Friday, February 17, 2012

The Secret Side of a Seme

One of my alter egos is an Editor at Digital Manga. This past week, my team and I finished the first pass on Again Tomorrow. I've written a blog for the manga about a characteristic common to the Semes in the three stories. Then, I realized that they had something in common with my Semes. You can read the Again Tomorrow blog HERE before continuing onward. Don't worry, it's not very long, and it is pertinent.

No real spoilers here.

I realized that along with the secret lives these Semes, Yuu and Ryou lead with their lovers, they had a secret side to themselves that only their ukes saw. I also realized that this was true of the Semes in my books, Darius and Rik. Given how naked the Semes are in these books and manga, I'm sure it raises the question of whether it is even possible for them to have a secret side that doesn't involve an x-ray. It's a side to their personalities that they only allow their lovers to see. It's basically vulnerability. All four characters appear aloof – even cold to the outside world. In the case of Darius from Ensnared and Rik from A Soldier's Choice and A Soldier's Fate, they are also rightly viewed as dangerous to outsiders. In Darius' case, he is absolutely and justifiably frightening to the public. These public faces are essential for these Semes to maintain their standing in their social circles. For Yuu, he is a Vice President and heir to his father's company. He must be stoic and focused solely on business. Ryou has his campus image to maintain. In Rik's case, he needs to be perceived as a hard-assed special forces Colonel in order to be taken seriously as a trainer and commanding officer. Darius' rule over a region of space as well as his life hinges on being seen as unyielding and lethal.

Somehow, these ukes see through these carefully constructed images to the hidden personality. Andreas sees a glimpse of something beyond the iron fisted ruler in Darius before they even speak to each other. Vincent sees hints of something more tender in Rik long before they become lovers. All facets of this gentler side to these Semes is revealed when they realize that the only way to keep their uke's by their sides and in their beds is to truly show how they feel about everything. These ukes are very smart along with being incredibly beautiful and extremely sexy. They know what a gift they were given in being able to see the true nature of their Semes. Thus, each is protective of their lovers and make sure that side is only seen by them in as much privacy as these impulsive, headstrong men allow.

To learn more, you'll have to read these titles. Again Tomorrow is coming soon on Digital Manga's page linked in the first paragraph.
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