the servant left.
“Can I ask you something without making you mad?” He asked quietly.
“Probably,” Andreas replied. “What is it?”
“Is everything that is said about Lord Galatea wrong?” He asked. “Is he a lot nicer than everyone thinks?”
“No, Darius is the evil bastard that everyone says he is,” Andreas replied with a wry smile. “As scary as the average person believes he is, the truth is many, many times worse. He is cold, arrogant and brutal. That temper is for real. None of that has ever been aimed at me, Viktor. He has never even raised his voice to me.”
“But he took advantage of your situation to claim you, didn’t he?”
“Yes, he did,” Andreas admitted. “But he didn’t want to claim me that way. That first meeting...allowing me to call him by his first name...was all about seducing me. He wanted me to walk in to being his Dami without any pressure. He was actually very annoyed that he didn’t get to seduce me the way he wanted.”
“He was that sure he could get you to do that?” Viktor asked quietly.
Andreas looked at him levelly. “He wasn’t wrong, Viktor.”
His Second nodded.
“Okay, this makes more sense to me,” Viktor murmured. “I couldn’t see you wanting to stay with someone who had used your situation to take you.”

That awkward moment passes between the two long time friends, but a misunderstanding remains that reflects another belief about Dominant/submissive relationships. If a man enjoys submitting to one powerful lover, he is willing to be that way with any powerful person. All the interested Seme would have to do is use the right amount of force on him. This belief causes a series of tragedies that effects everyone Andreas holds dear. Alas, any more would be a major spoiler. To find out how Darius seduces Andreas into absolute submission and what the impact of their relationship is, read Ensnared Volumes 1&2!

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