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When Seme on Seme Works

While writing the script for a Cook Like a Uke episode based on my Soldier's books (A Solder's Choice and A Soldier's Fate), my Hubs pointed out that Major Vincent Greven seemed like a typical uke, but he acted much more like a Seme. It was a valid point that caused me to completely re-write the script. I have written in a previous blog that I reading and writing about adore headstrong ukes. I'll take a uke that will yell at his Seme and give him all sorts of hell over one that is sweet and shy any day of the week. Andreas Hesper from the Ensnared novels is very much this kind of strong willed uke. He is an underworld crew leader who can handle himself in a pitched fight. But for his Seme, Darius Galatea, he is yielding. He often blushes. And he proudly wears a collar of ownership Darius demands. Vincent does seem to be that sort of uke, but one must look closer. [For links to excerpts see the Menu on the right].

Admittedly, Vincent Greven appears to be a typical uke. He is younger than his Seme by over ten years. Physically, he is shorter and slighter than Rik Heron who was also his trainer and superior officer while they were in the military. Even in their post military positions at the Foundation, Rik is still at a higher rank in the organization. In fact, it took a nearly losing Vincent in a tragedy to make Rik realize that he was more than a subordinate. Once he does, he behaves like a typical, possessive Seme. Rik often ends arguments by tossing Vincent over his shoulder and taking him to bed where he often holds him down or ties him down to take him for hours. Vincent thus seems like a typical uke and Rik very much a very possessive Seme.

But Rik is more complicated than that. He is as fragile as he is strong. Like the other Altered soldiers from that program, he has been emotionally damaged. There are times when he needs to be protected and times when he needs to be taken out of himself and loved. Vincent always sensed that in Rik. It was one of the reasons he stuck close and always watched his superior officer. He protected him however he could when they were soldiers. As a couple, he asserted himself as a Seme to truly prtect his lover both physically and emotionally whenever Rick needed that. From the onset of their relationship as a couple, Rik and Vincent switched off the role of sexual aggressor. Rik enjoys being pursued and occasionally ravished by Vincent. Despite Vincent's size, he is very strong. He is as strong as Rik because of the way he was Altered for military service. When they fight, only Rik's experience gives him an edge against Vincent. They are also a near match in intellect. Rik is comfortable enough in his own skin to acknowledge his needs and weaknesses to someone who has his heart.

The best excerpt to show the dynamic of their relationship is from A Soldier's Fate. This is during the time they are working together for the military as consulting trainers for new recruits.

Vincent and I were putting in long hours during the weeks of training. Our day typically began at 0500. We had breakfast then met with Remak and Percival to discuss Foundation business. Both were accustomed to military hours, and the phones were silent. We’d get a lot covered then. From 0700 to 1500, we trained the cadets. The day was short because training was physically and emotionally draining. We’d meet with staff members over supper. I thought after all of that, bedtime would be a shower or bath together then fall over unconscious. This did not turn out to be the case. My lover was profoundly affected by training alongside me. I was startled by the naked hunger in his eyes as we’d reach the end of the day. Vincent’s palpable need for me had a powerful affect on me as well. It was all we could do to keep our hands off each other until all of our work was done, and we were alone. Then, it was intense.
Sometimes, Vincent had me first and always while I wore the uniform He’d hold me down and stroke me until I climaxed. All the while he watched me with hungry, predatory eyes. I would be a limp rag doll afterward, but Vincent enjoyed flipping me over and taking me in that uniform. He really enjoyed sex that way, but his favorite was for me to take him in my bastard Colonel attire. I would use my strength on him to strip him then take him hard while his gaze drank me in. It was incredible.
And before I could worry myself about the implication of his new hunger, my lover eased my mind. It was the first Sunday of training and our first full day off. I was waking gently with Vincent partially on top of me. I yawned and stretched beneath his sleep-warmed body. Then, he nuzzled my chest.
Thank you for letting me enjoy my fantasy with you,” he murmured. “But don’t think that’s the only way I’d want you now.”
He looked up at me. The morning sunlight softly illuminated his hair and eyes. His smile was sweet and warm.
I want you when you stretch like a lazy cat and moan in that deep, sexy voice,” he said softly. “I want you when you smile or when you’re angry. When you look at me in the morning with those dark, sleepy eyes, smile at me and say good morning, Love, I fall for you all over again.”
Vincent was still magical to me. He was still a balm for my soul. My heart surrendered to him every time I woke to his golden gaze. I smiled at him, brushing the hair from his eyes.
Good morning, Love,” I said softly.
I rolled us over, so I could pin him beneath me. He gasped as our aroused bodies pressed together.
I kissed him gently and deeply. We made love slowly and reverently that morning. There were no roles to play and all the time we needed.

Vincent is comfortable enough with Rik to occasionally be the sweet, shy uke. However, in reality, he is very much a Seme. In this case, the pairing works for these characters.

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