Friday, February 24, 2012

Cook Like a Uke February Update

The next Cook Like a Uke episode will be up early next week. I've been delayed again by my various real life obligations. One of them, as I mentioned last week, is an editor for Digital Manga. My localizing team, Heaven's Blade, was putting our first title to bed. Again Tomorrow by Nabako Kamo was as fun to do as it was challenging. I wrote a brief blog about the Semes in the book and their tendency toward really public and explicit public displays of affection HERE.

I have managed to shoot most of the video while juggling my other work. I just have one scene to re-shoot. I'm doing my version of the perfect breakfast from Junjou Romantica episode 2. I've added and deleted some dishes. I'll explain that more fully when I post the video. The one after that will be the Pork Tonjiu recipe from episode 1 of Junjou Romantica. What can I say? Misaki Takahashi is adorable, and he really loves to cook for his Seme, Akhiko Usami or Usagi. I should have a more consistent shooting schedule now that I have a stable routine for the rest of my work. Meanwhile, I'll be posting a regular cooking video that is a response to video posted by one of my favorite Japanese chef's online, Ochikeron. If you're interested in Kara Age Style Buffalo Wings, subscribe to my channel or just check in there early next week.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement. 

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